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Can’t remember the title of this movie for the life of me

I watched this movie a couple of months ago and I can’t remember the name of it . I remember it being about a woman who accepted a job in an office (maybe financial) in a male dominant office. They are super rude to her and there is one scene where all the guys are on a conference call with someone (i think the SCC) and they accidentally leave phone on speaker while saying rude things and then make one of the guys put his p***is on the intercom. They all go on a work trip and she’s the only women but she brings one of her guy friends that she ends up hooking up with a lot in the hotel room. They go down to breakfast and her co workers are making rude comments to her as usual and she eventually gets tired of it and tells them off and throws their food and quits the job. I know it’s a more recent movie with a popular man as a comedic actor but I just can’t remember anything else!! Please help lol