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Couple names baby after ghost

I’m trying to remember the title of a horror movie I saw as a kid. I literally spent an hour googling it and posted on 3 seperate facebook groups, plus r/tipofmytongue. I also tried that site that’s supposed to guess movies you can’t remember the title of. Maybe one of you know.
It had to have been made late 90s, early 2000s cuz I saw it probably in 2001, 2002. It may have been on HBO or another premium channel, but I’m not sure. There was a couple living in a house that turned out to be haunted. The ghost was I believe a little boy, presumably murdered. What I remember most is that they have a baby at the end and name it after the ghost kid. This ringing a bell for anyone?

Zombie movie

Okay so basically I remember seeing a movie around 2009. It was in color and it was in English. I only remember little parts but I remember a priest zombie was on top of a man and he was eating his face. There was a woman and her husband were going to see her parents and she realized they were zombies. I also remember there was a girl AND and guy and they were having intercourse in a barn and a zombie broke in so they were driving away and the zombie broke the window and buy one of them (I don’t remember which)

thanks for the help!