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Monster movie comes to life.

Movie stars male protagonist whose father was a actor in a monster movie where he played the main character that killed the monster and is in a town where the father lives i believe the son came to visit as it was the time for the regular celebration of the movie the father was in.However every cycle of years the monster from the movie comes to life the town is oblivious to this besides the father who has had to slay the monster every cycle however due to aging he is unable to keep doing so.It’s now up to the son to stop the monster (there was something about you can’t kill the monster the same way
and the way they killed it in the end was a explosion)

Sun worshipers at beach sunset

I think it was in the ’70s and I thought it was a Woody Allen comedy movie (but it isn’t Sleeper). I saw it on TV, so it may have been a TV show rather than a movie.

In the scene, a traveler (time traveler?) is walking with his friend, a local guide, on the beach at sunset. They join a group of people at the water’s edge, wailing that the sun (sun god) is leaving them and beseeching the sun to return.  Further down the beach is a small crowd jeering the sun worshipers, hurling insults.  The traveler asks is friend “who are those guys?”.  The friend replies in disgust “Oh, it’s those damn Moon worshipers!”

kdrama scene

a funny scene. the male lead was jogging through the river bank when the female lead saw her female coach/friend (?) drowning (but was actually just meditating underwater). she shouted for help, asking who knows how to swim. coincidentally, the male lead was stretching his arms from his quick break so the female lead mistakenly thought he was raising his hands as a sign of volunteering and pushed him in the water against his will. pls help!

Teenagers in woods b film

All I remember is that is was a b movie because of the effects. Teenagers go into the woods and end up with 1 unique power that was colour coded

One girl goes evil and they have to stop her

The end scene is on the roof of the highschool and the evil girl falls off and they think she died but twist she survives…somehow

All I get in Google is chronical but it’s older than that and I swear was s b movie


I have searched for years. I will never stop, I will die searching this movie.

I remember clearly it’s a 00s/90s movie about hunting sea monsters, nearby a big city like Miami or LA. There was one monster that looked like a mix of a shark and a deep sea fish, and when they catch it they hang it and a shoe falls out his mouth. In another scene I remember the protagonist (classic badass looking silver fox) and a girl on a boat near the city, the girl looks into the water and sees two eyes into the muddy sea. She goes on like she imagined it but in the next scene the creature (that looks like a freaky monster seal) hits her from behind and throw her in the sea.


I’m willing to pay for this information.

Everyone thinks little boy is the killer but he’s not

I’ve been searching for this movie for many, many years! This is my first time posting to a group so hopefully someone can put me out of my misery soon.

I watched this movie when I was a kid, so it must have been made in the 80’s or 90’s. It was in English and in colour. I’m not sure if it was a TV movie, or who was in it, I just have vivid memories of specific scenes.

Main plot seems to be that this little mute boy is possibly killing people around him, and he draws pictures of their deaths, but in the end it turns out his estranged dad (i think?) is actually the killer, and he was hiding out in the family’s attic the whole time. A few deaths I remember, his grandma or old lady babysitter is watching him while his mother is out at a piano recital I think, and the old lady gets killed by having the dumbwaiter falling on her head. There’s another death where the little boyis playing with a friend but the kid is actually a bully, the bully brings a gun to show him, and seemingly the little boy shoots the bully (but in the end there’s a photograph of the dad shooting the bully). AND, to finish it off, I have this very distinct memory of the end scene of this little mute boy, playing with another kid, he holds up a stick and points it at him and says “bang, you’re dead”.

Anyway, please someone help me out. I tried that whatismymovie site, closest answer it gave me was Mikey(1992), but that’s not it. Also Hide and Seek reminded me of the “kid drawing a person’s death” bit, but that’s definitely not it, that was made way too recently.

Movie about Ex-Convict

Okay, so this is a movie that must have come out in between 2014-2017 — I definitely saw it in early 2017. Essentially, it’s about this African-American man who has just gotten out of prison and moved back in with his mom, and the stigma behind ex-convicts has given him a hard time reintegrating into his community. He comes to befriend a young autistic man, who is sort of the only person he becomes friends with post-prison. He also collects broken refrigerators to potentially fix them, but just ends up leaving them in his backyard (???) which his mother always complains about. It is definitely an independent movie (I think anyways) because it is quite out of the ordinary; there is some extremely specific and weird concepts that are going on, there’s also a huge transitional aspect to the film in that there are literal visual transitions displayed in different “phases”. Most of which involve some sort of conflict with another character, and the main character’s transcending from that part of his life. The movie ends with a scene set at night at a public pool, where the main character is there and the guy with autism, as well as the large machine which seemingly saves people or keeps them alive (???) – some phenomenal ability.

I’ve definitely forgotten some key things about the plot of this film, but I can also picture the man character. He is an African-American man, probably in his 40s, with large glasses, short hair, and a generally average stature — but he’s not like a stereo-typical convict with a bunch of tattoos, he has a generally normal demeanor. That’s about all I remember because I have a pretty bad memory… but I remember really liking it and thinking it was very cool/meaningful!


Please help me! 🙂

Mouse tightrope

I remember a specific animated scene where there is a father mouse (might not be a mouse) and his daughter who perform for royalty in a big circus. Their performances starts with the father playing an instrument and the daughter dances, as this happens the scene is enveloped in black and white flowers and nature the more she dances. Everyone likes it but the princess doesnt. As a result the princess wants the daughter to wall on the tightrope but she doesnt know how to. But the daughter still attempts- everyone was worried and the daughter ends up falling off. I dont think the scene had any dialog but was very dramatic.

Anime movie with women only space society

I originally saw this movie on the SciFi channel in I believe the late nineties. I miss read the TV guide and thought the name was bubble crisis but that was incorrect and even after googling off and on I could never find the name.

It is an anime the takes place in space/future. Women are the only gender in this society. There’s a scienc experiment /anomaly that a military crew are sent after to capture/destroy. The  experiment turns out to be the first male and the crew breaks into fractions one to save him, one destroy him.  After all the fights it ends in a Adam and Eve kinda situation.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Crippled boy is an alien

Saw this before 2011 in a theater. All male actors. In a small town and forest rather than a city. A group of 30 something guys have a reunion or come home for a funeral. They talk about their friend who as a child was very sickly and remember odd happenings. They are in a cabin when things start to go awry. Very long scene concerning bathroom. One man is trying to remember childhood happenings and it is portrayed as overflowing file cabinets of memories. Finale: Their sick friend comes to life as an alien defending earth from an evil alien. He had come from the future to protect earth. I thought it was an M Knight Shalaman movie, but I can’t find it in his list.

Girl (Katie) Gets Attacked By Lab Rats

I remember watching this film in the Sci-Fi channel back in 2005. It showed a teenager girl named Katie being cornered and attacked by this man in black coat with supernatural powers by pulling her without touching her. With his powers he shoved Katie’s head into a cage full of white lab rats, and with a biting gesture from the black coated man, the lab rats started running towards her.

In the meanwhile, two of Katie’s friends were escalating up the (school?) stairs and by the time they arrived, they were too late. On the floor they found Katie alive, but her eyes were bloodied, and she couldn’t speak because her mouth was bloodied too.

Does anybody know this film?

A war movie with snowy opening

I saw this movie around a year ago and I can’t remember the name. The opening scene has a boy and his grandfather (maybe father?) in the snow hunting. If I remember correctly, the grandfather has the boy put snow in his mouth to disguise his breath. They are using their horses as bait for a wolf, the boy chickens out and doesn’t shoot so the wolf attacks the horses.

The other part I remember is when the boy( who is now a grown man) is in a gun fight with the villian. There is broken glass which makes it possible for the villain to see him. However, the boy uses this to his advantage.

That’s all I can really remember but if it’s any help this is also what I know

-It is in color

-I think it was made in the late 90s/early 2000s but I could be wrong

-The main character does have a love interest and she helps him in the broken glass scene.

Complicated relationship

It’s coloured movie. Not series for sure. I remeber only one scene. It pictures couple (probably marriage) in their home. Man comes into room  in which sits his wife (not sure, but she was in front of mirror) and asks her if she loves him. I remember that it wasn’t too successful relationship. She answers that she doesn’t love him but she tolerate, put up with him etc. Her answer was rather harsh, leaving him speechless. And that was end of the scene(?).

Would apprecieate any help. It is sitting in the back of my head.

Old movie with possible nuns/ghosts?

I’ll list everything I remember:
A young girl is on a plane on her way to visit her dad who is in another country
The dad is working on a film and the set looks like some sort of old castle
The movie set is being messed with by ghost since things are moving around by themselves
Later on in the movie the girl meets ghosts/nuns???
They sing and when night comes they hide in what looks like a castle too???
At another point in the movie some kids challenge the girl to see who swims the fastest across a river but they end up leaving her to swim on her own, when she gets to the other end a storm comes
She runs in her swimsuit to wherever her and her dad were staying
She also calls her mom and tells her how everything has been going
This movie is DEFINITELY older since its been a good 12 years since ive seen it and when my parents bought it for me i remember it being old and from the store Ross.

American (or Canadian) movie about a man in a mental institution who claims to be an alien but turns out to be the son of Jesus

My girlfriend and I can’t remember the name of this movie. It was low budget, with no big names in the cast. Mental patient claims to be an alien with supernatural powers and takes an interest in the lives of other patients. There is an evil nurse who murders people, and the main character grows particularly close to a young woman who was abused by family (or something). Eventually, after he learns about the cruelty and evil of people, it is revealed that he is the son of Jesus. Jesus appears and tells him that this cruelty is why he turned his back on humanity.