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Woman killed men for insurance money / gunshot covered by fireworks

I remember this movie which should be from the 1990s I believe. I describe whatever I remember, it may not be 100% accurate at some points.

It’s about a woman who had killed a previous husband to get the money from his life insurance. She has been accused but not convicted. She moved to a different town where she starts a new life and nobody knows her background story, but again with a wealthy man, she starts the same plan all over again. I remember there is a murder (or attempted murder) during a holiday, where they use the fireworks to cover the gunshot.

I remember the actress had a heavy accent (I would think Southern, but not sure). Her lips weren’t natural, you could tell they had been filled, I believe you could tell she had a nose job done too. He had dark brown hair.

A kind of Sandra Dee Troy Donahue type film from the 60ies

young woman has a summer romance – gets pregnant; parents horrified; dad takes a j0b in south America so they can go away and come back passing the baby off as the mother’s child; father dies of heart attack; mother, daughter and baby return to States where the daughter takes on most of the parenting duties; climax comes when child is hurt – doctor asks for the child’s mother and the daughter steps forward to claim her son; boyfriend has re-entered the story by now and I think it has a happy endings for the young couple and babe

It’s a movie about these guys who are monsters.

I remember seeing this movie on a tape my mother’s friend had but I only remember a couple of scenes. One scene is where this guy is sitting at the dinner table with some friends then he starts seeing roaches in his napkin or something his friends ask him what’s wrong he starts changing into a monster then jumps out the window. One of his other friends is a monster and they end up fighting. One of them dies, someone needs rescuing trapped inside a cage, at the end one of the friends is with his girlfriend at their gravesite. Can someone help me with the name?

Watched the start of this movie in maybe 2005

The opening setting of this movie is at night in the 16-18th century.  A carriage crash allows a guy to escape from a prison holding box, which is next to the road.  He takes a diamond from the carriage.  Next scene the diamond is stashed in a dead body.  Another scene he digs the body up to get the diamond.  Turns into a movie about two guys & they get thrown in to a prison.  And then I had to go to work.  🙁

Movie I saw in the early 2000s

I’ll admit I was a kid when I saw it but I remember this very clearly.

The movie opening had your typical unpopular girl with short-ish black hair and glasses, and she was going in to take her yearbook photo taken. the photographer kept on mispronouncing her name and she was correcting him, and that’s when he decided to take a pic of her. Then when the students got the photos back she was being bullies by the popular girls with all long blonde hair.

there was also a scene where she was stuffing tissue down her bra and she was caught by her parents, or just the mom.

this movie definitely had a late 90s early 2000s feel to it.

Movie I saw on tv a long time ago

The movie focused around a single father and his daughter. The daughter was gonna perform at a school show and wanted the father to perform with her, but he was having problems and didn’t know if he could make it. Ya know you’re usual plot. But in the end of the movie he was able to make it to the performance and started singing and acting what I think was a Sweeney Todd musical or something really similar to it cause the play ended with one of them cutting the throat of an old man. everyone was shocked but they clapped cause this very young girl decided to do a dark play.

there were also 3 old men who were like friends of the father or related to him or something. They were probably in their 60s. They were in the play too and helping the girl practice for her play.

I think the dad had a love interest but I doubt it since the story revolved around the growing bond between the father and daughter. They were having familial trouble because the mom divorced or moved away or died or something (I think. I only really remember the ending with the play.)

I remember this scene of a slasher movie probably from the 80s

I remember this scene about a desperate woman walking in a bar. there she attracted a guy who came and sit at her table just in from of her. then he sticks his foot thumb in her pussy resulting in her moaning. suddenly friend of the guy appeared and removed the table to embarrass her…
she left the bar in a hurry and got trapped by a serial killer who slashed her from head to toe by a razor.


looking for a movie from either the late 19960’s or early 1970’s that is about a girl who grows up in a house moves away gets married then comes back to the hous and has flashback memories of when she was little and left a doll in the attic. Se goes to the attic and sees he father and uncle arguing. One kills the other with an axe. that’s all i remember. and no it is not hush hush sweet charollete

Horror with “energy” creature

The movie had a woman main character, there was a monster or pet of sorts kept behind bars/locked, we never saw how it looks like and only saw it as a POV-shot when it roamed and hunted people, there was red stripes/electric charges flashing on the eyes/screen.

The main character woman accidentally releases it in the very end of the movie and dies, the doctor or main evil character dumps her body in a wooden box to a cave and the movie ends there. There might have been a scene where another woman is running through the forest and goes inside a cabin but the creature finds her there anyway.

Sodom and Gomorrah movie

Okay, I remember watching this (live-action) movie in the early 2000s, but it may have come from the ’90s. It was the Bible story of Sodom and… Gomorrah? Idk, the cities destroyed by fire raining down. In it, Lot and his family were escaping the cities, and were told not to look back. Lot’s wife couldn’t resist, saying something along the lines of, “They’re getting what they all deserve!!” And, of course, she turned into a pillar of salt. I distinctly remember Lot walking backwards to pluck the ring off her finger and continuing on with his family. This is my ONLY memory of the movie, lol. Anyone remember? I’ve asked my family, and they have no clue whatsoever.

A group of boys at a haunted building with mango trees

There is this movie my cousin described around 2008. She described it to me in detail but I don’t remember that much today. All i remember is that it is a horror movie, not sure if its in English or another language, and there was a group of boys who were at a haunted building. The building had demons or ghosts in it and they tried to kill the boys. My cousin told me that the shortest of the boys is the smartest and the tallest is the dumbest. One of the scenes in the movie is that the boys are held hostage by the ghosts/demons and they are all sitting at a table. They are given blood/poison to drink so that the boys faint. All the boys drink it but the shortest one doesn’t; instead he pretends to drink it but pours it on his shirt (or something like that). Then he puts a big rock on his chair to act like its him and escapes the room while the ghosts/demons aren’t looking.

Another scene I remember her telling me is that when the boys tried to escape and they were outside of the building, there were some mango trees and i guess they were hungry because they picked a mango and opened it up but a ghost/demon came out of it. I also remember something about one of the boys running away but he trips and falls and the demon/ghost grabs his leg and eats it (????)

Thats all I remember, my cousin said the title of the movie is “mango tree” but I didn’t find any movies with that title that matched the description.


River Heads

I remember this scene from a movie a while back and this girl had to cross heads of people that had been turned to stone in a river. So she walked on stone heads to get across a river and the other character stared down at his reflection in the water as a dead guy floated up.  Im not sure if the guy staring part was even in this movie otherwise that part is in another movie. please help! idk what movie this is!

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! 80s- early 2000

ok so a couple of years ago I was watching a movie probably around 2009/2010. I don’t remember the name or anyone that was in it but I only remember three scenes from the movie. so the first scene I remember was a teenage girl with dark brown hair and I believe she was sitting by a poolside and writing something in a journal. the next scene is she is getting on this motorcycle with this guy that has brown kinda longish hair and he is mysterious. the last scene I remember was this scene of a guy wearing some sort of astronaut or a flight suit and he was walking slow-mo. it seemed like a daydream from the girl with the brown hair. it seemed like she had a crush on this boy, but that boy is popular. I believe I might have watched this movie on VH1 or MTV. someone, please help I have been trying to figure this movie out for YEARS!!!! the movie was in color and the movie was English.

Woman has to share an appartment

I saw this movie in the early 90s but I think it is an 80’s romantic movie. I saw it on TV and can’t tell if it was a B-movie or not. I believe it was based in New York and during the 80’s. There was a young woman who just moved in, in an appartment (studio like) that was offered to her by a friend. But the first day, a man also moves in (the friend seems to offered the appartment to both of them by mistake). At first they hate each other, then they fall in love. There is a scene where she climps down the stairs to find him sleeping but actually he is asleep and it is the nigh they make love. I think he was something like a chef.  Meanwhile he gets famous because he has a cooking tv-show. They break up because she thinks she cheats on her, finding his car (red I think) parked outside the house of his beautiful co-show host. I remember a scene where she picks up a frozen meal from a store refrigarator and cries because she sees his face on it. The last thing I remember is that he proposes to her with a ring hidden in a glass of champagne. The movie also had a nice romantic song when the credits appear, something we rain or raindrops in the lyrics.


A bollywood movie in which the heroine had some dreams but her father arranged her marriage. Before get married she want to love hrrller life so she went to her aunt in the town. There she got the job in the theater and works there. Hero met her in the theater only. They fall in love with each other but the didn’t knew that. In the end the she reached her home back and got ready for marriage. Her friends reached in the wedding to convince her.

Horror movie of girl trying to save her brother from a killer

ok to start out, I saw this movie around 2008-2010. It was in English and full color. The only scene I can remember is a guy breaks into a family’s house, the father goes to check it out. They get into a fight and the father somehow gets his head stuck in the railing of the staircase. Then the killer uses a dresser or something to kill the father. Later on, one of the younger boys that likes to dress as a cowboy, runs into a cornfeild with the killer chasing him. All you see is a flash followed by the sound  of a shotgun. The main protagonist is a 20 something girl with short hair,which is either blonde or brunette. After he kills the rest of the family he takes one of the boys and as he leaves the protagonist sneaks into the van and the rest of the movie is her trying to save him. Thanks to whoever can help me!!

Obscure exploitation horror


I only saw the very beginning of this movie (first ten minutes) back in 2013 on YouTube. It was one of those cheap (possibly american italian) exploitation horrors made in late 60s-70s.

It all took place in some kind of town/countryside and it was about  two guys who were sent to kill the infected/brainwashed citizens. It started with a scene where guy no.1 talked to guy no.2 over the phone. Guy no.2 was standing inside a phone booth and then one of the citizens attacked him.

Citizens wore blue jumpsuits and acted violently for whatever reason. I don’t know if it had to do something with some “alien mind-control” or an infection but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a zombie movie.

It was extra gory too. There was a scene where one of the guys sticked a machine gun through citizen’s chest and then started to shoot the other infected/brainwashed people.

I’d be really surprised if anyone can find this…