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Movie/dramatic documentary about Eastern European girl tricked into being trafficked as sex worker by boyfriend.

Seen approx. 5 years ago, English language, seen on TV


The piece follows a young girl being trafficked through eastern Europe as a prostitute.

From memory, the girl is tricked into being trafficked by her “boyfriend”, a local gang member who dates young girls and convinces them to move to another country with him.

She is sold to a gang/mafia who run brothels. While in one, a journalist pays for a girl so he can speak to one and ends up speaking to her. The gang members either are charity workers, or work alongside charity workers. They are suspicious of him and hear him asking questions, so take him out back.

He escapes from them and goes on to write about sexual exploitation enabled by said charity. The story goes big.

The charity is run by a middle aged married couple. On hearing the news, they are both shocked, but as the piece progresses, it becomes clear that while she wants to fix the situation, he wants to cover it up. The piece ends with the husband driving away in a limo after giving the wife an ultimatum which ends their marriage.