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erotic film professional business woman suspects doctor husband cheating, finds woman (turns out to be patient) and has affair with her…

erotic film professional business woman (I think) suspects doctor/psychologist husband cheating, finds woman (turns out to be patient when she sees his book) and has affair with her, but it’s a setup for blackmail. The patient woman is dark-skinned, wife watches her in nude photo shoot on beach, then pretends to be reporter and takes her to lunch to interview her.

There might be a scene in which the wife walks in on a co worker fooling around with boss and she says, “I got ahead in this company with hard work, not by acting like a prostitute.” Later she gets fired and the other woman gets her job/office.

Saw on cable in 90s, I think. It had the same overly-glamorous look as “Secret Games” but that’s not it.  I might be combining the plot from two movies…

Women haunted prison cell suicide

TV movie or fake documentary from 70s or 80s in USA.  A cell in a women’s prison is haunted and the women go into it and rip of their clothes to hang themselves after hearing voices shrieking something that sounded like “fee-la” over and over and showed women’s mouths, possibly with painted black faces saying it.

80s movie on cable girl’s mom goes insane thinking people are in the house NOT HORROR

A movie I saw in the 80s on cable tv.  A girl with siblings lives with their mother who is slowly going insane.  In one scene the girl is talking to an African-American woman, the mother of her friend, I think:
“Mother is going crazy”

“My daughter is probably saying the same thing about me”

“No, she’s really going insane. she thinks there are people hiding in our house”

The movie ends with the mother losing her mind and getting hysterical.  The daughter moves to a city and is quite happy.

There’s a recurring theme song sung by a woman:

This time, we’re gonna make it

this time we’ll be a happy family