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Fantasy Climbing Shoes

I remember very little from this movie, but this scene is burned into my memory:

A young woman or girl is given magical gifts; I think she was on a journey to find something, alone. One of the gifts is a pair of shoes. If memory serves correctly, they were brown, leather, and looked very worn.  When the girl’s journey leads her to a rock wall with no way around or up, she puts on the shoes and they stick to the wall, and she climbs up.  All I truly remember is her scaling a wall of Rock.

Again, my memory of this is very fuzzy.  I think the girl/woman was blonde with short hair (like pixie cut short).  The rock was also wet, like a waterfall or river was dripping down the side.

I saw this in the late 80s / early 90s.  I was a child, so all of my recollection of it is from decades ago. It was almost certainly in English. Might have been on TV; might have been a VHS.  Definitely color.