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War drama about women

Not many things come to my mind when I think about this movie, but I remember first scene well enough. It was like an introduction to historical period in which movie was setted – the voice behind the camera told something about war (from Civil War to II World War, I’m really not sure, I was almost asleep) and I suppose it was about USA. Nevermind. The most important thing the voice said, was about women who were supposed to stay at home when men went to war and the last line before title was something like “They were called the army of the farmers”. (Really, idk, maybe it was just lector in my language version of this movie). I don’t remember the plot very well, but it was about sisters or another group of women connected with each other, and of course there was many dramas with love, common life. I think one of hereoines stole the lover of one of her friends/relatives, but I’m not sure.