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Dont know the title i remember fee scenes

i watched the mobie like 2005-2007

It is about how a squad of marines or something are on a mission to somewhere, they have some asians in the team, as i remember they were using swords and katanas


Some scenes i remember:

1 One of the good guys (asian) steps on a bear trap as another one shows (vilian) and kills him

2- Male and a female are in the vent as one villian woman hears them and start stabing her katana in the vent trying to kill them

3-The final fight is between two males using katanas and it was on some place where there was floating water

Searching for a movie

The movie starts with a man coming out of house and then is greeted by his Indian neighbor and his neighbors children.

He looks towards a church where a wedding is currently being held and then goes to the church and interrupts the wedding.

Then the story goes on and the guy who was getting married threatens to deport his neighbor and the girl finds out the truth and breaks up with the guy

Movie/series about an apocalypse

A group of people in some sort of apocalypse come across some sort of water tower or something that has people living in it that have connections to the government and the president. They have food and water and they also have video tapes from around the world that are looking for their surviving family members. The original group of people that came across them are allowed to stay there as long as they do chores I think. This is all I can remember, Im not sure if it was a film or a series😁 It was in colour & in English/American

Women stuck in a hotel on the top floor

Hi there, this movie was maybe 1970s or 1980s.  A group of older women having a reunion of their dance troupe are staying on the top floor of the hotel, and for some reason they can’t get down the stairs or the lift and no one knows they are stuck up there and they can’t get anyone’s attention.  I think they start dying one by one.  One woman squeezes herself into the dumbwaiter to go down that way but of course the cable breaks and she falls to her death.  That’s about all I remember – does anyone have any idea what this movie was called?


Korean movie that is very similar to Mamma Mia

I have no idea when I saw it. Probably a few years ago in the early 2010s.

It was a Korean movie that was very similar to the movie Mamma Mia as it was about a single mom who moved to her hometown with her daughter, who is very rebellious just like her mom was, and there are three potential fathers of the girl that the mom has to find which one it was.

I have tried looking up specific scenes I remember but I can’t find it anywhere so please help me find it!! It was in Korean and it seemed to be from the late 2000s as the film and color was pretty good and I watched it by streaming it online.

The scenes I remember are the daughter burning down a manure shed thing with a cigarette and another scene of the mom and the real dad as teenagers in a pool hall and eventually hiding in there overnight to hide from cops.

Thats all I remember for the most part but I thank anybody who knows what this is!!

Trippy Japanese Animated Movie–Transforms into butterfly after sex

It was this super weird/trippy Japanese animated movie I saw a few years ago. The art style wasn’t typical anime like you tend to see, it was a very unique art style. I don’t remember a lot of the actual plot besides it being about a man who was in love with this woman, I think she might have been about to marry another guy or something. The most memorable scene was later in the movie he finally has sex with the woman he’s in love with and then they (or maybe it was just her) partially transforms into a butterfly (sprouts wings and stuff)/moth/caterpillar. There was a lot of phallic imagery in the movie too. It was the strangest, trippiest movie ever but I remember it being really fascinating too and I wish I could find it!

Evil computer/virus

So I have this in my head for a lot of time! please help!!!

I remember only 2 scenes, I think there was am evil guy/computer/virus that controlled everything electrical and this group of people, young adults maybe, and this guy pretends to have his hand stuck in the sink disposal thing but it was only meat.

The second one it was the end, or near the end, and one of them was eating with this girl that is trying to poison him by giving him something that he was allergic at but he figures it out and fakes the allergy with a fork(?!)

Please help! 🙁

Space anime movie

I watched an anime movie in either 2007 or 2008. It took place in space and the characters were fighting a war against aliens. There were 2 men that were the main characters. One of them was named Alex. There was also a woman who hung out with them. There was another character named Ariel. She had very long hair. I think there was a man with her. Later in the movie, Alex dies. His friend gets very upset because he had warned him not to behave so carelessly.

Need Aid—Scary Movie

  • In color
  • movie begins with a group of girls that are friends playing with a boy
  • boy’s father is doctor
  • chooses 1 girl to play with in father’s office, kills her, blood seeps through under door
  • believed boy drowned after murder
  • jumps to years later the group of girls are grown, seeing boy
  • boy begins killing the same group
  • find out boy never drowned, can breathe under water, remained a child
  • tries to take one of the women as his bride in end, before he is killed

I just can’t find it

I don’t know I think it was a Disney movie or Buenavista late 70s early 80s it was about these kids the stumble upon this spie ring of bad guys that smuggle. all the bad guys have like a sea cave and they were these red uniforms in the finale seen the main bad spy guy I think dies from Cyanide poisoning tooth the bad guys ware berets too I thinkhad a feel of British filming feel to it I remember it being suspenseful I hope someone can help me

thx Aaron

Movie Is Vaguely Similar to My Girl

A strange and almost embarrassing request for information, but I’m remembering a scene from a film I would have seen on HBO/Starz/Cinemax in the early 2000’s. It was of a young girl leading a young boy up a tree to spy on her sister (or cousin/aunt) changing through the window. I distinctly remember this from childhood, in looking for the movie occasionally through the years I had stumbled across My Girl which is similar in scope to the scene (young boy and young girl, maturity questions, playing outside, tomboyish girl), but it is not the same movie. However, I do believe it is from the same time period of the early 90’s when it was filmed.