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vhs movie bus

There was a movie on vhs maybe. there is a group of people who somehow end up on a bus towards the end of the movie. the group think’s everything is going to be okay. then you see on the bus that the destination is set to ‘hell’ then they drive off into the distance and the bus driver of course ends up with an evil laugh. the end. it might be another tales from the crypt type movie i don’t think it was very long

train movie

I think i saw this on tv in the 90s. the whole movie takes place on a train. i think there is also a young child who is a passenger. It is a horror probably shot in new york. whenever the train goes into a tunnel, the other passengers turn into undead or ghosts etc. when light turns on they are normal again

horror maybe?

There was a movie played on cable tv in the 90s. it was set in america most likely. a teenage girl is paid money to strip by a group of teenage boys. when she removes her shirt she is wearing a bra with nipples drawn on it. the boys then tell her she needs to take off the bra since they paid. she was about to do this when something happens (scary perhaps?) that causes them all to leave. i remember she was like a rebel type of girl perhaps a runaway