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Early 90s indie film

I saw this American drama film in the early 90s on one of the premium cable channels. I didn’t recognize any of the actors at the time, so either it was a deep indie film or maybe just pre-famous actors. The story seemed to revolve around a tall, lanky and goofy, dark-haired guy in prison. This guy keeps getting help from a shorter, possibly red-haired inmate and whenever the goofy guy says “thanks” for the help, the shorter inmate always replies with something like, “no problem” or “forget about it” and then, “Batten(?),” the name of a juvenile detention center or maybe a boys reform school where the two inmates had originally met. At some point later in the movie, the shorter guy ends up assaulting or possibly raping the tall, goofy guy.

This may not help at all, but I saw it on cable around the same time I first saw The Reflecting Skin. The two movies occupy the same time slice in my mnemonic chronology.

That “forget about it — Batten” line has been stuck in my head for almost 30 years. Help me solve this so I can get it out of there!!



1970s coming of age film?

only one scene I recollect from a color American film (possibly made for tv) I saw in the early 80s. The protagonist is a young kid around 13 or so, maybe light brown hair with a bowl cut(?). In the scene I remember he has a huge crush on a girl and visits her house with his more outgoing, chubby friend. The prptagonist ends up leaving the house for some reason and I think his chubby friend scores with the girl. The protagonist shouts at the house as he’s leaving (you stupid jerk! Or something to that effect), clearly upset with both himself and his friend.

I think this movie came out around the same time as Rich Kids, and I conflate the two in memory, but I’m reasonably certain it’s a different, though similarly-themed, movie. Help please!

Late 90s adult drama film?

saw this film on DVD as a new release rental, late 90s to early 2000s. I only remember one scene in which the main male character has sex with a woman over the back of a sofa, his wife walks in on them but leaves quietly and drops the man’s Christmas present down the garbage shoot (a box of CDs or DVDs was the gift). I could’ve sworn this movie had Mark Ruffalo and Radha Mitchell in it (as the cheating couple), but searches involving those two turned up nothing familiar… I don’t remember it being a great movie, but the hole in my memory is driving me nuts!