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Kids attacking car. Possibly Called Psycho Kids

I viewed this movie many times. It was somewhere in-between 2006 to 2008. Although i do think it was 2007.

I remember it being called Psycho Kids. I remember someone telling me Psycho Kids was on but they had said Psychic Kids (a TV show). I heard them wrong. I had gotten them confused a couple times. I Google the name and nothing comes up.

Plot: A family moved into a new house by the woods. It was winter. Strange things were happening and there were kid ghosts (they appeared in human form) in the woods.

In one scene, the oldest daughter is on her knees on a hill. She was looking for one or two of her siblings.

In another, the “psycho kids” (ghost kids) were beating down the car to get to the family. I remember a boy having an axe. The kids had really weird black eyes. And their clothes seemed to be from the 1920’s.

It was in color and English. It was on some type of on demand TV service. That’s why i was able to watch it so many times. I highly doubt it was an episode of anything.