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Animated Messed Up/Horror Movie w/ Kid that talks down into a well, has a dog that makes him kill parents, etc

This is a very weird movie, I’m sure it’d take a while to find the name of again, I last watched it over a year ago and can’t remember the name for the life of me.

It is English, Looks like Late 90’s-Early 00’s animation (Like old video game fmv & 3-d/2-d animations on youtube that were often simple with some detailing here and there)

It follows a kid that talk to someone/thing down a well, that tells him to kill his parent(s), theres a dog that makes him engage in a drude act with the dead body(ies), The whole movie is very dark and red, as it’s an extremely messed up movie. If you need me to try to describe anything more, i can, but I wanted to avoid describing these scenes as much I can without being way too graphic and causing anyone disgust haha