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I cant think of this dang scary movie!

I remember once seeing a horror/mystery movie, a few years ago, where a kid cuts open a squirrel and has its insides revealed while they are still alive and showed it to two girls. It was for an art project involving a box where you looked through a hole and saw a picture. At the end of the movie the man finds his son hung up the same way as the squirrel with his insides revealed. I cant seem to remember the name of the movie, but those were two distinct scenes i remember. Help?

Movie where a girl stabs herself after seeing cockroaches in her kitchen?

All I remember was seeing this scene from what I believe was a movie, I would say about 13 years ago or so (I was probably 5-6 years old when I saw this scene so I apologize for vagueness). In this scene there was a girl, who may have been in her 20’s or 30’s, and she went into her kitchen during the night and saw a bunch of cockroaches scurrying around so she took a giant knife from a drawer (may have been a knife holder) and screamed something like “I can’t take this anymore!” and then stabbed herself.


That’s all I really remember unfortunately as I was so young but for some reason that scene has been popping into my head from time to time over the years since I saw that (probably because I was scarred by it) and I just kind of want closure, I guess?

Pls help me figure out the name of this movie

Ok so I saw this horror movie about 5 yrs ago, it was free on demand so it must   have been a bit older. It was in English. I saw it on tv. It was in color. What I remember of the plot is that a young woman had a sleeping disorder where she sleep almost all the time. Something happened where a telepathic killer ended up chained and hooded in the room next to her. He used his powers to try and kill her in her sleep, but her hero, who I believe came to her room maybe on rounds cleaning the hospital, ended up sleeping and going into her dreams and saving her. The end scene was of them asleep in each other’s arms submerged in water in a container with oxygen masks happily ever after.