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Wishing potion gone wrong

I remember that this movie revolved around two main characters, male and female, who I think were searching for weird stuff to explain them scientifically. There were several plots they discovered, in one a fat professor finds a potion from a creepy person, that grants wishes. He wishes to be lighter and does not become less fat, but becomes weightless and starts floating around. The main characters fix his problem by sewing, I think, lead into his coat, and the scene ends in him teaching, the sewing breaking and he almost lifts off, but he grabs the blackboard and doesn’t float off anymore. Also he becomes more confident after this.

In another scene, there is a bald guy who with the same potion wishes  that his hair grew, and his hair started growing and growing, soon he had a 1 meter long hair, then 2 meters, then he started having his hair cut continuously in a shop, but soon the shop was overgrown with hair. I don’t remember anything else.

I really hope that someone knows this movie.

P.S. I think it was set in the UK (possibly), in a time when they had trains and electricity but not any modern technology. Also they could not find the guy giving the potions, he was always mysterious and kept disappearing after he gave some people the potion, and the potion involved I think some ritual, nothing to scary, just eerie.

Need Help

Ok so this is either a children’s made for TV movie or a tv series. I THINK Winona Ryder was in it but I don’t remember. It’s a fantasy children’s movie/tv show. In it a werewolf or wolf man falls in love with the femal protagonist and he says “I don’t know whether to kiss her or eat her!” Also the female protagonist makes a wish to make her hair longer and her hair won’t stop growing and it grows back after it’s cut. I think a troll (maybe Rumplestilskin) kidnaps her by dragging her by her hair through the forest. I also think the wolf man and a prince are in love with her. That’s all I remember.

Movie about war with Native Americans

So this may be a tricky one. I remember having watched this film (highly possible that it was a miniseries) when I was a kid, I am 24 now and I believe I was under the age of 10 when I watched this. I remember watching it on the TV, it was in color, and the actors used English. Based on the graphics I would say that the feature came out sometime after 1980. Here are the snapshot scenes that I remember: A white woman (middle age) is shot in the knee by an arrow during an attack by Native Americans, she is then approached by a Native American who wraps some sort of beaded leather around her injured knee. Another scene: a woman desperately clings to and cries in agony as her dead baby is taken away in a carriage (maybe a sled). Another scene: a woman (think she was Asian) and a man (African American) are surrounded by a group of outlaws?, the outlaws stab the man ( I think he was stabbed in the armpit/rib area. The Asian woman is then hung by the outlaws, she was wearing a red dress. I also remember the woman who was shot in the knee living in a house with other women, one of whom has a baby. Woman with the baby considers shooting her child during the Native American attack to spare her child from capture or a more gruesome death. At another point, the slaves or servants (I don’t know if they were slaves but I do remember that they were African American) are hung by the Native Americans (though its possible that someone else hung the slaves.

I really hope someone can help identify this movie/miniseries, I’ve read through dozens of descriptions of Westerns and nothing seems to quite fit. My mother, who also watched this, remembers the scenes I described but the not the name of the feature.

A movie about a woman who can’t walk

Hello Guys,

How are you? pardon my English.  My name is Tamar and im looking for a weird movie scene that I have witnessd in my early childhood. It was in 90’s, aired on televison (possibly french television)- but it can be from the 80’s too (not the 70’s, I remmeber the colors of the scene well and it was not something from the 70’s).  It featured a woman in a pink ruffeld dress. The woman was sitting around a table full of people, man and woman, and was upset about something. The woman (she was blonde, with sara Fawest kind of hairstyle but short and mousy colored, maybe blonde) got up the table but she could not walk, her legs were  paralized-like. There was alot of kind of weird shots of her legs (and her foot), which were tan with white sneakers on and totally useless. someone (possibly an old lady) try to help the woman and stable her.

I cant possibly know if this scene (or entire movie) is about a disabled, blind or a mentally ill woman and this is the reason that I cant find this movie dispite my great afforts. I remmber this scene very accurate because it was poping every time I was seeing a tape of “Roobin Hood” that my Dad recorded from the T.V (someone probely change the channel by mistake in the middle). I dream about this scene alot. It was creeping out.  It became a fixation fot me and I have to see this movie! so please! help me! god bless you


thank you

Movie comprised of a number of short sketches…

Okay, this is driving me nuts…

All I remember (correctly I hope) is that it was a movie maybe 70’s comprised of a number of unrelated scenes all set in Europe… England or France. The two sketches I think I remember are:

One with a group of prostitutes standing along a river in a Parisian looking place wearing furs chatting about life waiting for someone to come pick them up. I think I remember one of them getting picked up, going with the guy to an alley and like… convincing him to pay her without her really having to do much? And then he gives her a ride back to the side of the road with the other gal (gals).

The other sketch (and I could have sworn it was Peter Sellars, but I don’t see it on his IMDB) is a man and woman walking in the snow with a large funeral procession but they’re hanging back just talking to each other about life and maybe not knowing the guy who died very well? They’re being irreverent and people give them looks and they just continue to hang back further in the crowd.

I believe the movie was a comedy, but a dry comedy. Can anyone help?

80s-early 90s. gang. revenge.

i was really young when i saw it. i remember a couple of scenes. 80’s or early 90’s. might be all separate movies.

  1. college fraternity students have a task to throw bricks that are tied to their penises out of the window. the rope should be long enough to hit the ground.
  2. probably at the beginning of a film. art (maybe not) student is showing his animation film in the class. it has vivid and violent imagery, maybe wolves, bird or a bat being eaten. intense stuff. might be the opening credits that transition into his animation film.
  3. a group of students (friends) find guns in a truck and decide to fight crime or trying to get revenge on a gang. the dog is killed at some point.
  4. there is a black van with a white skull on its side. or just a black van with a window. the criminals ride around and kill people.

it’s been bothering me for years.

mother and daughter movie

I saw a movie  obit 40 years ago. It was in black & white   It was about a women raising her young daughter alone.  The daughter grows up and moves away because the mom has wrapped her life around her. Daughter. I remember a scene where the daughter has grown with a daughter of her own and she is having a visit with her mom after many years. They are sitting on a bench.

The movie ends with the mom finally meeting someone and letting her daughter go.

Corrupt Cop Movie from the 90s

The movie starts of with a woman hiding in the bathroom searching under the sink for a box of evidence against her husband who is a cop who has killed women.  His partner comes and arrests him.

He later escapes prison and starts stalking them seeking revenge. The wife goes into hiding but he draws her out by suffocating her best friend and beating up her mother. The mother ended up in the hospital where she goes to visit. He uses the mother as a human shield shooting through her.

He also lures the partner out into the woods by kidnapping his wife and leaves them tied to trees with plastic bags over their faces.

Film played on Sci-Fi between 1992 and 1996

I watched this movie on the Sci Fi Channel sometime between 1992 and 1996. It may have been produced in the late 80s. I vaguely remember watching it as a kid but it took place in the desert. It was most likely low budget and may POSSIBLY be based on a novel.

I think that people in a town started to get sick or started disappearing. I remember a teenage kid getting cut on either a vehicle or construction vehicle and his blood was either blue or green. I also remember towards the end of the movie over a hill in a desert I think, there was some sort of bubble pod or containment that was either lit or blue that was holding people from the town. I think that the main protagonist jumped into it? I don’t remember the plot, only smalls bits and pieces. It reminded me of the body snatchers and how people were acting different/getting sick.

I’ve tried almost everything and still can’t think of the name

I thought the main actor was chris kattan but i couldn’t find the movie under his name. This is about a man that use to do drugs and was a jerk to everyone. He killed a prostitute in the ally way because she wanted more money (He does a few things like that) anyway he did something to a man but he doesn’t remember. So this man cuts his fingers off let’s other people this guy hurt come in and cut something off. At the very end he gets an injection that is going to kill him and he finally remembers what he did. He bumped into this man and didn’t apologize.

Definitely a horror comedy. If anyone canhelp that would be great thank you!

Revenge by Husband for murdered wife by drug dealer criminal

I have very vivid memories of this film. It was being aired during night hours and sadly I felt asleep while the story was getting interesting.  And, I have searching in vain for last one year.

Here is the part, which I still remember:

. There was a loving couple in their fifties perhaps with a  young adult daughter living separately.

. The wife was killed by a criminal having tattoo on nape of his neck.

. Husband goes to police station for TIP.

. There, he identifies the criminal based on that tattoo.

. But, still police leaves the criminal free.

.Daughter meets father in a restaurant and requests him to come to her place.

.Now, husband goes to his friend in a barber shop.

.Where, it is revealed that both are ex-agents type of person living in peaceful retirement.

. They dig out their weapons from hiding places.

. They go looking for criminal in local places.

. Shooting starts.

Please help me to find out the name.

High school movie I can’t remember

Looking for a movie I saw as a kid. Wasn’t that great of a movie just bugging me that I don’t remember the title


in English and colour

set in high school – kind of a ghetto school/public school

the main character wants to be an actor

new girl goes to the school she’s high class/rich

main character gets jealous of new girl

they go to a school camp and have to do a play

main character wants to do the lead role but chokes, so she directs

she gets together with a punk guy at the end

Please help, I’ve been trying to find has around 6 years

Okay so. When I was younger, around 6/5 years ago, mom borrowed a few DVDs from her friend and we watched them together.

One of them I can’t remember the name at all, but I’ve been searching for it has years. PS. As I recall, the man starring the movie is one of these guys who always do action movies!


As I remember, there is this guy who is locked up (I think he murdered his family but idk) and someone start seeing him on jail & saying he can be released but he doesn’t want to be released. Then some shit happen & he gets released.

I dont remember the plotline of the middle of the movie but I remember that the technology is the center of everything & I remember people having colorful wigs & roller skates. I also remember that there is a scene where he goes to a stripclub (or just a club) and there are hot women everywhere. Anyways. I also remember that there might have the song Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, but I’ve tried to find via IMDb but I didnt find at all.


And I remember that at the end the dude who got released find the person that actually killed (?) his family and they’re on a basketball court & then they fightfight!


Please please pleeeease help me find this movie. I’ve been looking for it has years 😩

Cannot Remember Movie Name!


Me and my sister saw a movie a long time ago around 2011. We used to watch Christian films and TV shows on a TV Service called Sky Angel. We saw the movie twice on there. I remember it having a peculiar name that I could never remember.

The movie was centred around a claylike character. I believe his name was Blockhead? When he spoke his head would open sideways, (His mouth was on the side of his head.) He and his friend, who is really tall and appears to have a head made out of a mug and has steel wool on the top of his head. The third friend is a girl who has a green face. She came from an orphanage at the beginning of the movie. I believe she may have been the first one to speak in the movie, saying ‘I hate it here.’ or something along those lines while looking out the window of the orphanage.

The trio decide to escape the city and have to get past the lamplighter. They find/have a metal disk that I think is red. The metal disk speaks to them and guides them and gives them clues. The disk’s name is Ariel, or Arael. They have several different areas to go through, including one place called the forest of confusion. I think there is a bird that is the gatekeeper to this maze like structure. They are able to get through with these special shoes that guide them through it. They end up making friends with monkeys in the jungle. And the steel wool guy gets taken by crocodiles. He ends up escaping and the trio continues. At the end they fight this spider like thing that tries to destroy them. They spider has scissors and other household objects making him up, just like the rest of the film. Ex. The bird’s beak were shears.

They end up defeating the spider by saying araels name. The spider keeps shrinking and runs away. They board the spaceship and the movie ends.

Me and my sister cannot remember the name of this movie! I believe it is a parody of pilgrim’s progress. Only the environment is made up of household objects. This is all I can remember.

Bad taxidermy

So, I’ve been looking for this movie for ages. I’ve seen it when I was a kid, maybe 10/12 years ago, and all I can remember is that is was a comedy about some guys guarding a house for some rich guy who also had a dog, which then died under their “supervision” and they sent it to taxidermy, but it came out all wrong and the dog was the most hilarious thing ever. Hope somebody can help me.