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Snow Queen saying “solve the puzzle,” boy skating

Saw this movie in the early 2000s. It seemed like a low-budget movie, probably from a decade or so earlier. All I remember is towards the end of the movie, there’s an important plot device about a boy skating on an frozen lake in a cave while some mythical snow queen/ice queen keeps saying “solve the puzzle.” I’m pretty sure it’s not Snow Queen from 2002.

Man can see the combination to safes on his wrist

Movie or TV show, saw it in the early 2000s, but it could be from earlier. There was a man who could see the combinations to safes on his wrist, written in numbers like on a digital clock, in red. The only scene I remember is where the someone visits the man after he has been in a prison cell for a while. The man had been cutting into his wrist, trying to see the numbers again (apparently someone had turned off his powers?)