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Please Help me find this movie !!

All I remember from this movie is Robin Williams acting in a very good comedy movie . He’s the main actor with a woman who was a writter . It’s more describing William’s(role) lifetime . In the end of the movie he’s wife get so sick and he was telling all the things that got happen to him : I’m 60 years old I live with a woman I don’t know who she is and all that because she gets sick and he was taking care of her .

Horror Movie, 3 kids in the woods

So I’m not 100% sure if this is a movie or a show but basically it starts with 3 collage (?) students that take a shortcut through the woods. I believe it’s two girls and one boy. One girl, wears a lot of black, gets cut by this tree branch and her scar gets infected. The three of them find what seems to be a cabin and in the cabin there’s a notebook. The writing in the book is really messy and it’s from someone who watches people in the woods, and how they now look like a monster. The girl who got cut tells her two friends to go cause her cut is getting worse or something, might be because she thinks she’s the monster??? In the end the girl turns into the monster and she’s seen watching the same three friends coming into the woods, and she leaves three claw marks on the tree that like cut her.

Possibly christmas movie Doll comes to life

Its a movie about a girl who wishes her doll would come to life and either by christmas or regular magic she does. The doll is blonde I’m pretty sure and I don’t think you ever see the girls face. Somehow the doll gets separated from the girl and I think the movie is about her journey home and she meets other toys, one of which I think was a soldier?

I remember the final scene really clearly. The doll is standing still in the girls room then the cat scares her and she runs to the little girl and calls her mom and the girl comforts the doll then realizes shes alive and is really happy then the movie ends

It was animated and I think it was pretty old, I don’t remember if it was on vhs or dvd but it most likely wasn’t made after 2000. I havent really thought about it being a tv special because we rented it from a movie rental place. Its not The Wish That Changed Christmas or The Christmas Toy. It was definitely traditionally animated and in color. I think I remember snow and a ditch? She might have been in a dump at one point. It might have been British? I

This has been haunting me for awhile please help.

Mob or Gangster Movie

It wasn’t a visual scene in a movie, but a story being told. I want to say it was JOe Pesci, but I’m not 100% sure on that, maybe it was in Donnie Brasco. It was definitely a color film, and in English.

So I remember this scene, where a guy is talking about a “hit” he did, where he had to gain the guys trust over weeks and weeks, by spending time at the bar and just being buddies with him. Then one day, they’re walking down the street and the mob guy pulls out his gun and pulls the trigger but it doesn’t shoot, so he jokes with the guy “aren’t you glad you have a friend like me” and they go back to the bar and he goes into the bathroom and works on the gun with a spoon.


Horse Movie

I’m trying to find a cartoon/ animated movie, I think it was made like in the 90’s. It was in color, and English. I think it had a cowboy, so it might have been a western film. I can only remember two scenes from this movie.

The first scene was I think a grandfather and granddaughter riding in a wagon that was being pulled by a white mare. I think he was singing to her, I can’t remember about what, but I do remember him apologizing every time the wagon would go over a bump. I think he would say something like, “excuse me, ma’am,” and keep singing.

The second scene is about the same white mare in a field with a red stallion with white socks and a white stripe down his forehead. They had a colt, he was like a chestnut/sorrel color white socks and white marking on his face and with like a yellow mane and tail. The colt plays with a dog, grey and white, and a cat/skunk, while the mare and stallion eat and relax, but the colt ends up running off and the dog and cat follow him and they end up face to face with a mountain lion, the dog stays behind with the colt while the cat goes and gets help from the stallion. The dog protects the colt, but gets knocked out and the stallion defeats the mountain lion by knocking it off the mountain/cliff. Then the stallion puts the dog on the colts back and they go home.



GUYS ok i’m so frustrated. i’m trying to find a movie that i think was made in the early 2000s, although i’m not sure. i watched it as a kid and all i can remember is this little girl and her mom are exploring in some jungle i think, and then the mom dies and the little girl gets clawed by some kind of animal and then goes to live with a tribe of people??? anyone know the movie?

Help me please

It’s English and about the 2000-2014 year release, I don’t know when I saw it.

I know it’s about a boy (A Teenager)who is a mastermind , he gets choosen to help the secret Service or spy’s fbi or whatever to fight against a man who wants to shoot a rocked in the air with Venom I think, and he needs to stop that. I remember a scene where he is trapped in a Gladcage with an giant deadly Jellyfish, and he escaped somehow,and a scene where he trapped enemies in a van and let them roll down the hill.

really I’m searching like crazy!help!

Movie about Kidnapper, PLEASE help!

Everything I can remember:
The kidnapper is a Male
It’s mostly from cops/fbi/detective point of view with snippets to the kidnappers actions, theyre trying to find and catch him.
It never shows him with the victims aside from the kidnapping parts.
I believe all of the victims are children and I think they are all girls.
He lures one of his victims with a recording of a dog barking and asks her to help him find it, i believe in a park near woods. The “dogs” name was something like snuffles, or another commonly used name but at some point it does show you the recorder so you know it’s fake.
Another child he gets at a petting zoo or very similar crowded place and they catch it on video he gets her right under the parents noses.

Things I can’t remember for sure but I am thinking they are a part of this movie but could possibly be mixed with another:
When they finally catch him it is in a big storm drain or in a sewer and theyre splashing in the water (ankle deep)
They also might find some of the bodies in the water
I think at one point they show inside his house and he has a goldfish
I’m not sure if it ever really shows his face well, maybe at the end in the big showdown.

I would put this to be mid 90s but definitely not before 1980 and not after 1999. I *think* there is one main cop or detective on the case and he is also male but I’m just having a hard time remembering much besides the way he kidnapped the children.

Black and white wwi or ii movie about a man going awol to find the lady he was with

I saw the movie around 2005-2010. It looked to be 1930s-50s made. I didn’t see it from the beginning, the scene I came into was when a man and a woman were talking, he was talking about the “architecture” of the arch of the foot. I remember him getting injured and being able to be with this women by staying in a military hospital. They found a bunch of alcohol bottles under his bed and sent him back. Then he went awol to find the woman and got there when she was giving birth. The doctor said the baby died and she was dying. Then he went to a bar saw a woman and asked her what it was like to have children.


I remember it on TCM, playing before the bells of st Marys.

The Skeleton Boy

When I was around 8 years old, I saw a movie on TV about a little boy who goes to a cemetery, enters a mausoleum and encounters the skeleton of another young boy. The skeleton is wearing nothing but a terrible synthetic black wig that looks similar to Billy’s hair in the movie Hocus Pocus. The movie aired in the early 2000’s. I remember that in the end of the movie, there’s an angry mob and they want to kill the skeleton boy because they presume him to be evil but the boy tries to stop them. The skeleton tells the boy that it will all be okay and that he deserves to die anyway because it’s where he belongs. The movie whens with the skeleton burning to death and the living boy crying while looking away. If it helps I think it was a little white boy with brown hair and a bowl cut (maybe wearing a red sweater?)

Woman visits mother of a killer

A young woman visits an elderly, the mother or grandmother of a man who is in jail for murder. They are very polite to each other and the old lady is very rich and posh. She is patronizing the young woman and confronts her that she only came to gloat over her and her son/grandson misfortune. Then the young woman is talking about this encounter with a man, who I believe is her brother and he is also in prison or on trial (I think). She says that the old lady has gone totally mad.

The scene is from a relatively recent movie or tv series (2000 onwards), is in english, has a very hbo’s “sharp objects” vibe and I have this vague impression that is widely popular but I cannot remember the title or the rest of it (I am sure I have seen it entirely, which is why is so frustrating).

Long nose masked character

I saw a movie around 2008 or 2009 and liked it a lot and can’t for the life of me remember the name.

There is a main character who wears one of those black long nosed Venetian masks, and maybe a cloak? And there is a group of people who are living in some sort of afterlife, but among the living, and they are trying to save someone. And there are scene of the people moving around as static or some kind of distortion.

Its an indie film, so it wasnt super well known.


Can’t remember movie title

I remember it being on Halloween, not sure if it was a party. But there was a scene where this guy and his girlfriend were sitting on a bench talking and she asks him what he’s dressed up as. He responds with “my favourite TV show, supernatural”.(so I know the film must be after 2005) I’m certain that them along with their friends are killed offone by one, and that there is a scene where this girl and guy are about to have sex in either a shed or barn type structure and then I think they get killed.