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I like movies, but have a slippery memory.

The words have changed or is he going crazy…

It’s a black and white short film. It could be a Twilight Zone episode. Here ya go… A man gets up in the morning and his wife says something like “Good morning, Dear. Your mailbox is ready.” He’s puzzled because she must mean “breakfast” not mailbox. He lets it go and heads off to work. He keeps hearing the wrong words being used on the radio, in the office, everywhere. As the show goes on, more and more words are being replaced with the wrong nouns and verbs. Every time he says something, people get confused at what he’s saying since he’s using the “wrong” words. The episode ends with the man being tutored by a lady using flash cards with pictures on them. She holds up a card with something like a car on it. The man has a mental struggle for a moment and says “dog..?” The lady says “Yes, very good.” No explanation is given as to why he lost his vocabulary or why everybody else’s changed. Really interesting premise. Please help me figure this one out.

“I’m a miracle, ya know!”

Rented this movie from Netflix around 1999. It’s about a young boy’s tragically short life. He was born with dwarfism and other health problems. He reminds people of this by occasionally shouting “I’m a miracle, ya know!” He’s a funny character. Near the end, this boy dies as a hero. Somehow, he saves several children from drowning in a sinking school bus. I can remember his face in the rear window of the school bus as it sinks below the surface. This movie had a Benjamin Button feel to it. Filmed in color. I can remember lots of trees and general greenery throughout. Key points are dwarfism, drowning tragedy and a school bus. Thank you…