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Cave Gore Horror Movie

So the movie starts out with a group of teens either studying abroud or on vacation (I think). They decide to explore a cave or some old ruin or something, but end up finding a bunch of traps and a killer in it. One girl falls into a trap that is covered with pointed steaks, the guy of the movie gets caught by the killer and then brough back to his hide out. The killer then puts the wounded kid in a bath tub or something and pours salt all over him and maybe acid. The last scene of the movie the one surviving girl in walking along some train tracks outside and either gets hit by the train or the killer finds her or both. I’ve been trying to think of this movie for ever I know I saw it on Netflix a few years back. It was definitly produced in the last 10 or so years. And I promise you its not the movie Beneath or the Decent. Thanks!!