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Horror Movie with Floating Eyeballs (90s or earlier)

Saw this movie as a child (90s). English language. I think it was in color.

I remember a woman had a box containing two eyeballs in a desk drawer. I think she was threatening someone (that she’d remove their eyeballs, or opening the drawer to provide some information to the viewer about what the woman could do?). Later in the film, the man opens his front door (of his house?) and the woman is in his yard (front step?) and the eyeballs are floating in front of him. I don’t remember if the woman was holding/levitating the eyeballs (magic?).

I wish I had more– but the eyeballs gave me nightmares for weeks and I’d love to watch it as an adult!

Can’t remember the name.

So when I was younger I saw this movie, I was also in Russia, and it was pretty weird but cool.  It was about a group of people who wanted to go up in this tower and there was a dead queen there.  There are a lot of events that happen in the woods.  One night the group  of people black out and cant remember how anything happened because there was a mess with all of their school work in the morning.  They are in the woods. Then they find a video camera and they watch it, but then they flip the tape and it shows what really happened.  There is also an instant were a guy is locked in a safe shelter type of thing, but anyway he thinks that the cops are outside with dogs trying to get him out.  But when the crazy banging on the door and dogs barking stops, he opens the door and there is no sign of any one in the woods that he is living in.  And the end of the movies is that they start the woods on fire.   Can anyone help me?

Shower scene

i only saw a scene from this movie or short or tv show.. i saw it in a youtube video and I can’t find the title.. the scene is like 3 seconds and there are two boys in a shower, one of them is almost bald, and the other one has black wet hair, and they are just looking at each other breathing heavily, and the bald guy is holding like a t-shirt in his hands.

husband in india, wife pregnant.

I watched this movie three or four years ago…. the plot goes something like this: taking place in either the late 1800s or early 1900s in England, a woman is employed as a secretary of sorts to a Lady. she herself is from better family, but is down on her luck. at a dinner party, one of the guests cancels, and the Lady, to keep the table looking good, asks her to fill its place. the Lady’s nephew/son, the heir to some title, soon notices her. he later asks her to marry him, since he has pressure to marry someone to continue his line, but is heartbroken from his previous wife’s death. they marry, and she is taken to his countryside home. they are somewhat awkward, but soon fall in love. then for some reason he is called away on business in India. not long after he is gone, his brother arrives, with his indian wife and mother-in-law with him. everything goes smoothly for a while, but soon she realizes she is pregnant. the household staff dislikes the presence of the brother and his wife and mother-in-law, but they are soon either murdered or scared away. when the brother realizes she is pregnant, he plans to kill her so that the title will pass to him. they administer poison, but she catches on and secretly disposes of it. unknown to them, the husband is on his way home. he arrives and the indian wife distracts him while her mother goes to suffocate her with a pillow. she tells him that his wife died in childbirth, and he is heartbroken. he begins talking of their recently discovered love for each other, and the indian wife begins to cry, finally saying “you can still save her” puzzled, he runs upstairs and saves his wife from being killed.