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Girl that was Killed

The part of this movie I remembered is a teenage girl saying that I didn’t know that in 1 day or 3 hours from now I will be dead, ( some time frame like that ) she went to a party or just took a walk but it was in the night and when she almost reached home ,she was killed, I think its like 10 to 15 years later they found out who killed her, it was a man who killed her and he was arrested but thats all I remembered about the movie.

Mystery, Drama Movie

This movie starts off like a horror movie but its not, its about a lady who had a little boy who she adopted and they moved to a new house, she had two neighbours a woman and a man and the man had a son who was mentally unstable, their house is connected to the ladies house and the man would go in her house through a secret passage that only they knew about, In the movie the mans son came up to her while at the playground with her son and started talking to her and she asked him which one his yours and the man said that one but he was lying, the father for that child called her by name and went away with her, she got frightened and went away with her son. She became friends with the female neighbour but she discovered the passageway so the man killed her.I can’t remember the name of it.

Girl that was raped

  1. Hello Everyone !!!  I watched this movie a long time ago, I think it was this high school or college movie where a girl was raped by probably someone she knew like her friends boyfriend,when it happened she picked off a button from his shirt or jacket but maybe he was wearing a mask, she told her friend about it, but sometime later she was talking to him and noticed the same jacket or shirt he was wearing was missing a button then she said “it was you” and ran away. I think in the movie the girl mentioned that it was either a green button or a green shirt or jacket, I think I watched it in the 80s or 90s, that’s all I remembered about the movie.

Girl that was kidnapped

  1. A little girl was kidnapped from her house by a man who made her beg on the streets, I think she had about 4 other siblings and after she was kidnapped, her parents and siblings would pray at the dinner table, I think he carried her through the woods or bushes, she was found at the end by a police, private investigator or a reporter even though she was partially disguised.

Drama Movie

I watched this movie recently on YouTub but can’t remember the name of it, it starts when two teenage girls was coming or going to a airport and they went to a party and took drugs and one of them fainted and fell in a coma, when her father found out he chase the couple that was with her, he chased the man and he fell off a balcony and died, when he begins to chase the girl she rode off on a motorcycle that was nearby, she rode and stopped at a beach,took off her jacket and went in the water like she was going g to drown herself and a man saw her and rescued her, there is another part in the movie where a married couple tried to burn down the house that she and the man was in so they could steal her baby but she got back the baby at the end.

Supernatural Movie

Maybe its a lifetime movie, I’m not sure, Its from the 90s or the 80s, I remember five scenes from it:  Scene 1- A young lady was running (exercising) when she felt someone watching her but when she turned around there was no one there but actually it was the spirit of a woman that was murdered. Scene 2- One night when she was sleeping and woke up she saw footprints on the ground and followed them ,Scene 3- She was showing her boyfriend a photo and he was getting upset, Scene 4- She went to the place where the woman was murdered and she touched a chair or tree trunk and had a vision of the murder, Scene 5 it ended with a bracelet and it was engraved with love always or love forever and the dead woman smiling

Lifetime supernatural movie

This Movie is about a married woman who met a lady but sadly she was murdered and her spirit appears to the married woman seeking justice, when her spirit would appear the bedroom glass would always break, the Woman husband would tell the spirit that the police dont believe them because there is no evidence, in the movie it mentioned that the married woman had about two miscarriages, not sure if its a lifetime movie, anyway the muderer was arrested

this one is a cartoon, I think its from the 80s or 90s, its about a man and a dog and the man always says im…

… going to be rich, rich, rich and the dog would bite him on his fingers then he says we are going to get rich, rich, rich, he was always doing something to get rich.

Im Going to get rich, rich, rich cartoon, its a cartoon about a man and I think its a dog and the dog will always bite him on his fingers, I think its from the 80s or the 90s.