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Haunting me for years!

I saw this in the early 90’s (i cant remember exactly when) but it could’ve been an 80s film. It was on the television at the time and it scared me for life. SCENE: A young woman was taking a shower in a small building set in the woods (I want to say that it was a campground or summer camp). The sun was almost completely set as the majority of the sky was pitch black with only a sliver of blue from the last remaining sunlight. While in the building, it shows her under the stream of the shower, then pans to the frosted window. Something is outside, but what? Back to the shower, there is blood covering the walls.

I can’t remember anything else from that. I think I was too traumatized and pushed the rest of that memory into the blackness it belonged in at the time. I would love to find it now in hopes of conquering my fear. Thank you.

Monster made out of furry metal

A few days ago, I caught part of a movie on SyFy or Spuke at the gym. Three girls were hiding in a warehouse-looking place from a large creature/monster whose head got fiery when it roared. The creature looked like it was made of many bits of metal. One of the girls screamed continually and the other ones were like – hello we’re trying to hide from the metal monster. Then finally one of them takes a metal bar and leads the creature away. It follows her into a room and she closes the door to presumably get eaten alive. The other girls go down to the room and I’m like hello, you had one job: to run away! Eventually one of the girls shoves a metal bar down the creature ‘s maw and electrocutes it.

Sea Monster Movie….Help!

This is driving me crazy because I know I’ve seen this movie but nothing I type into Google yields any results. So basically it’s an American movie and these people are in a submarine type thing and there is a sea monster well everything there is an attack this one crew member always misses it cuz he is sleeping. Well it turns out that he IS the sea monster. Or rather, he is controlling this sea monster while he is sleeping, but he has no idea he’s doing it. That’s all I remember.

Help with movie title, please!!!!!!

Hi. If there is any way you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am looking for the title of a movie that I saw on either IFC network, Lifetime, or Sundance channel.  I believe I saw it in or around 2098-2008?? From what I remember, there were no famous actors in it and maybe only had 2-3 people in the movie. I will
give you a description from what I remember happened.

Basically, it starts off with a young woman (blonde, I think…looked maybe a little like britney murphy??) in an apartment and I think she is fresh off of a break up with a boyfriend. Anyway, she lives alone in an apartment and might be some type of college student or grad student working on a thesis?? Somehow, a detective gets involved, I think her ex was reported missing or something. The detective stays with her in the apartment (I think because she was getting creepy phone calls) and the two eventually become involved romantically. I’m pretty sure the whole movie takes place in her apartment building (kind of seemed like a very low budget film). I also remember there were like electricity problems and she would have to go to the basement in the building to fix it. It ends up with a twist at the end that she had actually murdered the “missing”
Ex boyfriend because I believe she caught him cheating in the basement of the apartment building (maybe in an abandoned old pool??). And I think the other twist is that the guy who was the detective really didn’t exist, she was just imaging it.  All of the pictures in her apartment of her and her ex boyfriend had his face either cut out or a red X or something over his face, but at the end you see that the “detective” is the one in the pics with her.  She had imagined this whole scenario with the detective the whole movie.

Any help would be great. I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.

***nobody famous in this movie

Sci-fi kids movie

Hi I’m 25 and watched this movie in elementary school so 15-20 years ago. All I remember is that it was a sci fi movie with 2 teenagers. There was a barn and it appeared there was something in there because the doors were being pushed from the inside. I believe the barn doors were locked up with wire and one of the boys got pliers to try to open it. My memory is fuzzy and idk what happens there but later on one of them falls to what I think was a black hole. That’s all I remember.

movie set in a private school

I think the movie is made in 2000s or takes place in like 50s or 60s and in a school.
I remember that in the school there was a rule that if a student did something wrong he had to fight the two senior student and usually the two older student beat the poor student who had to fight them.but one time the main character fights the two and defeats them.
He also had a friend that fought the two guys and lost and left the school but I think they met again in the end of the film.
in another scene the main character was tied to the ground in the cold weather at night by the other students and left there.

I’m not into elevator music either, babe

I thought it was Critters, but nope.  I remember a guy in a leather jacket, blond shaggy hair, listened to metal, always had beer with him.

The movie was set in the mid west. Indiana to Iowa like area. It involved a good guy and girl, a rude guy (the metal head with the quote), monsters, and a bunch of people dying.


It should have come out anywhere from 83-85.



Childhood scare

When i was a child i was watching tv in the middle of the night somewhere between 1992 to 1997. I believe it was the opening scenes but i am unsure as there were no words spoken. All i remember is there was a woman who i believe may have had short black hair who was completely naked and getting ready for something. It was late at night and she came across a man or invited a man over. Im unsure about how they got together in an apartment. The next thing i remember is the woman basically unhinged her jaw and with some really creepy fang like monster teeth ate this whole man. Being 6- 9 years old i was completely freaked and turned everything off. I am not sure what this was, be it tv or movie, but i really would like to watch it and laugh at how scared i was.
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Guitar String Bracelet?

Okay…so i just thought of this scene where one of the characters gives their romantic interest a guitar string bracelet and I’m pretty sure they say, “in case yours ever breaks”. I can’t remember if this is in a movie or a tv show. My original thought was that it was something related to the Disney Channel but now I’m not too sure. I have searched so many things on Google and actually looked through the scripts of a couple movies that i thought it was in but i still can’t find it.HELP ME!!!

2 sisters (1 poor, 1 rich) at Christmas

I used to rent it in the early 90’s It’s a kids cartoon (in the Disney spirit vs. Cartoon Network spirit) about two sisters (about 10 years old) where one is nice and poor and the other is mean and rich.

On the VHS pack their was the image of the nice sister maybe in some forest?

It happens during winter and Christmas and I remember a scene where the rich sister eats some treat from the Christmas tree and she also has a sleigh.


Cartoon movie from 80’s

I remember this movie from my childhood. It was a cartoon movie. It had a little man and his dog go to buy a trailer. All they could afford was a tiny little one which they bought and took on vacation. At one point they go to a barn with other animals and at another point a beach. Things keep going wrong. I remember watching it many times and want to try to find it to watch with my kids.


i have 3  I cant remember the title to  back in the 80’s

1 .. there was a village a santanic nature women being rubbed down with oil and a goat running through village


2 …some people put a guy down in the ground in the middle of town and when they pulled him up there was jewels in his clothes and not him


3… some guy was hiding in the womans bathroom killing all  of them he had a lot of bodies/

I was 6 years old when I saw them but don’t know the titles

Animated Children’s Movie

I remember very little… it was an english colored film. It took place in like the desert and there wasn’t much around except for this giant tree and scattered bones and something lived in the tree and explained why the world looked like that because some villain took control. So the main character had to go on a mission to this guys evil castle and save the others and beat the bad guy ( I think he runs back to the tree in the desert either out of fair or to get help once he saw how big the castle was). I don’t remember any human animations it was all like animals and non human cartoon types. In the castle, art work and all these valuables the villain stole and i think the main character helps someone out of a prison cage at some point.

I use to watch it a lot when I was around 6 or 7 in 1998.  The animations are similar to the old Winnie the pooh cartoons. I thought the movie was really old like 70/80s  because the graphics weren’t really good but I think it was just my perspective as a kid. I would watch this movie a lot on VHS along with the Warriors of Virtue movie. Since WOV was in 1997 this movie might be around that time but not really sure. My grandma would record a lot of stuff from the tv, so it might be a tv show or an actual movie but it had to have been longer than 30 mins.

2008-2011 indie film

OKAY, SO I know this is gonna be weird but i need help!! So I remember a long time ago I watched a movie on Netflix like let’s say 2010ish?! ANYways it ask  weird one about a not an attractive girl who meets a guy in a adult store or something right. WEll then he becomes interested in her and the only part I remember is the part where he  like spies on her watching an adult film on her TV through her window or something like that. Anyways I guess she’s like a difficult person to be with like she’s been through a lot or what not and he really likes her. So yeah idk IF i made sense but i believe they guy who plays him is a well known actors. SOMEone help please