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Movie about girl in 1920s summer mansion in England

Please help! I’m searching for the title of a movie filmed in the late 90s or 2000s. It takes place around the 1920s or ww1 and in England in a large country manor house. The main character is a teenage girl. She is tomboyish and I believe is the youngest of her siblings who are brothers. It’s a coming of age movie. Her family is very liberal and have bohemian parties at the big old house. I think the girl is narrating the film from an older perspective. At the end of the movie the family leaves the country estate and the girl is about to go to university or boarding school and it symbolizes the end of her childhood. The last scene is her driving away with her family and is looking at the house as she leaves. It was a wonderful movie and am desperate to find it. Thank you so much for any help!