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A ragtag group of people exploring space

I remember randomly seeing this movie on TV when I was a kid in the mid-late 90s. The title was something like “Captain ____ and the Adventures of  _____”. Totally a B movie, possibly not an American movie but in English. It was a comedy film set in space, there’s a guy who wears a cowboy hat (the leader??) and one scene I remember a lot is where they go to this alien bar and when the cowboy guy walks in everyone looks at him because he’s like the hero of the film but no one really likes him. It’s not any of the Star Wars films and it’s not Spaceballs.

Did I make this up?? (Young boy dies, hit by train?)

I don’t know if this is a real movie or not, I would’ve seen it in the 90s. The part I most remember is this young boy dies in a tragic accident, I want to say he’s hit by a train or a car. He and some other kids are playing a game in a field, baseball I think, and he goes to get the ball and when he’s running back across he gets hit. And the boy’s father gets very very depressed because his mother had already died years before. He has other kids too. It all takes place in a small town. I think the boy’s name is Casey.

not a movie, but can’t find this anywhere (funny commercial)

Ok this may not get posted because it’s not a movie, it’s a commercial. But I’ve been trying to find it for years. It must be on youtube somewhere. It was on American TV around the mid 2000s (maybe between 2004-2009) and it was advertising a television channel, possibly fictional. A bunch of women dance holding giant shoes and at the end a Latino man appears wearing a toolbelt and says “I will fix your shoes for you.”

There was another commercial for the same TV channel that involved a group of football players in an ambulance.


80s movie with kidnapped baby?

My roommate is trying to find this movie. She said it was an 80s movie, maybe late 80s (86-90) and the main girl is very stereotypical 80s character (like big hair, side ponytail) she thought it might be the same girl who was in Valley Girl. The movie seemed like a dark comedy, at the beginning the girl is sitting at a bus stop, and close to the beginning she find a baby or a baby gets kidnapped? Something like that?

Movie with kids who bike/skateboard

I saw this movie in the early-mid 90s. The scene I remember most is at the start of the movie this kid tries to do like a trick on a skateboard ramp and he totally wipes out in front of the bulky kids. then at the end of the movie he tries the trick again and he likes flies through the air and all the bully kids are like OMG! And there’s like a group of kids on bikes and skateboards and stuff and they all meet in like this abandoned outdoor warehouse/garage place. Ring any bells?