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I’m still looking for title of this movie.

I posted originally in May of last year. I am posting again hoping to find the answer.  This is an old movie, maybe the 60’s or early 70’s.  A woman is married to a cop, he thinks she is cheating on him so he starts investigating, following her etc. One scene that stands out is where he confronts her and says she went out and had pantyhose on with a run on her right leg and when she came home the run was on the left leg (or vice versa) she explained that she was in the ladies room, a little boy threw up on her, she took the pantyhose off, washed them in the sink then when she put them back on she put them on inside out or something which put the run on the opposite leg.  I have never seen it again and have no clue who was in it. I believe it was in Black and white.  I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Looking for name of movie of guys in Las Vegas


My husband and I saw this movie years ago and haven’t seen it since. We don’t remember the Title or any actors in it. I believe it was done with not well known actors.

There is a group of guys, 3 maybe 4, they are in Las Vegas having a grand old time. For some reason I think they were there for the one guys bachelor party but not sure. Anyway it has all sorts of crazy antics, it’s a comedy of course. The only thing that will make it stand out is that the lead guy is named Jack and at one point in the movie one of the guys is asked or just volunteers that for fun “we hang around with Jack”.  He said that that was what the friends did. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.  Thanks!

I’m looking for title of movie

I saw a movie about a cop that thinks his wife is cheating on him.  I believe it’s from the 60’s to early 70’s, might be in black and white.  I think it was filmed in NYC.  There is a scene in it where the husband asks about the run in her stocking.  She went out with it on one leg and returned with it on the other leg.  She explained she went to the bathroom to wash her pantyhose as they had gotten dirty and she took them off, washed them in the sink and dried them with the handryer and put them back on inside out by mistake.   This has been driving me nuts.  Please tell me if you know what movie this is. I don’t know who was in it.

Thank you!