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Soldier Movies

  1. I remembered only one scene from this soldier movie where a group of soldiers were watching a pornograghic video and one of them got up and hit the TV screen or somebody else held his hand, it’s like they were tired of being around each other and they wanted to go home to their girlfriends or Wives.                                                                  There’s another one where about four of them was in a locked building with guns and one of them was wounded and I think something happened to his foot and is like they broke his foot and set it back and like few minutes later he died, I was wondering if it’s the same movie I described above?

Really weird movie I saw as a kid

Okay, so this is going to be really weird. I only saw a couple scenes of this movie, and I think they were the end. It must have been late 90s or early 2000s when I saw at, it was on TV, english, and in full color.

All I remember is there was this family, and they had to go into a cave to fight some strange entity that was threatening/trying to steal/possess their son (I don’t clearly remember which. The son was very young, maybe around five). At some point in this cave, they ended up in another grey, misty, windy-sounding, dimension (I think) with the weird entity, who manifested kind of human-like and maybe as a giant head. They managed to save their son in the end.

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I was really little when I saw it, and don’t remember it very clearly.

Two Australian Outback Brothers

Movie begins with an old lady who catches a young black man trying to steal her gold coin(s) from her apartment. She sits him down at gun point and begins to tell him the story of the coin(s). Her father and uncle were from the Australian outback. They had a fall out because of a French whore who the uncle would visit but her father fell in love with her and married her. The French whore ends up drowning herself and the uncle, who is good with guns,  leaves for Turkey to go find a rebel who stole $50,000 in gold coins. Her father follows the uncle to Turkey to get revenge. The uncle does find the rebel and the gold coins but looses the gold in an attempt at saving the rebel’s wife, who is pregnant, from the Turkish army. The old lady turns out to be that baby, which was picked up by her father–sole survivor– after the fighting.

Crime/Drama Movie

A woman was on her way visiting her sister and she heard sounds and when she looked she saw her sister’s husband kill a man but I think it was when she reach her sister’s house she knew it was her husband when she introduced them, the man name in the movie is Eddie,( I think he’s a popular actor as well as the actresses) there is also a scene in the movie where he tried to rape his wife sister and she came in same time, In the end the sister that witnessed the crime left on a train.

Man and Woman are Caged, Puppy Sacrificed

There is a movie I cannot get out of my head. Most likely from the 70s or 80s. In color.

An older man looks after animals. What is interesting is he makes a big deal about training the animals not to exit the cage because the door will shock them (or has some kind of force field.)

The part I remember best is the man ends up capturing or kidnapping a man and woman and cages them. They have a small door to the outside world but they don’t know if the door is turned on or not. At some point they have a puppy, or perhaps they had it from the beginning, but one of them or maybe both of them decides to toss the puppy through the door to see if it’s safe. It kills the puppy.

I don’t remedy how they escape, but I remember they somehow got out and killed the man. The twist ending, however, is once they get home they realize their house was rigged to be their new cage, but now they killed the only man who could release them and they will be trapped forever and probably starve to death.

Drama Movies

I have three movies to ask about.  First One: A little boy went in a store and a man came in after him, I don’t know what happened but he started hitting the store manager in his head with the store telephone and it’s like he keeps threatening the boy so he doesn’t tell anyone or the boy was afraid to tell anyone because he was afraid he would do the same thing to him, I think the man went in a coma or died and I guess in the end they found out it was the man who did it.                                                                               Second One: An adopted teenage boy ran away to find his birth mother but when he found her he didn’t tell her right away he was her son, he was always getting in trouble like stealing things and he’s always running with a bag in his hand and a durag on his head, I think it was in the end the lady found out it was her son.                                                                                                                   Third One: A lady met this boy but his parents died but he had a uncle like in another state, so the lady carried him there but along the way it was rough for them like they didn’t have enough money, at one point the lady fainted but recovered and they went to his uncle and in the morning the lady left very early and the boy didn’t see her and ran out the house onto the road, to see if he would see her then he held up an object like a view master, it’s the little thing you get at a circus and you see your picture (don’t know if it has a specific name) The picture was with him and the lady

Girl ghost comes back…

There was this film on Swiss TV in the early 2000s. It looked like a US production. I have been trying to find it ever since.

The main character was a girl who came back from the dead in the Winter season to help out her family (8-14 years old, hair to her shoulders, red or brown as I remember). I think she had some magic powers of some sort. It was definitely a drama as I remember and it is quite sad and heart-warming when she leaves in the end. I think there were other kids in the story too.

I was probably around 10 years old at the time and the movie had quite an impression on me. I would love to see it again.


I watched the trailer for this movie, It’s like this girl fell near  a sharp object like a sword and she said I can’t take or do this anymore, it’s like everything keep happening exact, like when someone would say “that was close” for example like in horror movies like someone is in a car and it’s driving by itself then stopped few metres or so near a cliff, it’s like that, I didn’t see the title just the trailer, I was wondering if it is final destination or another movie

Plz help its a special childhood memory

So there was a group of 4, 5 kids and they look for i think a dead girl or some sort of spirit. Dont remember much just remember that they build a small wooden house in the woods and just when they go inside, they hear a sound and run back to their original homes..  they used to part ways to find that spirit and stayed connected thorugh walkie talkie kinda things😂 and they arent able to find it till the end.. it was an english film i think i saw it between 2008-2010😩

Horror/Supernatural movies

I have two supernatural movies to ask about, I watched them a long time ago so they are from the 80s, 90s or early 2000s  First One: All I remembered is a group of friends went to a place but it’s haunted and they locked themselves inside a building and they see a ghost girl walking backwards and one of the girls shout to the others to play the video backwards (reverse the video). The way the ghost girl walk backwards looks scary/creepy                                                                  Second One: A group of friends go to a place but one of them died and it’s like between 1-10 years later or so , they go back to the spot, midnight, after midnight, or a full moon night when he/she died and tried/succeeded to raise he/she back from the dead.                            

Anyone know what this movie (or TV) scene is from?

I remember this scene from a movie I don’t remember. It had people with guns getting into this living room with a little boy, and then I think minutes later some guy gets attacked by some snake creature that had four fangs (It didn’t look a lot like a snake from what I remember) and it cuts to a scene of the little boy with cracks on his face? And the snake thing is seen crunching on something and a little bit of dust? Falls from its mouth.

I was little when I saw this scene, I’m pretty sure it was late 90’s or early 2000’s.

Old movie with minimal details

Okay so I doubt anyone will get this one but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. I saw this movie I believe on TV no earlier than 13 years ago. I remember some guy gets up and stands in front of this mirror naked and I believe he had on a military or navy hat or something and he just stared at himself. Again, I know that’s nothing to work with but I’m hoping it’ll ring a bell for someone on here!

Drama Movie

This movie is about a woman and her son who moved or lived in the woods or a house in the forest and one day she took a walk and fell down the hillside and sprained or broke her foot or just cut it really bad and she couldn’t walk, there was a  wounded wolf or some kind of wolf looking dog there too that she would give food and she talked to it too, there was also some little baby wolves there too and in the meantime her son came home and didn’t see her and was searching for her but two men held him captive but he escaped and continue looking for her, I guessed he found her in the end


Christmas Movies

I have two Christmas Movies to ask about: First One: An elf came to earth and a lady was in charge of him, he keeps on saying he’s Santa’s son,  so I guess they think that he’s mad,anyway the lady does not celebrate Christmas anymore for some reason,so he puts up Christmas lights in and outside the house and the lady liked it, there’s a scene in the movie where he throws Christmas/Majic Dust (some glittery, sparkly things) on a group of policemen and they fell asleep, He wore a shorts with braces that’s bigger than him( not his size) there’s also another elf with him thats short like a leprechaun and they gave gifts to people.                                                                           Second One: There’s a group of persons that has a warehouse full of letters with people wishes, there’s a scene in it with a housekeeper of a hotel who wished she had the day off to spend with her children, so they did her job at the hotel for her and put chocolates on the bed, so she could have time to spend with her children. [SOLVED: Dear God]

Teenage killer

This one 80s movie I watched on TV one time, it was about a guy in the woods that killed this girl he was interested in and kept her body there, and then showed it to a friend, and the friend who owned a Volkswagen beetle drives him to an old man’s house, and then in some other possibly unrelated scene that same friend is being shot at by someone with a shotgun and him and someome else take cover

80’s or 90’s Horror Movie

There was this movie, i remember very little, though def horror.  One of the first scenes is this guy going up to a house/hotel(?) and peers through and sees what i would assume was his gf or crush, who is riding some other dude.  It’s a back shot, Don’t think there was nudity.  It flashes over to the peeper, and i remember this heavy synth yell sound, like a Mortal Kombat sound almost, like “a man, sorry you caught her taking the slip!”.  Cut to a few scrambled memories later, 2 teens/young adult dudes sneak into a psych ward or hospital, which seems to be open still as their is a guard they sneak by(I think, they could have broken in from another part of the place), and sneak down to this one room with a big door.  One of the guys sticks his hand through the door through an opening(bad idea of course), and this thing on the other side pulls him, ripping his hand off.  The next scene i remember is this thing coming out of the room, holding the friend with no hand by the jacket, and the dude is just whimpering like”it took my hand”.  couple of shots to severed hand, and then to the creature.  Looks, in memory, kinda like Nosferatu.  I THINK it says something to the friend who is watching all of this.  Only other vague memory i have is i think this thing starts to creep up to the guard area of this hospital, really white room with a guy maybe sleeping?  I don’t know, never got past farther then that as a kid, too freaked out!  HELP!!!

80s or 90s Film

I think the movie was made in the late 80s or early 90s but might have had a setting somewhere between the 40s-60s possibly. Or a modern artist brought back in time via the setting of the comic or artwork he’s working on There is a male protagonist and I remember him being some kind of artist or artist assistant? (some thing to do with a comic?) And he’s doing something with a piece of artwork that has a woman on it and by some means he begins interacting with her. I believe at some point in the film he is pulled into her world. All of this is live action by the way there are only some animated sequences of her speaking but when he is pulled into her world she is a real person not an animation. I fell like a remember something happening in a jungle or forest and eventually he ends up back in the real world I think I remember at the end of the film that while looking back at a sketch of the woman he looks up and she is there. I believe I saw it on a cable movie network, maybe HBO or the like?