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Can’t remember old educational movie

Trying to remember a show from way back that I probably only seen once… I think they wheeled in the old TV & VCR at school & showed it to us.

It was like an educational short film, after school special or a TV movie maybe about A father & son… the boy was scared to go to baseball practice because he was being abused by the baseball coach. Pretty sure it revolved around him struggling to tell his dad …very cloudy. Probably some where between 93-96 but maybe not lol

Anybody have the slightest clue what this may be called?


Older Movie About Young Love

This is an older movie I saw around the year 2006 on TCMc the classic movie channel so it is definitely at least pre-1990s I think. It was in color, but had the pastel colors of a movie from the era of Grease. I was younger and don’t remember all the details. This was an English-language movie that might have taken place in California from the looks of it.

I apologize for the hazy details but this is basically what I remember first seeing:

A young man and young woman, maybe in their 20s meet at a beach. He walks up to her at the public showers. I remember very distinctly that she was topless, and he was embarrassed and turned around not realizing she was naked. She insisted that it was okay and insisted that he look at her. I don’t quite remember what happened immediately afterward but they established and continued their relationship.

Now the girl, (for some reason I always imagine her as Sofia Coppola or at least she looks similar but this could be a conflation) is a bit mischievous and pushes the guy to do increasingly edgy or daring things. The biggest dare was to buy a hobo some alcohol and get him drunk. They then took him to an isolated place and she dared the boyfriend to shoot him.

This is where things get irritating, my parents felt it was past my bedtime and turned off the movie. That movie and it’s ending has been on my mind for at least the past 10 years. Whenever I think about it, it’s obsessive and I am desperate for answers. ANY help or hints are much appreciated.

Factual Details:

Color Film

Pre 1990s, maybe 1970s Era

American, if not at least English-language

Nudity and Alcohol (Narrows the Rating)

Early or even opening scenes are on a beach

Two major protagonists

A weird post 2000 movie about a man trying to commit suicide but decides to not do it and instead brings bodies of other dead people…

…home. Treats them as they were alive.

I remember these scenes.

I think its a british drama shot post 2000, maybe 2006

A lonely young man living with his mother, somewhat wealthy home, he is constantly on computer online in chat rooms and thinking about his dull life and interested in suicide.

He decides to commit suicide and drives in a car to the forest do it but is disturbed by a sound of a van full of people including children, he observes what is happening and sees an older man connecting a hose from exhaust to window to set up a group suicide.

After seeing other people doing it, he forgets about killing himself and instead starts to track more people with the same suicidal intentions and brings several dead bodies on different occasions home and kind of cares for them and talks to them until they start to smell bad because of decay. He takes one of them, a young girl body home and treats it like she is still alive.

Another scene is when he meets this woman and they agree on a date to commit suicide together, they drive somewhere and while they prepare and do it he bails on her and i think he also brings her body home after.

At the end he meets a beautiful depressed brunette woman who also wants to die and they fall in love and cancel the suicide plan.

I can’t remember!

My sister and i remember this old vhs tape where kids were acting out different scenes. The one scene we remember is fairies cleaning in a forest and the fairies being mean to one fairy in particular. I also remember the kids never talking in any of the skits. I also remember a skit where the kids jumped in a computer and pressing buttons but my memory is a little iffy on that one. Please help!

Shrinking girl and singing bugs

  • this young girl is upset at brother for killing ants (maybe another bug but I’m pretty sure ants) and he goes inside house (they’re in the yard) and she shrinks (I think she ate some green thing) and then she ends up in adventures involving bugs like inside an ant pial and the queen talks to her and sings about being queen, she has to escape she also almost gets vacuumed away by her mom and there’s roaches in the cupboard she talks to, she also gets kidnapped by a wasp and put in her nest almost gets eaten and she gets help to get back to original size by a green big (I think caterpillar) the whole movie is animated but there’s some scenes that are real like the beginning and some flashes of bugs to see what it really looks like. I watched it as a child on vhs so it was between 1990’s and 2000’s


An older lady remembers her past where she fell in love with a man who took her to a house on an island and then had to leave.  She stayed for a while, but he told her he would send her a ring every year to remind her of him.  She gets older and invites a few old boyfriends and this particular man to her place and they all recall old times and the first man finally shows up and doesn’t remember her.  When is this movie called?

Psychological horror movie where, in the end, the woman walks out into the night towards a waiting monster with antlers

It’s about this one woman who moves to a desolate house, which I guess was the place where she grew up. She has some mental problems, there’s also an invisible force toying with her. In one scene, where the camera who films is supposed to be a surveillance camera inside a building, she is assaulted by the force and pushed to the wall as if being raped from behind. I believe it’s symbolism of the sexual abuse she suffered in the past, possibly inflicted by her father. While in the house she hears voices calling her name, and in the final cut she is naked (or at least almost) and walks zombie-fied out of the kitchen door, into the dark, possibly surrendering herself to the madness. The camera is positioned straight behind her, and as she steps out, her frame getting smaller, a lean monster is gradually revealed standing in front of her. It has antlers/horns. The title of the movie is her name, if I remember correctly, and I think the main character has short, blond hair.


I saw this film as a kid in the early 1980s at summer camp and it was a favorite with the counsellors. I remember that a group of kids and teens are sitting inside a jungle gym with their adult counsellors and they bring up issues that trouble them. Each discussion is followed by a short animated clip about the issue being discussed. The animated clip I can clearly remember is one where a boy likes to play with dolls and this is portrayed as positive because it will help him be a goog father when he’s older. The film ends with a scene where the Kids Rider the hora es in a carrousel, and as it spins, the horses become animation and run off one by one. I’m sorry I remember so little about it, but if anyone has a clue it would be greatly appreciated.

Stop motion


I was about 6/7 years old when I saw this clip and it terrified me at the time but I really want to know what it is! All I remember is that the clip was a stop motion animation and there were these characters that had their heads popped with a needle and red ribbons came out which was the blood.

Any ideas? This would have been around 1993/94


Thank you! This is bugging me so much!

Old B&W movie, ingenious murder framing


Watched part of a movie years ago and there was such an ingenious framing of murder it always stuck with me, IIRC the movie was black and white and I’d guess something from 40s – 50s, it was set in the times where rich people still had “staff” and bell pulls to ring for the staff.

This man wanted to kill himself and frame someone for murder, he placed a knife into the bell pull so the handle of the knife was the handle you pull to ring for the staff, he had the person come round to his home, he asked them to ring for the staff to get their finger prints onto the knife handle, then he took the knife and inserted it into the frame of his door, pushed himself onto the knife to kill himself then as he fell letting the door open the knife was released and he ended up on the floor dead with the knife in his body and the framed guy’s fingerprints on it!


If anyone recognises this movie I’d love to know the name so I can watch it again!


Thanks in advance 🙂

Can’t remember

I watched this one movie on syfy and there was a group of friends went to go to like a motel or hotel and it was like in the wilderness so they were having fun swimming and stuff but I can’t remember but all I remember is that there were twin brothers with long I think blond hair killing them 1 by 1

strange old sci fi movie

Back in the 70’s there was a movie on television where a group of people were abducted by aliens, building (lab and all). They were taken into space but I don’t remember if they arrived at a destination. Along the way, they found several black boxes with a funnel in one side into which they plugged headphones to listen to recordings in the boxes. At another point, several of the people entered another room where an alien came around a corner at them. I remember its mouth was on its stomach area. One woman get the alien some food and it disappeared. Some sort of fear test they assumed.

Movie/documentary about surviving in the wilderness

A few years back, I saw a movie (or a documentary, I’m not quite sure) that told the story of three or four men alone in the wilderness. One was in the rainforest, the other in the desert, the third on top of some cold mountain, and I can’t remember where the fourth one was (if there even was a fourth one). They were all lost or injured, and struggling to survive, and in the end only one of them did (the one in the desert). The stories of the four men didn’t interact or have anything to do with each other. 

Does anyone know the name of this movie or documentary? I’ve been looking for it for the past two years, and it’s driving me crazy!


The movie I am trying to find starts in a house, in the country, with a hill that leads to a forest. There are 2 children, siblings, boy and girl, that run away into the forest. They meet a creature, either troll, goblin or leprechaun, who says he will help them but he is really bringing them to a witch. I think there was a doorway to another dimension/world where the witch is. At some point a band of Sprites show up and talk to the troll/goblin/leprechaun about kidnapping the children.

Movie with a boy helped an escaped prisoner and got his favor returned

The movie begins with a boy drawing something like starfish on a beach. Then he met an escaped prisoner who asked him for help by finding a synergy pliers. The boy agreed to help and the prisoner got his handcuff removed.

The boy later knew a girl who lived in a castle, with a smell of cats. They played together and somehow developed emotion for each other.

[And then I dont remember how the girl had to move away/abroad]

The boy was heartbroken but kept on drawing. One day there’s a strange man came and bought all of his paintings at a show.  The man turned out to be the old prisoner that he helped. The boy then had enough money to go and look for the girl…

[At least that’s what I remember…]

Who can tell me the title of this TV movie?

I remember seeing an 80s horror TV movie (I think it was part of a series but I’m not sure) that really stuck on my mind and would like to see again. It was about a couple that buy a house and start having visions about an older man killing his wife in that same building. They realised the older couple used to live there so the house is haunted. Finally they sell the house and just as they go they see the new buyers. They are the ones on the visions. Thanks.

Help Me Find The Title Of This Movie Please

This is a 90’s chinese movie. I saw it in a chinese channel, Xing Kong channel, 9th July 2018. I never know the title cause they dont put the movie name.

Anyway, i saw it from a scene in a bar. 2 guys and a girl was hanging out and one of the guys, which i assume is the main character were drunk. so the other sober guy asked the girl, how long he’s been here and she said she dont remember.

The next scene was the two guys were walking home and the sober guy kept on rambling about how he paid the drunk guy’s drink. Then they got into a small fight, the drunk guy pushes the sober guy until he fell down. Then the drunk guy start staying stuff about the sober guy (which i remember his name was Dee) is fat, and girls like him because of his money and that theyre putting a fake smile while with him and that his salary isnt enough for them. Then the drunk guyp grab a stick(?) and smashes the neon shop signs. then they peace out.

the next scene was in the  sober guy’s home (Dee), some lady was looking for him and the one who answer it is a younger girl wearing uniform(?). The younger girl leads the lady onto his bed and said stuff about he drank too much last night.

Thats all i remember. Sorry if its too common. I needed too know the title of the movie ’cause the background setting’s in the scene where Dee and the drunk guy was fighting is aesthetic. I know the neon lights is because of the shop signs, which are mainly yellow and red. The settings are so cool i need for references. I assume this was one of Andy Lau’s movies, but seeing there are a lot of his movies that are shot in the 90’s made me gave up. So… if anyone know, please,please,please tell me.