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Family Movies

Two Movies: First One: I remember this movie where a married couple lived by the sea, in a beach house, they had about 7 children, I think some of them were her sister’s children who died, I think the 7th one was about 3 months or so but because they had six already they gave him/her to a family but after a while they missed him/her so her husband went back for him/her, there’s a scene in it where the lady was driving with one of the children and he/she wanted to throw up so she stopped the car to make he/she throw up, there’s another part where she told her husband she has something to tell him and the man said” youre pregnant” and she said no but I dont remember what she wanted to tell him maybe something about the children.                                                                                          Second One: this movie starts where a lady cracks open a piggy bank and then drive off with her children in a car but somewhere along the way she stopped and said she will soon be back but for a while they waited but she did not come back, so the biggest one took over, theres a part in it where the girl clean a store window glass in exchange for a box of milk and they took turns drinking it, along the way, they sleep in bushes and they remembered they had a grandmother or aunt in another state or so,so they continued their journey until they found

Drama Movie

I remember this movie where a pregnant woman was in a office or room with her boyfriend and another man, I don’t remember what happened but the two of them started fighting and she went to stop them and her boyfriend pushed her away and she fell, theres a scene in it where he went hospital to the hospital and saw blood on the bed and said to her “let me take you to the doctor” then she said ” it’s over” then she walked out and moved away to another state/City and was reunited with her family.

TV Series

Two TV series: First One: I remember this TV series where A man and woman, like they always on some mission or quest to find stolen artefacts, maybe they are friends or relative,I think they are always looking on maps, don’t know more details.     [Solved: “Relic Hunter”]

Second One: it’s a animal TV series with a black young man and his sister and another white family ( Father, Mother and son.) The girl, the young men are friends and the girl works at a call station, It’s like they take care of animals, don’t remember the name of it.

Three Questions

First One: In the movie “Before women had wings” there’s a part in it where the man and his daughter (avocet) was singing a song, what is the name of the song and the singer?  (Googled it but can’t find it)  Thanks

   Second One: I remember this brown E.T thing that has creases on its face and body and it can talk, it’s mouth kind of shape like an aardvark, I think it also has little hair on its head, what’s the name of it and the movie it comes in?                           [SOLVED: “Alf”]                                                                               Third One: In the movie E.T  is there a part in it where the little girl saw the alien running out the boy house while on her verandah and she told him that he cant tell his parents because they will think he’s schizophrenic or is it another movie?

Alien and Monster Movies

Two Movie: I remember this movie with a man who had this device or machine that works with a satellite that can pick up alien sounds, it’s like the whole movie is based upon picking up alien sounds and I can remember there’s a boy always with him watching what hes doing.           [SOLVED: The Arrival]

Second One: A man went on a large field and he saw a space or alien thing and he touched it and something either bite him or crawl into his skin and turned him in a monster-plant looking thing that made his hand look funny, boneless and lanky,there’s a scene in it where he put his wife on a bed in a white dress and when she found out that he turned into this thing she wanted to accept him like that but he didn’t agree because he’s not the same.

Foster Care Girl

I remember this movie where this teenage girl keep moving from foster home to foster home alot of times, at one point she was fighting with another girl then she threatened her with a knife to her throat then she cut her hair and her friend ( a boy) asked her why she chopped off her hair, while at another foster home she got shot and another the lady killed herself, at the end she lived with her friend, her mother was in prison.

Drama Movie

This movie is about two brothers who didn’t get along and their father dates young girls, there’s a scene in it where he went in his brothers room and something happened and they started fighting and his asthma came on and they had to look for his inhaler for him, He also went to this group session or therapy session because his parents was getting a divorce and he met this girl there, where at one point his brother or friends tried to rape her when she went in the bathroom after she was flirting with them,he was also training for an Athletics competition,there’s also a part in it where he told his brother that their father has a new girlfriend and he said” how old is she, 12″

Drama/Action Movies

Three Movies: First One: A young married couple and their baby went to another state  maybe for a vacation but they ran out of money but the woman got a job as a waitress after she went in a diner and took a diaper out of a lady handbag and the waitress saw and offered her a job and the man got a job transporting illegal goods to different countries or state but after a while he got tired of doing it and so the men starts to get violent, there’s a scene where the woman was running with the baby and one of the men was chasing her with a gun but luckily he was shot.                                                                                     Second One: A man and a woman was dating but one day the man confronted the woman about a message he saw and admitted that she has another boyfriend, It’s like she wanted to get rid of him so she slap herself in the face until it got red and bruised and said that he did it and he was sent to a mental institution but in the end the lady came to visit him and they went outside, far away in the yard and were talking ,then the man grabbed her and choked her to death. There’s another scene in it where the man asked her if the children are is   [SOLVED: Dream Lover]                                                                                  Third One: I remember this movie where a married couple was stranded in a woods or forest and the man hold her hands and was talking to her then she said, “let go of me, let go of me” and some young men came and started beating and kicking the man, then the woman said stop, no, stop, he’s my husband then they stopped and the man stood up and brushed off himself, that’s all I remembered

Rape Movies

Three Movies: First One: A pregnant lady was at home alone and a group of men came and raped her ( I think it was actually one of them who did it)  it’s like they had some disagreement with her husband, unfortunately she died but her husband seek revenge. (I think it’s a Chinese movie and it’s from the 90s or 80s).                                                                                                                   Second One: A girl who was mentally challenge was raped she jumped through the window and fell on a gate with the pointed tops and died, I remembered two other scenes where her father was seeking revenge, he went up to three men on the street and said “one, two, go” and shoot the third man and another part where he was in a building and he told the security guard that they raped his daughter and the guard told him he has two minutes or something like that to leave and he left.  It’s from the 80s or 90s                                                                                                 Third One: A woman lives in this big apartment complex and it got broken into at one point, there’s a scene in it where she was talking to her boyfriend, then she said And I was raped, then he held her two hands and asked ,”what do you mean you were raped”, then she said” three Chinese boys”, then she said” just go” and she was crying ( I think it’s a popular movie but I don’t know the name of it) maybe from the 90s [Solved: Year of the Dragon]

Action- Drama Movie

I remember this Action/Gun movie where they went to kill a woman but she was pregnant when they went in the room to kill her, It was time for her to have baby, so they didn’t kill her, I think it was a woman too and she delivered the baby at the house, there’s another scene where she was lying in bed with her boyfriend and she took a bubblegum out her mouth and put it on the lamp table and I think she said she can’t do this anymore, it’s like he’s a hitman/contract killer, that’s all I remembered.

Soldier movie

I remember watching this movie where some soldiers went into the forest or woods and there was a monster thing there that killed most of them but one man survived, I remember in the end he put on some black thing on his hands and face, so that the thing wouldn’t see him, then I think he blew it up with a grenade, I remember him running with the black thing on his face, I watched it along time ago it’s either from the late 80s, 90s or early ,2000s

Judge who adopted Girl

A teenage girl that was always getting into trouble was adopted by the judge who wanted to put her in foster care, at one point the girl stole her jewellery and ran away with her boyfriend and he threw her bag through the car window when she didn’t want to go along with it anymore, there’s also a scene in it where she had a nightmare and the lady went to look what happen to her

Drama Movies

Three Movies: First One: I’ve watched a movie similar to (brothers) with two man and a woman scenario but I think they are friends or cousins instead of brothers. Anyone know about it?                                                                Second One: I remember watching a parents movie where they focus more on the Father’s, It’s a Father/Daddy movie, I only remember the ending where the four Fathers is walking on the road with babies on their backs.  [SOLVED:  My Baby Daddy]                                                              Third: A young lady who works on the internet like a blogger or something like that saw a video just come on her computer one day with a man holding a girl captive, she was tied up and the man cut her on her neck and then it just shuts off and she was wondering if it is fake or real, but it took a while until she realize it was real, at one point the same man kidnapped her, along with some more persons, I don’t think it end well but I can’t remember the name of it. [SOLVED: The Den]

Girl that was Killed

The part of this movie I remembered is a teenage girl saying that I didn’t know that in 1 day or 3 hours from now I will be dead, ( some time frame like that ) she went to a party or just took a walk but it was in the night and when she almost reached home ,she was killed, I think its like 10 to 15 years later they found out who killed her, it was a man who killed her and he was arrested but thats all I remembered about the movie.

Mystery, Drama Movie

This movie starts off like a horror movie but its not, its about a lady who had a little boy who she adopted and they moved to a new house, she had two neighbours a woman and a man and the man had a son who was mentally unstable, their house is connected to the ladies house and the man would go in her house through a secret passage that only they knew about, In the movie the mans son came up to her while at the playground with her son and started talking to her and she asked him which one his yours and the man said that one but he was lying, the father for that child called her by name and went away with her, she got frightened and went away with her son. She became friends with the female neighbour but she discovered the passageway so the man killed her.I can’t remember the name of it.

Girl that was raped

  1. Hello Everyone !!!  I watched this movie a long time ago, I think it was this high school or college movie where a girl was raped by probably someone she knew like her friends boyfriend,when it happened she picked off a button from his shirt or jacket but maybe he was wearing a mask, she told her friend about it, but sometime later she was talking to him and noticed the same jacket or shirt he was wearing was missing a button then she said “it was you” and ran away. I think in the movie the girl mentioned that it was either a green button or a green shirt or jacket, I think I watched it in the 80s or 90s, that’s all I remembered about the movie.

Girl that was kidnapped

  1. A little girl was kidnapped from her house by a man who made her beg on the streets, I think she had about 4 other siblings and after she was kidnapped, her parents and siblings would pray at the dinner table, I think he carried her through the woods or bushes, she was found at the end by a police, private investigator or a reporter even though she was partially disguised.