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Old movie with possible nuns/ghosts?

I’ll list everything I remember:
A young girl is on a plane on her way to visit her dad who is in another country
The dad is working on a film and the set looks like some sort of old castle
The movie set is being messed with by ghost since things are moving around by themselves
Later on in the movie the girl meets ghosts/nuns???
They sing and when night comes they hide in what looks like a castle too???
At another point in the movie some kids challenge the girl to see who swims the fastest across a river but they end up leaving her to swim on her own, when she gets to the other end a storm comes
She runs in her swimsuit to wherever her and her dad were staying
She also calls her mom and tells her how everything has been going
This movie is DEFINITELY older since its been a good 12 years since ive seen it and when my parents bought it for me i remember it being old and from the store Ross.

American (or Canadian) movie about a man in a mental institution who claims to be an alien but turns out to be the son of Jesus

My girlfriend and I can’t remember the name of this movie. It was low budget, with no big names in the cast. Mental patient claims to be an alien with supernatural powers and takes an interest in the lives of other patients. There is an evil nurse who murders people, and the main character grows particularly close to a young woman who was abused by family (or something). Eventually, after he learns about the cruelty and evil of people, it is revealed that he is the son of Jesus. Jesus appears and tells him that this cruelty is why he turned his back on humanity.

Dance Battle Movie

These guys used to have illegal dance battle regularly. But then there is a police raid and the main dancer is jailed for illegal dancing. The guys best friend is hospitalized due to some thing. And later he commits suicide. The main dancer gets out of prison and takes revenge by dancing the battle and winning it. But does not kill the opponent. However, the end is with some mutual friend killing the guy who lost. This is not a Hollywood movie, I guess.

late 00’s-early 10’s sci fi/fantasy film

So this one has been driving me nuts since about a week or so after I watched it.  I think I found it on Showtime or HBO after the bar one night and got REALLY in to it, but I can only remember one scene clearly.  Hoping for a miracle.

This film was pretty recent looking at the time, which I’d say was around 2009-2012.  It was American, live action, and definitely had a Wizard of Oz / the Labyrinth / Alice in Wonderland / Tim Burton feel to it, but it was not a kids film at all.  There were maybe two men and a woman, they’re traveling on foot through some kind of magical place, and they have to get through it (maybe to the center of the maze??) or they’ll be stuck there forever, or they’ll die, or one of their kid siblings will die.. Something like that.  Anyway, they happen across something like a casino.  The girl doesn’t want to go in, but the guy(s) is/are hungry or thirsty, or they think they can get directions or something, so they go in.

The people inside the casino are way overly animated in their speech/laughter, I think they may have even broken in to a song and dance..?  The girl gets separated (during the song and dance?) from the guy(s), goes down a short stair case and ends up in a long room with high ceilings and a green and purple tinge to it.  The room sounds like a video arcade, and there’s rows and rows of people playing pin ball.  She goes up to one of the pinball players and asks him how long he’d been there, he replies a number of days or weeks, then references some significant event that had his parents fighting or freaking out, possibly the something to do with the Cold War.  This reference freaks the girl out, and she asks him what year he thinks it is, and he says something like, “DUHH, it’s nineteen seventy *something*!” and references something else that happen recently in his world.  While he’s referencing this event, the music gets eerie and tense as the girl starts to freak out cause they’re on the clock, and this place accelerates time.

She runs back up the stairs to try and find the guy(s), but the other people in the casino start closing in around her with that over the top behavior, trends toward creepy circus, the makeup gets darker, the lighting gets more dramatic and they’re trying to feed her or get her to drink or smoke or something.  This builds and gets creepier, then I wanna say she screams herself awake, and she’s in a cave and the guy(s) is/are passed out and being absorbed in to the walls of the cave or something.  She wakes him/them up and gives him/them hell about how much time they’ve just lost, and they proceed with their task.

I want to say the girl had dark hair and brown eyes, but I’m not sure.  What I AM sure of is that the kid she was talking to at the pinball machine was kind of tall and pale with very straight, very blonde hair; maybe shoulder length.  He reminded me of the kid that played young Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie Halloween remake.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!!

Supernatural team

I need to know this movie name, all I remember is that a man collects a team contains a man who can hypnotise people and another who can controls electronic stuff and a young blonde lady who hears others’ minds, and she were always wearing headset, and when he were looking for her he found a dead woman with the same name, then he could find the correct one later.

Anyway he was collecting this team to steal a bank, a casino, or some sort of this kind. That’s all what I can remember.

Thanks in advance.

Boy helps fairy with broken wing…

I remember watching this on TV when I was very young.

A boy takes in a fairy (or possibly a living toy) that has a broken wing, I think, I don’t really remember. She may have been caught in something, and he freed her. I particularly remember the ending where the fairy flies away as the boy watches from a window. The fairy may have been CGI or a puppet, I remember her face looked painted on, like a doll, and her body was shiny, possibly porcelain. It would have been a low budget film, the fairy wasn’t very convincing.

It may have been in a foreign language. It was in color, and definitely made prior to the mid 1990s.

I can’t find the name of the movie anywhere else, please help

hyperlink movie where there are many connected stories, there is a young man who has allergy and always carry antidote in his pocket ,looking for his girl who has a tattoo and driving a truck ,and there’s a specific sign they used to do wiping their finger on their nose

their road almost cross but they don’t meet

he eventually use the antidote for a man who has allergy so when a bee stings the young man he tries to find the antidote but then remembers he used it already

so he takes a photo for him with the nose sign so that his girl sees it later

there are many other stories in it which at some point they all connect together

it’s an old movie

anyone who has an idea what the movie’s title cause I’ve been searching helplessly everywhere


Marble lion bathtub

Ok, I’m not entirely sure if this was some dream I conjured or if it was from a movie or something my mother had watched on TV when I was younger, but here we go. All I remember is a completely white (marble kind of like greek) room, and there was this woman in a tub in the middle that was sort of built into the room like the size of a jacuzzi or hot tub and there was this lion head tap (keep in mind this is all marble) and I cant remember if the mouth opened to let out water or if it just was stationary in an open state. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure if water came out first and then blood or if it was just all blood pouring out and this woman was bathing in it and I’m pretty sure shortly after she died… sound familiar?

Need Movie Title, About Gang Torture

Need help remembering the title of this movie. Here’s what I know/remember:

-The movie is probably from the early 2000s-2010ish

-The movie is framed around a white mob boss(?) interrogating his black subordinate about what happened to his the mob boss’ son (among other things). The story is told through the subordinate’s perspective

– One of the main themes of the movie is that people lie during torture to tell you what you want to hear.

– The main character (black gang member) was working with a big white gang member named Rocco or Rocky

-At one point, the two gang members were torturing the mob boss’ son by holding him upside down in a barrel of water. They held him there too long and he ended up dying

-At the end, the mob boss points out that most of what he has been told is a lie (fitting with the theme)

I have tried searching far and wide online, but haven’t been able to figure this one out. I’m guessing it is a lower budget movie overall. Can you help me find this movie please? It’s been haunting me for years!


A movie from my child hood

The movie has a brother and sister , the brother is wearing a grey jacket or wind breaker and the older sister is wearing a yellow one , they find there grandpa’s amulet or something and it transports them to a different place and are trying to get back home and are traveling with a muppet creature but not the actual muppets and I believe they have to wake up a giant that’s sleeping in order to get back home . This movie i remember seeing back in the early 90s , it was in color but it felt like a movie with sesame street quality if that makes sense. Please if you can find this movie and let me know it would mean the world to me !

60’s or 70’s execution of woman

I saw the end of a movie when I was about 10 in which a female prisoner with a baby in her arms was taken out and shot in front of a brick wall. I think there were a couple of other prisoners too.  They took the baby from her arms and shot her and then it showed them hiding away the blood.  I remember holes in the white brick walls.  It showed her crumple and the baby crying and the blood being washed away.  That was the end.

I always assumed it was WWII but recently I got to thinking maybe it was the Spanish civil war? It is definitely set in the mid-twentieth century and would have been on TV in the late 1970’s.  I think she was maybe a spy or part of the resistance.  I believe she was wearing a dark grey dress and kerchief which were probably a prison uniform?  And she had dark hair.

It was such a shocking thing to flick past while changing the channel and I just wonder what war I walked in on.  Thanks!

Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by a junkyard?

Hey guys as the title says…

I cant remember this Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by some kind of a junkyard? Can someone please help me remember?

Things I remember:
– It was in English
– I saw it in the 90’s (so it must be a 90’s movie or maybe late 80’s)
– This family apparently caught people on their mansion who was surrounded by some kind of junkyard and the mansion was filled with traps to no let guests out.
– It was in color.
– I remember the family has perhaps some family members disfigured or some kind of creepy members?
– I remember the main character of the movie like getting to the mansion or getting caught in one of the traps using like a big slide

Man it was a long time ago… somebody has to remember it please help me 🙁

Horror movie in a school setting.

So there’s this outbreak, I can’t remember if it was dinosaurs or aliens, and these teenagers are trapped in a school (separated from their parents).

At one point, one of the girls, a redhead I think, was swimming in the school pool, when a government helicopter drops off a bunch of gas bombs with timers on the roof of the school, to exterminate the monsters in the city.

There were also a few gas masks but not enough for all the teenagers, who are now all huddled up in the (white) kitchen (I think) hiding from the monsters, struggling to keep the door closed.

At the end of the movie, a government vehicle comes and picks up the kids outside of the school and they’re reunited with their family.

Help to find a movie please

It Was an american film i watched TV in late 90ties or early 2000s. She is about 18 years or so old, now officially independant, decides to leave home and find her own paths, against her mother’s advice to join her in running the restaurant business. Her mother is a good chef, the girl been taught how to cook.
She goes to another city, works as a babysitter for family with 3 kids. The man of this family has his boss coming over for dinner, but his wife cannot cook. This babysitter girl offers to cook. The boss is a gormeut foodie, loves the dinner and asks his employee to give him the cook away. So this girl starts working in the rich boss’es house as a chef. He never met her. They meet on the street whilst walking his dog every day, become friends and fall in love, but he still doesn’t know that she is his chef at home.
Eventually, they both realise that he is her boss. then She decides to return to her mother’s home and joins in the restaurant. The rich boss comes to find her. His butler turns out to be her long lost father. …

Help with movie title

There was this lady, I don’t remember what happened to her husband, but she had like four or five children and she started watching a lot of Christian TV  and all of a sudden she thought  God started talking to her and she started depriving her children of their basic needs and keeping them all at home and eventually she started selling her girls to men and beating on her children and even making them beat on the one girl she put in the closet and eventually that girl died not sure if one of her other children got killed as well but this lady was a nut and had them kids scared to death. Somebody please help me figure out this title