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Movie that starts with a bank robbery and then later all the robbers get hunted down

Okay this movie has to be very recent, cause all the special effects were really good. So I’d say 2015 – 2017 somewhere. It was an action movie and they all spoke english.

The movie starts with criminals robbing a bank and they all have super fancy sci-fi masks. As I recall correct something goes wrong and one guy shoots another guy.

Later a guy and a girl from the heist are in a hotel room and the guy is killed by some random intruders. The girl is hiding under the bed. These intruders are starting to hunt down the bank robbers for i don’t remember what reason.

I remember a quote from the movie too: while the bad guys were looking for the girl in the hotel all of a sudden a hotel guest shows up asking what’s wrong, one of the bad guys(a black guy) says “ebola outbreak, get back into your room”. (That made me laugh, that’s why i remember it)

I remember that there is a scene somewhere where the kid of one of the female characters from the heist accidentally reveals the address of the female’s house over the phone to the criminal (the criminal pretended to be from some sort of important company) and that’s how the bad guys get into her house and try to kill the son and the girl.

The entire movie is filled with suspense and there is a lot of shooting, running and hiding.

I know this is very vage, but please help me out.