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Movie about bank robbery

I remember a movie about a female white criminal who gets out of jail and she wants to see her son but the dad doesn’t want to let her see him. In one scene she’s talking to somebody on a train and at the end of the movie she’s on a plane with her boyfriend and her son after committing a crime and somebody rushes in and they think they got caught buys it’s actually someone with an organ cooler and they get away.

Movie from late 90s early 00s about fairy or pixie who can turn human

I saw this movie when I was young so it might be late 90s or early 00s. I saw it on TV when we had Dish.  I remember that there was a woman who is a pixie or fairy that can turn into human. When she turns human she is completely naked and goes to a house that belongs to a man with a young daughter. She falls in love with the man who doesn’t believe in magic but has to return to the forest to save her people from the evil man, wizard or something like that. They believe she is dead but she is alive and has decided to live as a human and is now a teacher at the girl’s school.  I found the name about a year ago but lost the paper on which I wrote it. I only remember it had a kinda long name.

Motel Movie

So, I remember seeing this movie in the mid to late 2000’s and this is all I can remember of it. There’s a young man/teen boy living in some really bad motel and there’s a girl who lives there with her dad and said boy falls for the girl. But, the girl is being pimped out by her dad at the motel. That is all I remember except that the girl was blonde. It’s been driving me crazy I can’t remember anything else about this darn movie.

I need to remember these two movies !

So i think these two movies are in the late 90s i remember watching them as a kid.  So one movie there’s a science where there’s a little boy with a red wagon he’s pulling down a alley way. This van pulls up beside him and a guy opens the door asking the little boy if he wants to help him feed his dog. The boy gets in and then in other scene his body is found face down in a lake. Another movie is this guy is in a closet but he opens it a little and sees this other  guy with a little boy and he lays him down flat and the guy is ironing the little boys back.

Horror movie

I saw a movie with my mom on tv when i was younger these teens were trapped inside a house and it was dark and it was storming there were monsters in the movie and they were trying to kill the teens. In the last part of the movie i remember i believe it was a boy was trying to get to the front door when this giant monster came out of the stair way and it collapsed all the stairs where the boy was trapped after i don’t remember wgat happened but i know the monster was ugly and i believe it was just its head ive been looking for this movie for years hope someone can guess it thanks in advance!

Weird movie

I remember a few years ago I turned the TV on part way through a movie  and I think there was a teacher or something and a few teenagers were vampires of some sort because they didn’t show up in the bathroom mirrors but they took a kid on a car ride then they’re heads became a skeletons face and the screamed at him and I think the guy died.

Also at the end of the movie the teenagers died because of a train I think? I just remember it was a bright white light and there was a good teenager who killed them with the train or something.

weird movie about smugglers looking for teenage boy

So we saw this movie a few years ago.  It was pretty weird , but lately I keep thinking about it.
This is what I remember.  Foreign film (french?).  I think it might have been silent (or very little spoken dialogue).
Mother, father, young teenage girl.  Mother is a pianist.  Wealthy family.  They move from the city to somewhere remote.
There is some kind of accident or crash or drug deal gone wrong that happens near their house.  One survivor (the only one?) of the mayhem is a young teenage boy who was shot.  The girl hides him in one of the family’s outbuildngs, and tends to his serious abdominal/intestinal wounds.  Turns out the bad guys were smuggling stuff inside his body (I think drugs)– and naturally they are going to come looking for him.  The boy slowly begins to mend.  The bad guys hang around the family property and shoot the family’s dog.  The girl takes the boy to a school function or dance.  For camouflage, he is dressed as a girl.  While there, his abdominal wounds start to bleed profusely; the blood is very visible on the white dress he is wearing, and somehow… the nuns believe he has just reached puberty.  Odd, since he is bleeding from the abdomen.
The boy and girl fall in love.  The bad guys are still looking for him/them.  The boy and girl leave her home for the old empty house in the city.  The bad guy(s) find them in the house.  They die together, shot, maybe in the house… but I keep picturing another location.  Empty, sad, depressing, lonely, weird and… I still don’t know what the point is.
Any one out there seen this thing?

Movie about a Boy and an invisible Girl

I want to say this movie was an early 90s or perhaps late 80s color film in English.

It is about this boy, of about 10-12 years of age, who is staying in a castle with his mother and (I believe) her boyfriend. He meets and befriends this young girl who no one else can see. It turns out the girl is either a witch or a ghost, or something of a supernatural nature, and her mother comes to get her in the end, after leaving her alone in the castle there alone as a punishment.

I vividly recall one scene where the boy and girl go roller skating through the castle on connected roller skates, because the girl had never gone skating before. They are having a blast and then he skates into his mom, who thinks the boy has lost it because she cannot see the girl.

Thank you!

Rom Com about mistaken identity

  • This movie was about a guy and a girl who met in a bar. Each mistakes the other for a prostitute. After a disastrous first encounter they hate each other but keep bumping into each other.
  1. I believe in one scene he is the waiter at a restaurant she is having a date in.
  2. It is in English, perhaps from the mid 1990s and in color.
  3. I believe I saw it on Netflix 5 or so years ago.


Strange movie about blonde girl and guy where guy asks girl to eat him

okay so I’ve been looking movies up for about an hour and can’t find this movie.

i watched it when I was little probably like 8 years ago but the movie could’ve been a little older it was in color and the characters were blond I think.

the movie is about a guy and a girl and it’s almost like flashbacks of the girl I think because she retells how he wanted her to eat his heart if she really loved him and I don’t remember if she killed him or if he killed himself but I do know that she ate his remains to prove her love to him and then I remember a detective or cop I’m not really sure I think it took place in a warehouse I very vividly remember the movie because I saw when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

Japanese Horror Anthology (Mechanical old Woman)

I remember it was from a Collection of lowish budget Japanese horror stories, this story particular had 2 parts, The first part consisted of a girl who witnessed an poorly held together (What i presumed was Mechanical) old woman making fast and robotic moments covered head to toe in cloth to subvert view of her features dropping a soup can and struggling to pick it up, Upon not helping the machine later breaks down the girls door and presumably kills her.

Part 2 consisted of a man moving into a new apartment in witch next door always has mechanical construction noises coming from it and again at some point is presented with an opportunity to help this unsettling machine but doesn’t before meeting the same grizzly fate as punishment.

I think they were both on the same disk ,I just cant remember which it was or track them down on youtube.

Japanese Horror Movie Spider Woman

Okay! This is an older movie, but i feel like I saw it around 2010 or so. It was in Japanese and a friend let me borrow it (burned dvd). It was in color and the clothing could be late 70s or early 80s— Basically, boy has a crush on a girl who becomes cursed by a spider demon? Her head detatches from the rest of her body and eight legs emerge. The likeness of every person she kills becomes burned into the back of crush boy… any ideas?



Movie quote

I want to say it was a horror movie or something and some people are discussing what is happening and a bitchy girl is getting bored of them talking and says “I’m sorry this all just sounds very nerdy to me.”

Also a different movie that’s been bugging me for a while. There is a girl very excitedly telling a guy about something in the library while the librarian keeps shushing and shaking her head disapprovingly.


As far as I remember they are both 2000’s teen movies.