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Someone gets blind in a robbery, later finds the criminal

There was a robbery in a supermarket perhaps (with lots of shelves). Someone tried to hide but was caught by the assaulter and gets blind in the process. Many years later, in a certain context both the victim and the criminal are at the same room. The victim recognizes him by his voice and justice is made.

Either it was a tv movie or most probably a anthology television series (Hitchcock presents perhaps).

Early 80s, coloured.



A crew of robots or armoured people with helmets, on a damaged rusty and oily cockpit or room

  • A Sci-fi picture
  • I watch it in a big theatre between 1977-1986.
  • It could be a trailer
  • Coloured, don’t recall any dialogue. Don’t know the language
  • The scenarios and props were very well done, very realistic as I recall them. Oily, rusted, dirty.
  • The tone was more of the 70s, introspective with a strong sense of decadence.

There’s a spaceship’s cockpit or a locked room, old or badly damaged, with an oily and rusty environment (like the interior of Star Wars Sandcrawler) as if it was attacked or has been adrift for a long while.

All of the crew is composed by robots, or armoured guys (helmets hiding their faces, all of them). There’s one which is probably the captain, a character in metal silver with a sort of skull/samurai type helmet, covered with oil resembling dark blood. He lies on a chair either shut down or resting. The rest of the crew have golden metal armours (like C-3PO with a knight’s helmet) with more rounded helmets.

The best analogy I can make for the captain’s helmet is Flash Gordon’s Ming guard’s mask types or Klytus mask. It was angular and it resembled a skull and a samurai helmet.

Swampy, Slightly Misty, Evening Terror Film

  • I saw this terror film in the 80s (1981-1987) in a big screen cinema in colour.
  • I don’t recall if it was British or American but definitely it was in English.
  • I don’t recall any actors.

The environment was in an uninhabited forested swampy area, like an island or a wild place like a forest in Canada, England, Indonesia, etc. It was swampy, misty and greyish. The light was pale like in winter or autumn, with well defined silhouettes. You couldn’t tell if it was evening or dawn. There was a mysterious humanoid creature living in this area.

I recall a 1st perspective sequence as in Evil Dead, but 100% for sure it wasn’t Evil Dead. It was a terror film but it wasn’t gore.

It was more a psychological terror film because I think in the whole film you don’t happen to see this creature, only it’s reptilian arm hiding behind a tree and the terrible results of its attacks on the victims. I think it had a golden brownish skin. A single strike of this creature’s claws would rip apart a man’s face causing his immediate death.

I think there was an investigation occurring (from biologists, or forensic) and a specialist went to the area to search for clues for what was happening to these murdered people. I think he survived but the spectator never happens to understand or see this creature and to understand its purposes.