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Help please

I’ve tried for so long to remember this movie but the name slips like sand through my fingers.

What I can remember is a woman who is proposed to her boyfriend (who may or may not be a doctor)  and she goes over to his family’s house/estate to have the wedding.

However, her sister feels like she’s not really in love with him.

When she marries him and goes to bed, the next day, she relives the same day over and over again.

She grows closer to her fiance’s brother but he (in fact nobody is) is not aware that she’s in the time loop.

I remember a controlling Mother calée Margaret, that she learns Italian and the phrase (or something along these lines)

“When you fall in love (?)  it should feel like getting into a warm bath”.

I really need some help. Please


Female Crime movie

Hi guys,

I remember a scene from this movie I saw back in 2003 on TV. It was about a blonde woman in red who was monitoring another woman (seemingly a murderer). The murderer goes to the kitchen to get some cake. Then the blonde goes there to get some too, not knowing that the murderer put something in it that made her choke to death. Afterwards, the murderer kill a couple of other guys before getting shot

Movie Scene with 20 or more Doberman Dogs held 4 dogs per person

Hey Guys, Im trying to remember a movie from a scene i remember (maybe from a james bond movie).

The scene went like this:

A man comes to a big estate/Mansion house where there are 4 Doberman pinscher dogs held by one person. When he is welcomed inside, there are two lady’s and then later come another 20 or 25 Black Dobermans.

Please let me know if you can remember, its the only movie i can recall with 20 or 30 Dobermans. I think it was a bond movie but i couldn’t find anything.

Boy flying remote control airplane, while moving to new house in beginning scene

I’m looking to recall a movie but cannot for the life of me remember much about it other than the starting scene, and a few foggy details.


There’s a family that’s driving down a strip of highway in a station wagon and they’re moving to a new town.  The boy is flying his remote control airplane while they’re driving.


There’s the whole making new friends at school narrative, that leads down some story of meeting a witch, or a native witch doctor.  But I can’t seem to recall much else…


It didn’t have any big name actors, nor was it a relative hit.  I want to say it was an 80’s movie, color, and English.

Help name this Asian Tragic/Romance Movie

I am looking for the name of this asian movie. The beginning of the movie show a lady walking through the yard of a house on top of a hilltop. As she was walking she saw a monk and the monk tell her,  that a long time ago there was a monastery that sit on top of the hilltop. One day a huge fight broke out between two clan and 2 person was killed on the monastery. The monk went on to tell her about the story of the 2 person that died that day. At the end of the movie she realize that she was the reincarnation of the girl.

Black and White Movie with Titanic Surprise

I am looking for the identity of a black and white movie where the main characters at the end of the film are on their honeymoon and they say something about having all of the time in the world and then they move to reveal a lifesaver attached to the balcony that says Titanic (or Lusitania, some famous sunken ship).  The actor looked like William Powell and she was wearing one of those silk nightgown dresses I believe.  I literally do not remember anything else that happened in the movie, just being supremely upset when it suddenly ended.

Can’t remember mystery movie

There was this movie where  there was a guy who killed people but then after he kills this girl he falls down the stairs and forgets his memory he couple years later he’s a author and has a wife but keeps seeing ghost of the people he killed then at the end he finally get his memories back then tries to kill his wife


So i basically remember watching something where a girl and boy like each other but near the end there’s a threat to the boy and to protect him, the girl must reject/break up with the boy but as the girl walks away the boy realised the girl was lying about not liking him and goes to save her.

I do watch anime too so it may be an anime if no one knows this plot as a film. Also it wasn’t an old show i don’t think (it was definitely in colour). This is all i remember so it may be impossible to find out what this film/show was called but thanks in advance!!

Scary Japanese Movie

I saw this movie around 2010 and it’s all in Japanese. It was about a singer and if you listen to her music you die.

There was a scene in the movie where this boy was listening to her music in his room with his headphones and then the music got really loud and demonic. His mom downstairs was making food and went to go  check on him then found him in his closet with blood coming from his head.

There was another scene in the movie I remember when this girl was taking a bath. When she got out, there was a white hand mark on her shoulder. She tried to remove it with a tissue, but it wouldn’t go away.

The last scene I remember is how there were a bunch of naked people gathered somewhere.

movie set in georgia

this movie was set in Georgia and has one woman who is constantly abused by her husband.  her group of supportive friends band together and eliminate her problem by killing him and disposing of his remains in a large pot of soup or chili that they feed to the town.  towards the end of he movie a scene shows the sheriff driving up to inquire about the missing man and the group of friends are all standing around the big pot of boiling soup stirring it innocently as they deny any knowledge of his whereabouts.

Looking for a movie !

I am looking for a movie that  I saw few years ago , but only few minutes.  It goes like this : Couple when driving sees man throwing something that looks like man in the well, when they go to check it out they find a lot of dead humans inside. Then they start runing away , get inside car and that creature starts hunting them down. I remember that he jumps on the car he have wings. They escape to police station and think they safe but then creature find them there . I think that creature use human organs for himself so he have 3 hearts , etc…. Thats about it what I can remember .

Looking for a movie of a teenage latina girl sent to work in brothel in the US

Im looking for a movie I saw only the first 20 minutes of it. It was in English and some Spanish. An underaged latina girl ( dont know if she was mexican, columbian or similar nationality) she gets to the american border with a help of this man (villager) assuming she was going to a brothel or something like that. She gets raped by a border police ( sherrif ) the scene was like he put a belt around her neck. Dont know what happend next. The girl had blue or green eyes.

Looking for name of a movie I saw on TV decades ago

I think this movie was set in pre civil war or revolutionary war time. A wealthy man wears a mask as he pretends to be his brother that is believed to be disfigured from a fire. He is smitten with a pretty young woman he once met and Either after her brother can not pay or something happens so that she is left desolate…he has her come to his place… maybe as a servant?
She is weary or this masked man not knowing he is the handsome man she had felt attracted to but over time she feels something for him but is confused. In the end he solves the mystery of who tried to kill him and IR his brother and she falls in love with him then sees who he really is. I believe it was a black and white. I believe I saw this in the late 60’s or 70’s.