Bad Quality Fairy-tale type Cartoon. Please help! This has been stuck with me for years!

I tried to submit this before but I guess it didn’t work? So I’m trying again.
It’s an english animated movie made in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The film starts off with a prince/knight fighting a dragon, he has a comical anthropomorphic bird side-kick. The prince/knight is the main character and he’s called (it sounds like) “Toe-me-toe”. The princess is captured by a sorceress and forced to drink some poison out of a chalice or else the sorceress will kill the prince/knight guy. The princess sings about him and then drinks and passes out in her carriage cage thing. It’s revealed in a flashback that the sorceress turned into a bird and tried to kidnap the princess as a baby (but failed). In the end it’s happily ever after and the bird side-kick finds a female bird and falls in love last minute.

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