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Two late ’70s early ’80s exploitation films

I’m trying to remember the names of two exploitation films from the late ’70s-early ’80s. In the first film, two teen girls are kidnapped by a gang that is paid to kidnap victims for a psycho killer. At one point, the gang leader is forcing the girls to strip, but when they get down to their underwear, his girlfriend gets angry and kicks him in the nuts, stopping things from going further. In the end, I think the gang has a change of heart and helps the girls escape — they make it through OK in the end. In the other, 4 girls are kidnapped by three (?) psychos in the woods. There’s a scene where a tall skinny girl and a crying blonde girl are forced to strip and have sex with one another. One girl was injured and is unconscious while this goes on. The fourth girl escapes, kills the guy who is pursuing her through the woods, then comes back to help save her friends. In the end, the guys are killed and the girls escape. They might have both been straight-to-video releases. Both films were in color, and both were in English.

80s or early 90s movie


Need help please, this has been bugging me for years and Google is no help.

I seen this as a kid might’ve been an HBO movie. These guys are running, possibly on horses, from some people and they run up this hill, well one guy falls (wanna say he was blonde and also had a broken arm, I remember he had a cast on.) So he falls down the hill and gets killed from the chasers. Then at the end one guy looks behind him and see the dead friend as a ghost waving.

Sorry that’s all I can remember, any clue would be greatly appreciated.