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It is time of dread…

Nya, hi ^^ Today I was watching my vhs and in one of them appeared a very brief fragment of the beginning of a film, over which was recorded “Gone with the wind”. I’m very curious to know what movie it was. Being just a second of recording maybe the data is not enough to intuit what movie is, but you are amazing, guys, so…

Well, in the scene appeared the text “It is time of dread…” in white letters. In addition to the text you see nothing but a dark blue background, misty-looking, like clouds moving. Maybe it’s night and the camera focuses on the sky. It is a film previous to 1992, in color, probably of the 80’s.

Underground short animation in which Jesus transforms into a giant fly

Hi guys. See if you can help me as you have done other times.

I remember seeing in the mid or late 90’s on television an experimental animation short in which the elements on screen didn’t stop transforming again and again. I was struck by a sequence in which Jesus became into the giant fly of the movie “The Fly”, probably for the same reason as in that movie, for a teleportation with malfunction. I can not be sure, but I don’t think there were any dialogues, just music. I don’t remember if the short had a definite plot, the story was told through the transformations or if there were only random transformations from the beginning to the end. It was probably not a short by Michaela Pavlatová but it was a similar graphic style, underground style, with 2D animation. I’m almost 100% certain that it was a short 90’s or 80’s. It is possible that it is a video clip and not a short film but in that channel they used to broadcast short films of underground animation between program and program, so it is most likely a short film.

Do you have any idea how short it is?

Little boy wants to be a sailor

Nya! Hello everynyan! :3  I hope you can help me as much as last year ^^

I was watching a vhs with recordings of the television and at the end of the film “Emmanuelle” began a fragment of another different film, that was about to finish. A boy and his father are on a boat returning home. I believe the father is a sailor. The grandfather and the mother are waiting for they at the port. In a later scene they are home, a big home, (a mansion?), and the grandfather tells the child that, as everyone agreed before the trip, they are going to vote. By the way everyone acts it seems that the votes are to decide if the child will become a sailor (and possibly will go with the father). The mother abstains, although its evident that she is against. The decision is in the hands of the child.

I think the movie is from the 40’s or 50’s. Maybe firsts 60’s. It’s a color movie, anyway. I thinks it’s an american movie.

This is not reliable, because it’s a dubbing issue, but I’ll tell you anyway. In the Spanish dubbing the mother is called Amparo and the child has a name similar to “Luiso”. I don’t think those are their names in the original audio.

Animated movie about Laika (the dog), a little girl and fat aliens, maybe balloon aliens

Nya, I saw this movie on television in the late 90s. It was 2D animation. Surely it was a film of 80s or 90s. Maybe it was American or Canadian. It was starring by a girl who lived in Australia, and a dog named Laika. I dont know if this Laika was the original Laika who travelled to the space in the 50s or the name is in honor of the real astronaut dog. I think the girl spoke at the beginning of the film with the australian animals, such as kangaroos and koalas. The girl and her animal friends were trying to save the dog to prevent the scientists sent she onto the space, but the plan went wrong and the girl was trapped inside the rocket with the dog and his friends saw the rocket taking off helplessly. The rocket had landed on another planet inhabited by extremely fat aliens, egg-shaped. Maybe the aliens were balloons. During the rest of the movie the girl and the dog tried to help the prince of aliens and find a way to return to the earth, while an evil alien who hates them try to end the life of the prince to rule the alien kingdom.

short or medium-length animated film about two mice and a wizard or devil cat

I saw this animated medium-length film on television in the 90’s. It was 2D animation and the style was similar to the classic shorts of Warner Bros, in fact didnt seem a cartoon drawing in 90’s. buy maybe I’m wrong. Probably it made in previous decades, perhaps in the 70s or 80s, but maybe I’m wrong.

The protagonists were two mice that fleeing from an evil cat, but he wasnt a normal cat, because he had magical powers. While he chasing the protagonists he transformed into wild animals. In one scene he was transformed into a rhinoceros. I think he was a wizard or a devil cat. In fact, I remember that he was red and his ears seemed small horns. Surely it was a short suitable for all audiences because it was broadcast on a public channel in the morning.

but I remember it a little darker than usual in children’s cartoons, both on landscape and in the story, a bit like in the films of 80s Don Bluth movies, which were aimed at the general public but that wasnt a impediment to include some terrifying moments.

I’m not sure how long is this short or medium-length fil but I remember I was watching on TV and my mother and I had to go to my grandmother’s house. Then we phoned and asked her to record it in VHS, because I wanted to see the end. It had lasted more than a normal short animation and ended a few minutes before I came into my grandmother’s house, so perhaps it lasted 15 or 20 minutes.

help me, please!

Documentary of Hanna Barbera with a green monster at the end

I saw this documentary in a Spanish channel, antena 3, in the 90s. The documentary was about the history of Hanna Barbera, with fragments of shorts and series. The documentary have some parts filmed in live action, in which the person who was talking appeared, but now I’m not entirely sure that this person is the same throughout the documentary. I think the documentary was in the early 90s because they shown a scene of “Jetsons: The Movie”. Perhaps the documentary was made shortly after the premiere of the film or perhaps was to be released in cinemas in a few months.

I remember that in a fragment of this documentary a fragment of an episode of “Blast-Off Buzzard” and a “Its the wolf!” was shown. Later in the documentary they spoke of the superhero series that made Hanna Barbera and the animated Godzilla was shown for a few seconds.

Near the end the person who was speaking was in a warehouse, with shelves full of celluloid tape, containing episodes of Hanna Barbera series.

At the end of the documentary, when the presenter said his last words and was leaving the public, behind him appeared a kind of carnival float or animatronic shaped green monster with horns and glowing eyes. It was coming up to him and swallowed him.

Could it be “A Yabba Dabba Doo Celebration: 50 Years of Hanna Barbera”? In the end of this documentary the green monster appears?

Short animation tv series that showing children’s dreams

In late 90s or early 2000s I saw, in a children’s television channel, a series of shorts that show dreams of childrens in 2D animation. The voice of a child telling the dream and the animation show you what you heard. Each episode lasted little, maybe two minutes, and I think the series consisted for very few episodes. The viewers never saw the children that were telling the dream, only the animation.

The episode that I most remember was one in which a little girl said she had dreamed she was a rabbit. she found a giant carrot, she sat on it and began to fly as if the carrot was a rocket. When she was at high altitude began to eat pieces of the carrot. Eventually she ate it all and fell. After this the girl said she had woken and therefore the episode ended.

I’m pretty sure the show was european, probably british, although, of course, I can not assure this.

Animation film about a coward child

I saw this movie on TV on a channel which broadcast children’s programs and British, Russian, Hungarian, etc. animation (Like “Count Duckula” “Penny Crayon”, “The Family Ness”, “Willy the Sparrow”…) and American animation films little known, as “The railway dragon”. This movie was 2D animation and I saw it in the late 90’s or early 2000s, so probably was made in the 80s or early 90s. I’m not sure if the movie is american or european. The film is starred by a boy who was coward. In company of another character he began a fantastic journey, I think into the world of dreams. Maybe the child was afraid by nightmares. At the end of the film appeared the villain, the King of Nightmares, an evil doppelganger of the child. He looked exactly like the child but with gloves and slippers clawed monster, similar to this:

I think this character appeared in the room of the protagonist.

After defeat the king of nightmares he overcome one’s fear too and he dont be afraid again.

I’m not sure but I guess that the child was black.

Definitely is not “Little Nemo in Slumberland”, neither an episode of “Midnight Patrol”.

TV series mixing live action and animation

A few years ago I saw an episode of a TV series in YouTube in which two girls of 12 or 13 years and a little boy came into a world of 2D animation, a forest, especifically. In that world they were skunks and one of the girls let out much odorous gas and she was ashamed of it. The three meet a fox and helped him. Some evil dogs attacked them and cornered. At the end they were saved because the girl who let out much gas used it against dogs. After that they returned to their real world and were transformed again into humans. The animation style was similar to the Warner Bros/Looney Tunes characters (anthro animals like Bugs Bunny, Animaniacs, Fifi la fume, etc.) and they spoke in english, so most likely it’s an american series. The video in youtube was removed shortly after I saw it for copyright infringement. I dont remember in what year I saw it, but It was before 2010, and the series should be of the 2000s. I’m not sure but maybe the mix of live action and animation only happened in that episode. Perhaps in every episode the children entered in the world of some TV series or something like that, but I just saw that episode so I dont know.

Animated 90s movie about foxes

I saw this movie in theaters when I was little, to late 90s. It was an animation movie starred by foxes. I dont remember much about it but I think the protagonist fighting to the alpha fox, which was the main villain of the film (or so I remember it), overcame him and became the leader of the pack. Perhaps the film was an exploitation of “Balto”, by the success of that other movie. I dont know if the film was American or European but the animation style was Disney/Universal.

Its possible that part o f the movie happens in winter, with snow, but I’m not sure.

I remember my family and I were in a car and we passed near of a movie theater. We could see the posters advertising films and I was struck animated foxes poster, so I asked my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother to stop and go to the theater. The film had already started but we went anyway.

Does anyone know what movie would it be?

70s or 60s children movie about witches

This was the first film that my mother saw in theaters, in the mid-70s. The film was a color live-action film and sure it was a children film because my mother had five years or less. She only remembers a scene that was very shocking for her. A child, perhaps the protagonist, was in a basement, a castle or a dungeon with a large group of witches trying to trick them into thinking he was a very powerful wizard. The witches discovered he was lying, then they caught him, put an apple in his mouth and placed him on a charcoal fire, turning like a suckling pig. My mother is not entirely sure but she believes the film could be American or English. The child was black hair and was dressed as a normal child of the 70s.

Do you know what movie would it be?