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Runaway Teenage searches for his parents (was put up for adoption)

Hi this has been driving me crazy.

I remember watching it when I was a little boy around 1997, 1998.

It was about a runaway teenager who is a very talented artist (he graffitis) and he witnesses a crime from a crooked cop who begins to start chasing him.

He takes refuge in some kind of store and begins to live in the roof of the mall. One particular scene was he let the birds out of the cages at night to leave the workers baffled when they open the store in the morning.

He also is intrigued by the store next door which is a portrait place in which the lady owner is his mother. (who is dating the crooked cop).

The end of the film is they find out who each other are, when the cop finds him


I know its a rough description, but its almost 20 years haha