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A movie about a couple being tested


First of all forgive me if my english won’t be perfect, i’m not a native. So i really don’t remember much about this movie, both me and my girlfriend watched it some time ago (like couple years ago) on tv. I do not remember any actors, their faces anything but i do remember quite a few details.
So basically

even tho it’s about a couple it was not a romance. A couple that i think was about to get married got kidnapped by someone i think, some kind of weird organisation maybe? They were held in separate rooms. A girl had like 2 buttons yes and no and was being asked some questions by someone via speakers, like do you trust or do you know… ‘your lover’ (i don’t remember their names). Bothe were kinda like tested? like for example a girl was given a choice if she’d like to give water to the guy (they were keeping his room heated) and loose her sleep (they would turn on a super bright light in her room) or would she like to drink it herself. Gilr and the guy could not contact themselfs btw. The ‘organisation’ was showing some kind of footage of the guy starting the relationship for money and stuff. I also remember the ending, there was like a 3rd guy there and the boyfriend had to shoot him to save himself and the girl. After that they woke up in their bed the next day, thinking it all could be a dream but they finally like knew each other?

I know it’s not much but this movie is on my an my gf’s mind for quite a long time now as it was kinda weird but for some reasn enjoyable to watch and i would love to finally find it and rewatch it.

If anyone recall any titles that could match this short description of mine, please share it, you’ll be offically our favourite guy/girl!


A Lab Prison and a Alien movie

Two Movies: First One: This one is like an experimental lab prison where there is alot of people dress in full white or silver and a man and a woman escaped, it’s like they were locked up there and wasn’t allowed to go outside, there’s another scene in it where I think the woman gave another lady bacon or some other food when they were at the cafeteria, when they escaped to the outside world they didn’t know much of what was going on because they shut away from the real world.         [SOLVED: The Island]                                                  Second One: This one is like an alien movie where the thing feeds off or is attracted to light or electricity and it’s like it can make things move too, there is two scenes I remember from it.  Scene 1: The little girl was sitting on the floor beside her bed with a pillow or Teddy bear and the wind was blowing and swaying the trees and she told her brother not to leave her but it’s like he was afraid and left.                                                                                                           Scene 2: when the thing took away the little girl and trapped her in another dimension her parents wanted to go for her but her brother said no he will go because he left  her alone.                                                                   Didn’t like how it end but maybe it has a part 2, In the end they got back the little girl but when they were leaving in the car the thing turned it over and took back the little girl.

Weird late 90’s Anime



I am trying to find a weird Anime OVA from the 90’s (probably, it can be from early the 2000’s).


The scene I remember the most, and it was almost at the beginning, was about a woman who was captured and strained to a chair, while another woman was torturing her by inserting a couple of golden blades on her belly, and slowly (and painfully) transmuting her skin/flesh into gold

Does anyone has any idea what this anime may be? I remember the label of the tape saying something like “Tokyo Revelation”, but after some research, this seems a totally different thing.

Asian movie which includes a few short stories which in the end connect to a big story

I saw this movie a few years ago (i Think it was 2015) on a Flight to Tokyo ftom Germany ( I flew with Lufthansa).

I remember that it was an Asian movie (i Think Korean But i am Not sure).

One story was about a Woman Who got pregnant by a doctor, but he just had a One night Stand with her (i Think she was a nurse or she just cleaned in the hospital he worked at). After she realises that he wasn’t really in love with her she got angry, and went to a restaurant where he ate something with bis new girlfriend. Suddenly she finds a Gun in her bag and She tries to kill him but she fails….the whole story takes place at the restaurant But i don’t know what else happened…..i just think that in the end the doctor realises that he actually is in love with her and they become a couple. (I Think the Woman is wearing Jogging clothes all the time)

Another story is about a young boy who is at his school. He belifes in aliens and he wants to contact them on the rooftop of the school. The other kids are laughing at him while he holds his finger up in the Air shouting something over and over (i don’t remember what he said). I don’t remember more but i think in the end he succeeds and he contacts aliens.

I don’t remember much more…i Think there was one more story with a bad guy and the bag with the Gun belongs to him but he exchanged it with the pragnent Woman by accident. And this is how these two stories are connected.

That is all i remember. It was in korean or Japanese or something like this with english subtitles.

I Hope that i didn’t, mix something up…..hopefully someone can help me 🙂 thanks

Drama-Action Movies

I have three more movies: First One: Have anybody watched the movie Murder on the 13th floor? there is another movie similar to it with the same computerize talking system where a little boy or girl was drawing a picture on the computer screen, I don’t remember if it is a horror or drama movie but it has the same computer talking system.                                                                Second One: I glimpse a picture of a movie on a DVD cover with two girls, they were standing side by side and one of them was holding a long black gun, just wondering if anyone know anything about it, I think I found the title but lost it, I think the title has roommate in it but I’m not sure.                                                                                                                 Third One: I remember this movie with a couple that has a baby, it’s like Mr and Mrs smith, they were walking on the street and they were always attacked and they will push the stroller with the baby aside and fight off their attackers, they are carrying the stroller with the baby and fighting at the same time [SOLVED: Undercover Blues]

Drama-Action Movies

I have two movies: First One: A girl kidnapped another girl, I think she befriend her to come at her house and she locked her in the attic or a room because she was having an affair with her boyfriend, there’s a scene the movie where she and her friend handcuff her in the bath when she tried to escaped, she made her friend make her do a pregnancy test which was positive but she told her its negative, she wanted to let her go but the other girl didn’t want that, in the end the girl set the house on fire with her friend and pregnant girl but they escaped. At one point in the movie her boyfriend went to the house but didn’t know that they held the girl captive, there’s another part where the girl was going to stab the pregnant girl but she made mistake and stabbed her friend Instead              [SOLVED: Caught]

Second One: A woman tried to kill herself after her husband was killed, she sat on the street in the night and put the gun to her head then in her mouth and just when she was going to pull the trigger she heard a car hit someone and when she went it was a little girl and she picked her up and carried her to the hospital, at one point in the movie she thought she found who killed him but it wasn’t that person

TV movie about people with powers

This movie was on TV (like on ABC or NBC) in the early 2000s. It was about this group of people who discovered they had powers, kind of like on Heroes. But their powers had something to do with the elements. I think there were 5 people. I remember one scene where a guy is standing in a room full of lightbulbs. They all meet this one man and he trains them to use their powers.

Pilot and Lifetime Movies

I have two movies: First One: A Pilot or Naval Aviation movie where a lady is a switch board operator at some plane station and one day her husband and another colleague flew planes but his blow up and he went to heaven but they show it like he’s in the woods and a lady is cutting his hair and shaving him and his spirit would go to the station and watch over his colleagues, I think there’s a scene in the movie where it’s his wife birthday and they give her gifts and the other men danced with her, she was the only woman at the station.   [SOLVED: Always]

Second One: A lifetime movie and also a Christmas movie where a teacher hanged himself because a little girl accused him of molesting her ,while he was killing himself a group of persons were outside singing Christmas carols, then his daughter or granddaughter saw him hanged up and 10-15 years later she seek revenge.

Help finding a film watched a while ago

  1. So I watched this film on tv. Can’t remember when but I believe around 8-10 years ago. I remember a family consisting of a father, mother and two sons were eating dinner and the elder son come out as gay. Then I remember the father taking both sons for a car ride. He stopped I believe on the side of the rode and said to the elder son if he’s gay prove it. And made the son give him a blowjob while the younger son (who I believe is the main character of the film) was in the backseat. I don’t recall them showing it but the elder son killed himself. Then I remember it being when the younger son was an aldult and I remember him showing up at his parents house when they were having a party and confronting his dad about what happened when he was younger. I believe the younger son was gay as well or was just sleeping with men for money. I also believe there was one guy who payed him to have a date with him.


I saw this movie when I was a kid. It was in color and I watched it on TV. Sorry I don’t have any more details on that part.

All I can remember is that there was a guy with OCD behaviors but he claimed that his actions were to keep planes from falling from the sky and other bad things from happening but no one believed him.

At the end, there was another guy who, just like the rest, didn’t believe the first man but something happens. All of a sudden, a plane falls from the sky and the first man tells the second man something along the lines of its in your hands now. The second guy realizes that the first was telling the truth and now he’s left with the same burden.

Soldier Movies

  1. I remembered only one scene from this soldier movie where a group of soldiers were watching a pornograghic video and one of them got up and hit the TV screen or somebody else held his hand, it’s like they were tired of being around each other and they wanted to go home to their girlfriends or Wives.                                                                  There’s another one where about four of them was in a locked building with guns and one of them was wounded and I think something happened to his foot and is like they broke his foot and set it back and like few minutes later he died, I was wondering if it’s the same movie I described above?

Really weird movie I saw as a kid

Okay, so this is going to be really weird. I only saw a couple scenes of this movie, and I think they were the end. It must have been late 90s or early 2000s when I saw at, it was on TV, english, and in full color.

All I remember is there was this family, and they had to go into a cave to fight some strange entity that was threatening/trying to steal/possess their son (I don’t clearly remember which. The son was very young, maybe around five). At some point in this cave, they ended up in another grey, misty, windy-sounding, dimension (I think) with the weird entity, who manifested kind of human-like and maybe as a giant head. They managed to save their son in the end.

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I was really little when I saw it, and don’t remember it very clearly.

Two Australian Outback Brothers

Movie begins with an old lady who catches a young black man trying to steal her gold coin(s) from her apartment. She sits him down at gun point and begins to tell him the story of the coin(s). Her father and uncle were from the Australian outback. They had a fall out because of a French whore who the uncle would visit but her father fell in love with her and married her. The French whore ends up drowning herself and the uncle, who is good with guns,  leaves for Turkey to go find a rebel who stole $50,000 in gold coins. Her father follows the uncle to Turkey to get revenge. The uncle does find the rebel and the gold coins but looses the gold in an attempt at saving the rebel’s wife, who is pregnant, from the Turkish army. The old lady turns out to be that baby, which was picked up by her father–sole survivor– after the fighting.

Crime/Drama Movie

A woman was on her way visiting her sister and she heard sounds and when she looked she saw her sister’s husband kill a man but I think it was when she reach her sister’s house she knew it was her husband when she introduced them, the man name in the movie is Eddie,( I think he’s a popular actor as well as the actresses) there is also a scene in the movie where he tried to rape his wife sister and she came in same time, In the end the sister that witnessed the crime left on a train.

Man and Woman are Caged, Puppy Sacrificed

There is a movie I cannot get out of my head. Most likely from the 70s or 80s. In color.

An older man looks after animals. What is interesting is he makes a big deal about training the animals not to exit the cage because the door will shock them (or has some kind of force field.)

The part I remember best is the man ends up capturing or kidnapping a man and woman and cages them. They have a small door to the outside world but they don’t know if the door is turned on or not. At some point they have a puppy, or perhaps they had it from the beginning, but one of them or maybe both of them decides to toss the puppy through the door to see if it’s safe. It kills the puppy.

I don’t remedy how they escape, but I remember they somehow got out and killed the man. The twist ending, however, is once they get home they realize their house was rigged to be their new cage, but now they killed the only man who could release them and they will be trapped forever and probably starve to death.

Drama Movies

I have three movies to ask about.  First One: A little boy went in a store and a man came in after him, I don’t know what happened but he started hitting the store manager in his head with the store telephone and it’s like he keeps threatening the boy so he doesn’t tell anyone or the boy was afraid to tell anyone because he was afraid he would do the same thing to him, I think the man went in a coma or died and I guess in the end they found out it was the man who did it.                                                                               Second One: An adopted teenage boy ran away to find his birth mother but when he found her he didn’t tell her right away he was her son, he was always getting in trouble like stealing things and he’s always running with a bag in his hand and a durag on his head, I think it was in the end the lady found out it was her son.                                                                                                                   Third One: A lady met this boy but his parents died but he had a uncle like in another state, so the lady carried him there but along the way it was rough for them like they didn’t have enough money, at one point the lady fainted but recovered and they went to his uncle and in the morning the lady left very early and the boy didn’t see her and ran out the house onto the road, to see if he would see her then he held up an object like a view master, it’s the little thing you get at a circus and you see your picture (don’t know if it has a specific name) The picture was with him and the lady