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A movie about a guys dad who was inlove with his own sister

I remember watching a movie about this guy and one day a women showed up and it turned out to be his cousin and he didnt know he had cousins

His dad told him that he didnt have a brother but it turned out he lied and he infact did have an uncle.

When he went to visit his uncle he invited his dad and it turned out that his dad and his uncle were both inlove with his sister and I think she died when they were teenagers.

Through out the movie he starts to fall inlove with his cousin and at the end of the movie he tells his girlfriend that he slept with his cousin and then she asked if he loved her and he said no. But I’m pretty sure he did fall inlove with her.

It’s a weird movie and I told my mom about it and now she wants to watch it but I cant remember what it’s called.