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Child Magic Movie I Think

So this movie that I have a memory of is probably during the 2000’s and it had like an opening(I think) scene where some kids were on a bus headed to somewhere and like at some point when they were close to their destination, this kid by the window threw some playing cards at the bus window and one of the cards got stuck in the window. An English (NOT black and white) movie that I saw on tv. Please let me know if you have any idea what I’m talking about.

Old fantasy movie I can’t remember much about

I saw this movie in the mid-late 90s, but don’t remember if it was new or not (probably older, 80s maybe, even late 70s with the hairstyles and bad effects).

Basic plot that I can recall – Necromancer brothers are sent forward in time to a modern day city on a quest to rescue a (princess?).

It was in English, not subtitled, and in colour.

Rented it on VHS to watch with my little brothers at the time.

I only remember the last scene and line in the movie.  One of the necromancers had died in the last fight. As the remaining brother is walking away with the (princess), she looks at the dead brother’s (corpse? grave?) and asks if the alive brother is going to do anything about him, and the last line in the movie is him saying ‘Nah, he’ll keep’.

I found the name of it buried on a chat somewhere a few years ago and didn’t write it down and now I can’t find any mention of it anywhere and it’s driving me crazy.

three woman and best friends

There is this movie i have watched in Tv  a long time ago. Probably is an 80s or 90s movie.

It is about three girl friends.  A blonde girl, a black haired girl and a red haired girl.

They somehow have a relationship with the same man, but in different times.

They get separated and somehow the black haired girl gets imprisoned and later is raped by the prison guard, but she manages to escape from prison.

The blond girl played the violin…

The man was obviously a playboy who somehow used the three women for his purposes.

Claymation short featuring a Scandanavian woman spear hunting

Back in 2014, I think, the Frist art museum in Nashville, TN, hosted an exhibition on the history of animation. It featured screenings of a claymation short film, in which a Scandanavian woman spear hunts a seal or walrus. After killing it, she guts it, strips naked, and wraps herself inside of it, wampa-style. There was no dialogue. It was a little strange. I believe it may have been made in the 1970’s or 80’s.


I don’t remember much. It was a black and white movie (guess it become some cult classic in the suspense/horror genre), about a young beautiful blond woman who comes to live by a river/lake, but in an urban area. There was an old man also. Something related with her hallucinating, a crime or something like that (I guess at some point she was rowing on a boat) with a surprising end. That’s it, I’m sorry!

man jumps off cliff into a secret net

Seen as a late night movie on TV in the 1960’s, probably made in the 1950’s but maybe 1940’s, film noir, gothic type. black and white. Spooky house type. English. I don’t think there were any major actors. Plot line: Story mostly at night, at or near a spooky out-of-the-way house, a man apparently commits suicide by jumping off a high cliff onto rocks and ocean below; witnessed by one of the movie characters. But then strange things occur in the house. It turns out the man had rigged a secret net on poles which swept him underneath the cliff onto a ledge when he pretended his suicide. I recall only this dramatic deception shown at the movie’s end.

“The ‘Something’ “, obscure animated film from the 80s-90s

Where “something” is the full name of the movie, which I can’t remember for the life of me. This film is about a girl named Elizabeth. She meets and befriends these creatures from another world/dimension, and they’re humanoid, multicolored beings, with the ability to stretch and transform their bodies like rubber. I distinctly remember two of them stood out from the rest: a pink humanoid and a blue humanoid. The blue one developed a close bond with Elizabeth. Eventually she had to part ways with them, having a heart touching goodbye with blue guy.

I was a small child when I first watched this movie, in 2000-2005. But I remember the art style was very reminiscent of those old Care Bears movies, so I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s. I watched it in portuguese, though I’m pretty darn sure it was dubbed, and the original is most likely english. I know it isn’t from an animated TV series because I saw it on a VHS tape (my family had a movie rental store). And it was in full color.

that’s all I can recall. Pls help me find it it’s driving me insane

girl seduces man who killed her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident (french movie)

This French (?) movie is probably from the 80s / early 90s. A beautiful dark haired young woman seduces an older man, who initially can’t understand what she finds in him. Later on it is revealed that she is out for revenge because the man caused an accident in which her boyfriend was killed and fled the scene (or something like that). Maybe he was drunk. In any case the man had something to do with her boyfriend’s death.
I think she mentions that she has a “Greek foot” when she is in the bathtub.

I remember a flashback of somebody racing through a tunnel on a motorcycle, possibly several flashbacks, leading up to the revelation that the boyfriend was killed in that tunnel.

Children’s Puppet Movie

I’m looking for this obscure puppet movie I would watch at my grandma’s house as a kid. It was possibly religious but I’m not 100% sure. The entire cast was puppets, the only scene I remember is the main character puppet, a little girl with black hair possibly wearing blue. She was on a quest of sorts and in a boat in the swamp. The feeling was dark and tense and she was singing some song as she went through the creepy swamp. There was an obvious morality message to it but I don’t remember exactly which one. The movie was on VHS so it was released in that era. Late 90s- early 2000s.

Girl abused by mother or aunt movie!

I remember seeing the movie between 1997-2001 range. It could be like a indie movie kind I’m not sure.

I remember there was brown haired girl that was abused by her mom or aunt or something. I think she was locked in a closet or something sometimes.

I feel like it was the girl looking back on her childhood.

I remember a scene where the girl was blindfolded and hung upside down or so for punishment.

And I think she drew on the walls with crayons.

Also there was a scene where she walked into a pond or something.

Sorry I only remember pieces.

The movie was overall dark, it could’ve been black and white.

an 80s American thriller I guess

there was a woman living with his husband who was quite abusive with her most of the time. and I remember a scene when the man sort of rapes her and nags her into sex in their bed and she acquiesces. we mostly see only their heads as they are under a blanket, and I remember the guy had long, unkempt brown hair slightly receding at the temples. I remember another scene at a dam or a waterfall or some sort of place where a woman is in a raincoat and has sex with someone (probably not even the same couple?) but I don’t remember. clothes and furniture are all 80s style and all I remember that it had a dramatic, thrillery vibe… it’s not an adult movie, I’m sure. please, if someone can remember this movie, let me know what its title is.

Help me find this movie title please? :)

So I’m trykng to find the title of a movie, that I can only remember bits and parts of.

I remember a sex-scene between a woman and a man on a pool-table. I don’t know who the actor was, but I think she had short, drak hair and was wearing a dress in the movie. Not sure about this.

Later on the woman gets run over by a truckdriver, who’s looking at a figurine on his dashboard. I remember the movie having flashbacks. Like first it played out by something happening, and the woman didn’t get run over. But later on another person did someting that made something else happen (like a domino-effect), which in turn got the woman run over.


I saw the movie on tv, it was in color and somewhere between 1998 and 2009.

Sorry for no being more specific, but that all I can remember for now..

What is this movie

I can’t emember this movie from when I was a kid. Early to mid 90s. All I remember is these two kids were friends. One was I believe a white kid and he had braces. I remember him yelling for some reason and the camera zoomed into his mouth/braces. His friend was I believe a Native American kid who loved rockets. I believe it ended with an adult version of the native American kid shown as an astronaut.

Low budget “Robocop” ripoff with female protagonist

It was a bottom-of-the-barrel SF movie in which a seriously injured female officer is transformed more-or-less into an ass-kicking sexy cyborg. I remember a scene of her clinging to a fence(?), and later she’s in a crude clinic crying about what happened to her. Later on she dresses up in a sexy but tough outfit and has a helmet that hides part of her face. She jumps at the bad guys, firing two guns while turning a flip.

I watched this in history please help!,

okay so I watched this film in my history lesson because we were doing about discrimination about the Jews. The film talk about gangs and stereotypes.

the plot from what I remember includes this white English teacher who Comes to a school with many gangs and the school is very segregated and the classes are hard to control. There is a scene where a child draws a offensive stereotyped picture and the English teacher refers back to the Jews saying they were discriminated like this.

She gives them their own notebooks and they all write down their stories and by the end of the year they are a close knit family group. They even argue to have her in the last year of school which she doesn’t normally teach.

I rememrb the title had some like “writing” in the title possibly.

It isn’t a very well known film but any help would be amazing,


Attic movie

When I was young I saw this movie, probably about 10 years ago, at my local library. I don’ remember much, but I remember there being two kids who are stuck in an old mans attic, and they eat pudding and find out the man was burning money. I also rememer something about a tennis ball. I don’t think it was a horror movie because it was a kids movie showing. And everytime I try and search it up, I find flowers in the attic but I know it wasn’ that.