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This is a long shot as I remember bugger all…

There’s an old house with an overgrown garden. There’s a statue in the garden of a girl or maybe an angel, not sure. I feel like the statue was sad ?

There’s a brunette girl (teen or older) in the house, and she has the statue’s heart. I remember it being red… I think she might have found it in the house ? Anyways I THINK there’s bad stuff happening and it’ll only stop if she gives the statue it’s heart back.


I would have watched it some time between ’95-’05


It’s driving me bloody mad!!

Animated film (scene of a wolf and a woman/girl) (maybe a short from i.sat)

So it was at least before 2011, or even back then, my parents were searching for a movie to see and there was this animated scene i still have in my head of a wolf (or a dog, or a beast) walking to a woman and it suddendly put his mouth on the woman’s skirt (or dress),  they maybe were on a  forest or something, come on, i was just a girl and my parents changed the channel as fast as possible, so i can’t remember too much, but i can barely remember a good animation on this one. Excuse my english btw, i tried my best on redacting this.

Can’t remember the Movie Name

I saw back in the 80’s a older Black&White Movie which was ” sci-fi ” range.

It had Military Personell, might’ve been U.S. may not…a Jeep was fitted with a Laser Beam and directed at a Rock formation, while it was on the Jeep drove right through the Rocks, and came out unharmed at the other end of it, then that Vehicle was inspected and found a ” Creature ” attached to it, which was removed and Studied….

Don’t care for it to be B or C rated…I just like someone to help jog my memory.

Thanks in advance

Bad Italian SciFi/Spy Spoof

Hello everyone. I usually visit this site to help find a film but today I need some help myself. The film I’m looking for is in color, made in Italy in the 1960’s, badly dubbed and colorful in that inimitable Italian SF way. I believe the title has letters or numbers in it, possibly something like “Spaceship XB-1.” It begins as a spy movie with Italian agents and possibly an american agent trying to keep something from Chinese agents. The Chinese agents are played for laughs. The movie also has scientists investigating an alien spaceship and when the ship opens up the spies and scientists are captured and abducted, taken on a journey across the cosmos by the aliens. The captain of the spaceship is a woman and she ends up learning about love with one of the humans. They travel across space and have encounters and adventures, eventually reaching the planet from whence the aliens came only to find it deserted with a monument explaining how they all destroyed themselves in a war. There’s a crappy model of an abandoned city with dust blowing through it and dramatic music (Beethoven if I remember correctly) intercut with them reading the monument.

This is a very bad, very cheesey movie (as Italian scifi tends to be) and I am looking for it specifically to write a review for a b-movie site. Any help would be appreciated.

Coma movie

I watched this movie when I was little, so it was the mid – late 90s. All I remember is that it had a young girl or woman who was in a coma. And she was trapped inside her head. It would show her walking through her town but everything was empty because it was her trapped inside her head. She could hear people talk to her. Their voices were like echos and she followed them and it eventually led her out of her coma. I think there was something significant about a  movie theatre.

Family movie

A early teens kid is going on a trip and is in a small plane the plane crashes into a lake in the mountains it was just him and the pilot the kid gets to shore and a day or two later goes back to the plane and gets all his stuff out it is floating in the lake once he gets enough out the plane ends up sinking he builds a little barricade around his campsite out of sticks and a bear attacks and breaks it all down he has to find a way to fight the bear off

Australian Movie

The movie I’m looking for is an Australian Kids Movie about a monster living in a lake or pond. The monster is called the Donggagin  or Donkagin or something like that and it emits bubbles periodically. Ends up being a digger left in there and with pressure it releases air bubbles. This movie has stayed in my mind for years and I would like to show it to my children now. Hoping someone knows this movie and can tell me the name. Thankyou.

Shrunken Girl?

This has been nagging at me for some time. It was an animated film and I believe it started off with a little girl, I think she was asian and she got shrunken down for a reason but I don’t know what. She finds herself at the feet of her mother who was asleep. She was climbing up her mom and lands on the table next to her, crying for help. She exits the house and I forget what happens after. She stops at the house of frogs, a mom, a dad and a son. The mom and dad attempt to force her to marry the son but I think she runs away or the son admits his faults and tries to help her. I can’t rememeber anything past that.

Its a 18+ Movie, I saw it before 2010

I just remember few of its story. One day two boys are going to the bull’s farm at night and being naked one boy is dancing in front the bull and suddenly the farm’s owner arrives and the boys run away. with this situation, they are going to lady’s house and the lady treated them with medicine, cloth and food. To impress the girl, the boy put a metal ball on pig’s back. A boy fucks a girl in pork’s factory. In the end, the boys are fighting with each other for the girl with pork or beef’s bone.

Nordic detective trhiller

SO I believe it was a nordic, maybe swedish detective movie from 2000-2015?. It was about many murders in a short time, that was actually a part of a game. The game was online and you had to register yourself there so you could play. So if you wanted to earn points in the game, you hade to kill someone.

I remember a scene where the detective waited at the metrostation undergrounds, suddenly the lights go out, he hides somewhere, and whene the lights comes back, everybody else was killed. The killers was a group of young people witch black suits and night goggles, and they hade knives or longer knives like katanas (can’t remember at all)

Then I remember it was a short like “DX” (it was like a smile or something, XD, :), X), X(, :(, XP cant really remember) at someones back in the online the game and it was like a huge clue at the movie.

At the online game were you kept track at your points it was like a maze where you met the other players.

Also the detective met two or one orphan boy or girl and she/he showed him the online game, cause the boy/girl was a part of the game.

I flummerly remember the ending scene where he walked out of a tunnel where the metrotracks were and he had everything solved out.


I really hope someone remember the title of this movie cause I saw this like a 10 year old and I really wanna watch it again!

Masked/gloved man in fancy secret apartment. Mengele experiment. Fire. Kidnapped woman.

-Date: I’m not entirely sure, but I think I watched it on Netflix a year or so ago

-Language: I believe it was in either German, French, or English

-Where seen: I think on Netflix. It was definitely a movie.

-Extras: in color, recently made, setting somewhere in Europe (Germany, France, UK)

-Description: A woman wakes up in some secret underground apartment (I can’t remember if she was kidnapped or otherwise ended up there another way). The resident of the apartment is a man who wears a mask and gloves, never taking them off. He makes her breakfast. The apartment is full of art and statues and books, almost museum-like. There’s some fancy mirror somewhere and a scene takes place there. The woman at some point is in a cell where she is tortured every day. The only thing keeping her going is a letter she finds hidden in the wall that’s a first hand account of a previous woman being tortured there. When she escapes she realizes the person holding her captive and torturing her was the masked/gloved man. She’s furious and I think leaves. At some point it becomes known that the masked/gloved man was one of the people experimented on by the Angel of Death (Mengele), a nazi doctor who did experiments on twins, handicapped, elderly. The man was referred to as his cell number, and because of the experiments he developed super immunity to either disease (I think). There was a fire at the place where Mengele did the experiments and the man survived but had burns all over his body hence the mask and gloves. At some point the woman comes back. The police I think are after the masked man. I’m not sure if he gets shot, but they’re in the metro station and at some point the woman puts him (I think he was dying?) on a metro car full of flowers and bombs and sends it off to blow up. I think for some reason I can’t remember there were protests going on in the general public that were taking place at the same time as this metro car explosion.

Mid 00’s Army Experiments Movie

Hope someone can help, been beginning to wonder if I’ve made this film up as I can’t find it anywhere.

A mid 00’s movie and I remember specifically seeing it in the cinema in the UK as a new film, probably a US film though. The opening scene sees the main character dropped off unceremoniously at a remote desert airport on the runway. I had in my head that it was Zach Braaf which it obviously isn’t looking st IMDB but someone similar. Not sure if the film was a drama or a dark comedy kind of movie.

Anyway, the Desert location is actually an army base and the main character and a woman (one of them may have been a journalist) become suspicious about things at the base, and it turns out at the climax of the film that there are creepy medical experiments on veterans that have been happening in a secret underground bunker at the base that have been sanctioned by the General at the base.

Hope you can help 😊

I’ve been looking for this movie for years.

Hi, I hope someone reads this, I'm looking for a movie from my childhood so I have few memories about it, basically it was a boy who was locked in a basement, being there he is with a kind of monster that is chained and that monster was in what looked like a metal door and chained, I remember that a van came out type the boy released the one that appeared to be the monster, additional data is from the time of the late 80s early 90s, and I have looked for it and nothing, it's not the movie the gate, nor the DR Freudstein is of that time, if anyone knows something please tell me, and eh searched on YouTube and I can not find it


I have the weird memory of watching this movie as a kid but no one I ask has any idea what I’m talking about. The only things that I can remember about the movie is at the beginning some weird underwater scene with two kids and a mom. I kind of feel like one of the kids was like a robot or a misfit in the family? The other scene I remember is the misfit kid going into the parents room at night and cutting the moms hair or almost cutting her hair.

It was in English and was a color movie