Bad Italian SciFi/Spy Spoof

Hello everyone. I usually visit this site to help find a film but today I need some help myself. The film I’m looking for is in color, made in Italy in the 1960’s, badly dubbed and colorful in that inimitable Italian SF way. I believe the title has letters or numbers in it, possibly something like “Spaceship XB-1.” It begins as a spy movie with Italian agents and possibly an american agent trying to keep something from Chinese agents. The Chinese agents are played for laughs. The movie also has scientists investigating an alien spaceship and when the ship opens up the spies and scientists are captured and abducted, taken on a journey across the cosmos by the aliens. The captain of the spaceship is a woman and she ends up learning about love with one of the humans. They travel across space and have encounters and adventures, eventually reaching the planet from whence the aliens came only to find it deserted with a monument explaining how they all destroyed themselves in a war. There’s a crappy model of an abandoned city with dust blowing through it and dramatic music (Beethoven if I remember correctly) intercut with them reading the monument.

This is a very bad, very cheesey movie (as Italian scifi tends to be) and I am looking for it specifically to write a review for a b-movie site. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You got it! I saw the title Star Pilot when I was looking through various websites trying to find it but I saw it with the original title so that didn’t ring a bell. Thanks!

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