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Ferry boat scene, reincarnation ish, romance, I’m not sure why they were fighting others

Okay to start off I may have watched this anywhere from 5-3 years ago. I watched it at like 1 or two in the morning so I don’t remember much but I loved the movie. It has dug at me for a while because I didn’t know what it was. Basically I only know a good 2-3 scenes. One scene they were on a beach fighting some native people. “They” were about 5-8 characters. One guy looked like a Wyatt Earp rip off. They kept getting thrown into different “Lives” and they would have to find eachother. Hence the reincarnation part. These weird black cloaked beings walked around their “reincarnation cave” and they tried to hurt a girl who was in love with one of the guys and the guy could hear it and would freak out because he couldn’t see but was on the other side of the wall. Then that same guy all of a sudden pops up under the water and the Rip off Wyatt says something like nice seeing you, blah blah blah, the other guy says how long it’s been, Wyatt goes something along the lines of 8 years blah blah. (btw Wyatt guy is in a very distinctive old fancy red ferry boat and conductor outfit. He’s blonde if it helps. Pretty sure it was a movie.