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Alien, ET, Another Lifeform, Parasite, Posession? Turning everyone… bad? Help me out here pls :)

Please help me figure this one out. There’s this movie, can’t remember where I watched it (it’s in colour) and near end. All of them are caucasian and I don’t recall any dialogue, so I don’t know if they’re in english or not. Here’s what I remember:
There was a fighting going on between a man and a woman, lots of screaming (the woman obviously), and after a short while it’s apparent that the man is going to rape her… but no. As he spread her legs, he shot a black like tube? tongue? goo that latches into her underwear and apparently injected / infected her with… something because then she went into a state of convulsion. Just as this is happening, another man showed up with an axe and butchered this (possessed) man, rescuing her and get her into a car. They drove off but didn’t get very far because, by now, the infected woman attacked our new hero.
I left the tv for a while and when I got back, there’s a cop now… and our new hero tried to kill the possessed woman and the cop has no choice but to shoot at them.
Must be a cool movie… and sorry for my bad english. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance