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LiveAction Protag Saved By Random Cartoon Weasel?

I got to watch a lot of action/martial arts flicks when I was a kid so at some point they all blended together…but you can bet I remember the really out-of-the-blue stuff like everyone becoming Street Fighter characters for no reason. And this particular scene I’m thinking of is so clear and specific in my mind that I can’t think it may have only been a dream.

It was a live-action movie. Lots of fighting and classic late 80’s/90’s heroics VS a bad guy with a gang with plenty of humor. Modern era for that movie’s time; cars, cities, handguns, etc. Don’t remember if it the setting was in the States, and can’t say specifically if it was martial arts movie or remember who the Protagonist was…I wanna say Jackie Chan?

But at some point towards the end as the hero is fighting off the bad guys before his big face-off with the boss, for just…just SOME reason, he gets saved by a random cartoon anthropomorphic weasel styled like from Roger Rabbit. This weasel shoots a bad guy in the back when the hero wasn’t looking, gets thanked and just…leaves. There’s no other cartoon animals in the entire rest of the movie. It was just the one weasel. In this one scene. That lasted less than 60 seconds. No explanation.

Did I dream this up or did this really happen in some movie. I have had this question on my mind for a decade and I really need to know.