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Thriller/Slightly horror

Hey guys, I’m trying to identify a movie I watched in the early 90s and was hoping someone in the group might be able to help. The protagonist is a woman who marries this guy. They move to a town which I think was founded or controlled by the guy’s family. After a while, the people start changing. There’s a scene where the guys burns his baseball stuff and I think he was realty into baseball. The MC has to fight her way out of the town. Any idea?

 I saw it on TV, it was in English. It was in colour and I don’t remember any of the actors.  It was the first half of the nineties.

Guy slashes bosses tire, gets fired

  1. I forget the leading actor, but I’m 99% it was an A lister. But anyways essentially there’s this scene where this guy is getting humiliated by his boss, in retaliation he slashes his bosses tire, getting his pocket knife stuck in the tire. The boss recognizes the knife then humiliated him again and fires him as well . I remember watching it and thinking about how brilliantly tragic it really was.

90’s murder thriller about a painter

I remember watching this movie with my family when I was little. So it must be a 90’s movie, although could possibly be late 80’s.

I remember it was about a family that lived on a farm (horses) and I believe that they were fairly wealthy. (the head of the household was a famous painter) All these mysterious deaths kept occurring. In the end it turned out the character that did it was one of the family members. He would go out to a cabin to do his painting to be alone. But he was only painting his name over stolen paintings. He just did a painting himself of all the murders that he had done. It was really creepy looking and he wasn’t a good artist. I think he even killed a baby and buried someone over someone else’s grave.