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Weird 70s flick

I saw this clip on Youtube a few weeks ago and can’t remember the movie. It was a low budget weird ’70s pseudo documentary on the paranormal or an anthology film? It was grainy looking and in color. The scene was of an older couple(I think) who were in a camper or rv being besieged by large rocks or boulders that were rolling across the desert towards them? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I must know the name of this movie! Can anyone please help me with this?

Plain Jane love story

I saw this movie on tv when I was a kid, it was in color and looked  like it was released in the early to mid 70s. It involved a homely girl looking for love, but she kept going out with guys who were just looking to score. She ends up moving in to an apartment building and meets an artist/sculptor? who lives in one of the other apartments and they argue at first but fall in love later on. I seem to remember the guy looked like Treat Williams, but I can’t find this title in his filmography. The girl I think was a redhead, that’s all I remember.