Bear in a Tweed Jacket

This was a series of movies, or maybe a tv series in the 80s or 90s. Could have been from earlier, but not later.
There was an animated bear–likely a teddy bear, possibly a “real” bear cub. He went on various adventures. He always wore a jacket with elbow patches on the sleeves–ones that are there for style, not to cover holes. He might have spoken, or perhaps he was silent–I can’t remember a voice.
There’s a small chance the bear was from a series of books, but I remember him pretty vividly.
(Not Paddington or Pooh or Little Bear. Already checked them.)
Thanks for any help/leads.

5 thoughts on “Bear in a Tweed Jacket

  1. Commenting so I’ll get updates.
    I can also add I thought he was a popular character, but in searching for him, I’m thinking maybe he was not as popular as I thought.

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