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Old Horror/Gore Exploitation Film from late 60s/early 70s

I was probably three when my parents took me to a drive-in where they watched this bizarre film about several young women staying at some remote home. I remember a few scenes that stuck with me:

One scene I remember one of the young women snuck into a room with a refrigerator and found the severed heads of her friends on the refrigerator shelves.

Another scene I remember, the older woman that lived in the house was cooking something in a large soup pot and either her husband or son asked her what was cooking, opened up the lid of the pot and a human foot was floating in the soup. They both smiled like it was the most normal thing in the world.

One of the end scenes was the last young woman winds up falling in love with the son of the cannibal family, and it’s the last survivor young woman in the kitchen making soup out of the parents, I think their heads were now in the fridge.

If anyone can help me place this film it would be much appreciated.