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Can’t remember a movie set in the future with a nuked zone or something

I saw this movie in recent time (10 years tops), it was in English and I think I saw it on TV, definitely a movie filmed in the 2000’s or even more recent.

I just remember one clear scene: The lead character is in some sort of future city where there’s some sort of guerrilla faction trying to fight the government. At the end of this movie, the lead character takes a ship and flies off the city, entering the ‘forbidden zone’ as it was supposed to be a radioactive zone.

He then finds the ‘guerrilla’ members living in that desert zone which seems that is slowly becoming livable. Then, the evil guy from the city arrives with a bunch of troops and crossfire begins inside the ‘mansion’ where the guerrilla is staying. I also remember that the leader of the guerrilla is sitting down in some sort of ‘throne’ when all of this is happening.