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60s or 70s movie…a boy named “Spider”

I recall watching a movie multiole times in my childhoof in the 80s. Now I’m pretty sure the movie is a late 60s or 70s film. It was in English. There were 3 or 4 children/teen primary characters. One of them was an older boy named “Spider”. I recall a few different scenes of them in a boat with an outboard engine, as well as what I think was a tower on an island…but I’m a bit hazy from there on out.



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cheating husband/father

the movie was about a man who cheated on his wife. the woman he was cheating with did not know that he had a family, and i think she played some type of instrument (piano or cello or something). The wife shows up while the lady is practicing and confronts her about it and shows her a picture of their nine year old daughter. The lady is in shock so both her and the wife play tricks and schemes on the husband. I remember one of the schemes was wearing a Darth Vader (or something?) mask and prank calling him. Another scheme involved zoo animals in the house.

Mysterious SUV with artificial intelligence

I saw this movie on TV around 2002 or 2003. It’s possible that the movie is older than that, but I’m not sure. It was in English and the movie was in color.

The movie centers on a man (I remember that he was blond, he might have been named Bob) who is driving and as he is passing a nearby town the motor of his car breaks. He goes to a cafe to ask for help and hears a payphone ringing. He answers the phone and hears a strange voice.

Later he goes to get his car fixed at the local mechanic’s but he isn’t working that day so the man has to spend the day in the town.

As the movie continues he can’t leave the town because every time he goes to the mechanic’s they say the parts haven’t come in to fix his car. Essentially he is trapped in the town.

He becomes friendly with the people in the town and if I remember right he was an architect and they gave him some related jobs to do.

Throughout the movie the man sees in various moments a black SUV is following him. He goes to the mechanics and it’s on the corner. He goes to the diner and it’s parked in front- but it never has a driver- it appears that the SUV moves by itself.

Any time the man tries to get close to the SUV it starts to move and try to run him over.

Towards the end of the movie he’s finally able to get close to the car and open the door. The car starts talking through the radio and tells him that the car chose him to stay in the town and has been controlling all the things happening to him since he arrived to the town. That the SUV was the voice that the man had heard on the payphone when he first got there.

The SUV wanted the town to become important and because of that gave the man jobs to build important buildings in the town.

Finally, the man gives up and accepts that he will never be able to leave the town.

One day another man arrives to the town – the same as the first man- his car broke down and when he asks for help in the same cafe the first man happens to be there. The first man passes him a paper with information to find the hotel but the paper actually says “don’t answer the phone and run”

Finally this second man doesn’t take his advice and at the very end of the movie when the telephone rings he answers it.


Recent drug induced cannibal movie

I saw this movie a few years back and I think it came out after 2005. It’s about a couple guys going cross country to work on a film project and they stop at a friend of one of the guys. The third guy basically invites himself along on their trip. They stop at a dinner where the third guy offers a hitchhiker a ride. They camp out in the desert and fall asleep. When they wake the hitchhiker is gone and it is suggested he drugged their drinks. One of the guy goes crazy as in the night eats the friend he shared the tent with and then goes after the third guy. Then basically the third guy is just running for his life in the desert as the guy chases him wanting to eat him.

Been trying for months to remember the name of this movie. Please help!

Pls help!!!

I watched it when i was young so probably like 1990s definitely in english and i’m not sure but i believe its a movie? It was in colour  and all i can remember is one scene where the main characters who i think are either children or teens, they teleport to a different dimension and all i remember is the stone slab floor that is like old and broken and crumbling that they wake up on and also i feel like they might have been next to a jungle? For the longest time i thought that it was an old jumanji sequel but then recently i realised that jumanji didnt have a sequel at that time so i hope someone can help!

Can’t remember

i remember watching this one movie when I was younger and I only remember this one scene. It was near the end of the movie and this girl had been kidnapped (I think) and her and the kidnaper were in this diner. Well she tried to escape out the bathroom and she turned the water on somehow in the sink causing it to flood. The kidnapper end up going in and I don’t remember what he was trying to do but he ends up electrocuting himself because of cords in the water. I don’t know, I might have imagined this but if anyone knows of this movie that’d be great.!

I cannot for the long fe of me remember the name of this movie.

I have a vague memory of this movie I watched that I really enjoyed but it’s been so long I can’t remember the name or most of the plot. I think it was about this man that was trying to break into this home and kill this women. There was a trap set for him near the end where he fell through the floor and was impaled? But saws or something. Then it had something to do with this old women with dementia that was maybe telling a story but she apparently knew what was happening and she smiled at the end of the movie.

I’m pretty sure it was a romantic comedy, made within the last decade

So I watched this movie the other day (let’s say around April 19th-20th, 2017) it wouldn’t have been on any premium movie channels or anything, just regular television channels. And I know I’ve seen it before, I just cannot think of it.

all I can think of is a scene it cuts to a girl sitting in her room, I believe looking in the mirror, and there is this upbeat indie rock song playing (just the instrumental) for just a few seconds, then it stops when one of her parents comes in and the camera pans over to them, going over the room kinda sitcom style. I don’t know why but that’s all I have right now

Space anime movie

I watched an anime movie in either 2007 or 2008. It took place in space and the characters were fighting a war against aliens. There were 2 men that were the main characters. One of them was named Alex. There was also a woman who hung out with them. There was another character named Ariel. She had very long hair. I think there was a man with her. Later in the movie, Alex dies. His friend gets very upset because he had warned him not to behave so carelessly.

Cartoon about talking mice

I watched a cartoon when I was young. I think it was before 2010. The show had talking mice that wore clothes. In the episode, the mice get a report card at school. There are mice who are brother and sister and the episode focuses on them. I think the sister got an A on her report card. There’s a dumb mouse who thinks she got a Z or an N on her report card. There’s also an older mouse. There’s a human girl who I think also got bad grades and is worried how her dad will react. The sister mouse tries to cheer up the girl.

Affair, murder,

I’m looking for the title of a movie that I jut can’t remember. Murder, affair, mistaken identity, plastic surgery, events that don’t add up.

Some Time in the 199os, 1992-1994 Saw on laser disk. LOL

English Language 99% sure it was an American movie.

Laser Disk/VHS


Twist Ending. This movie opens with an iconic car crash off a coastal cliff. A man wakes up having had lots of reconstructive surgery and having memory loss. Turns out he is very rich, and his wife takes him home.

Nothing adds up, the memories don’t jive. He starts looking for answers.  One of the family a woman indicates he was her lover also and he is not who he thinks he is.

Eventually, he discovers he has asthma and he also finds a body in a ship, that looks like his own body. The ship contained chemicals that preserved the body rather than dissolved it.

The twist was the man was the lover, and the wife had her husband killed and arranged for her lover to take his place.

Whats This Movie?

I saw this movie when I was younger (I have no idea when it came out) but it was about this girl who gets trapped in like this picture thing and she has to escape before the sunlight runs out but this other guy ends up there with her and starts taking up her sunlight. Im pretty sure they were at a party in the beginning of the movie. If someone could please help me that would be great! I would love to watch this movie again and cant find the title no matter how I google it.

Animated kids movie, alien worms

OK. Me and sister have been trying to solve this for years. I will share what I remember in the hope somebody can help.

It was around the late 80s early 90s

It was about a small kid who lived near the woods or a jungle, and he finds a little group of glowing aliens that looked like jumping beans or worms or something. I can’t remember what the kid looked like or anything else about it. It was a very odd animation style and I remember the audio being very surreal and almost slow motion. I know it’s not much to go on so apologies! I think maybe the kid was ginger and had glasses. Thanks in advance