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Old cartoon movie

total long shot but I use to watch this movie in after care at school

it was two kids or more idk and then went to another land with like a talking cartoon lion and other animals and all I remember is there were bad guys and one scene were there was weird shapes and in the end I think they were all taught a lesson about life and kindness or god??? I really can’t remember but I want to so bad

Early/Mid 80’s HBO, SHO, Cinemax movie.

There was a scene in a movie on one of the networks listed that showed a swimmer who was handcuffed to a pool ladder while underwater and drowned just inches from the top of the water surface.  I want to say it was HBO, but I can’t remember for sure.  Think the movie may have had different “episodes” within it, kind of like Creepshow but they all involved murders.

Guy gives another guy some sex spice to use during sex but burns him. It was a native american kinda movie

A woman and Child get stuck in a hole in the woods and she uses some kind of Ant to stitch the wound was one scene. Guy uses a wooden spike trap to kill a bad guy chasing him in the woods was at the end of the movie. A group of other natives come in and kill alot of the current natives and takes alot of them as slaves. That was kinda the beginning of the movie. There was a lot of Gore and Killing in this movie and it was quite a good movie. Haven’t seen it in forever and can’t remember the name of it for the life of me.

A “Grave under a tree” lovestory with a medicine-student who finally married a woman of his own social class

American or British movie : a young man is walking in the fields/woods of a nice litte village and hurts his feet. He got help of a family with a beautifull daughter. It’s directly love on first sight. He makes with her an appointment “under a tree” to take her with him on his journey to the coast. The girl is waiting but he did not come. She decided to go on her own to the coast in the hope to find him there. In a glimpse she thinks to see him while two man on the street carries a mirror. This mirror-reflection was no more than a mirage. 10 years later : the man finally married another woman of his social class and got two daughters. Suddenly he passes that village of his youth and asked to people of that village what happened with that girl. An old man of the village accompagned him and walks with him to ‘the tree’. Under that tree there is her grave. The young man than asked what happened. The old man told she was pragnent and she died by born-giving. In the final shot the old man said goodbye by naming the man with his first name. So, he recognised him. In his returning home, driving the car, he sees a young blond boy with the colors of his eyes. The END.

Boy dangles form high balcony – tv-film 1960’s

I remember a tv-movie of the mid-60’s in which a little boy played on a balcony of a high building and by accident suddenly dangles from that high balcony. His mother hold his hands but loose – little by little – grip and the boy (for a while) imagines he is floating in the air (and not falling). His mother asked him to drop one of his shoes and this falling shoe is marked by people on the groundfloor and so – finally – the boy is rescued by fireman that comes to save him. I remember – as a little kid – I could not sleep very well the next day in the kindergarten during midday-rest, always thinking on that boy. I got my high-fear from there, i think.

Late 90’s/early 2000’s fantasy film help?

Hey everyone, first post here so I hope I’m doing it right.

I’m looking for a film which I’m guessing is from either from the late 90’s or early 2000s, as it would’ve been perhaps 2004-ish when I watched it on television (in colour). I originally thought it was Dungeons and Dragons (but alas not!!), as I remember it had a similar fantasy aesthetic.
My main memory of it was that there was a female character (with long dark hair I think??) who got her arm stuck in some sort of transportation portal they went through, and they had to chop it off. The same character I believe had some sort of pet bird (perhaps a hawk or dove??), and in one scene where they were trying to navigate a maze the bird flew through a booby-trapped part and was sliced or zapped (??)

Apologies for this being incredibly vague, these parts have just stuck with me and I’d like to find it again, I know I watched it a few times when I was younger.. Many thanks! x

Man is trapped trapped in cocoon, gets rescued but his skin has started dissolving

That is literally the only thing I can remember as far as context for the movie goes, sorry! I was just a kid when I saw it and it really… Disturbed me. I want to watch it again as an adult and get over it. Anyway I had to have seen it when my mom was using the television between 1995 and 2000. I am fairly certain it was a movie but after the guidelines suggested it may have been a show, it could have been Xena, my mom really liked that show. It was in English and it was in color… But like, low quality color if you know what I’m talking about. Thanks for the consideration!


It’s in english language.

the setting was in a forest where a couple seem to have woke up from a long sleep. the girl was bitten by a snake on her knee and then the venom or sting was alive and it actually crawled under the skin from knee up to her legs. the guy had to cut open the skin on her leg where the venom/sting  was to release it.

After that scene they saw car remains and they did not know it was call car. they saw photograph and they called it something else other than picture/photograph because they do not know what these were.

the leaders/elders wanted the couple to mate to reproduce but they felt like it was not right.

later they found out that the planet actually had extinct and that they seem to just have been cloned by some futuristic beings and used whatever is left of the human DNA that they found on the planet.

movie was late 90’s i guess, watched it on HBO but hose are the only scenes I could remember.

Weird online horror film

So I watched this movie when online chat rooms were becoming a huge thing & my parents wanted me to know the dangers of meeting people online .


So the movie starts with these two girls meeting this guy at his house thinking he’s a teenager but it ends up being this white guy with I think red long hair & he ends up killing them.

He liked to inflict pain on himself and claimed he couldn’t feel anything so For some reason he tries to be normal after that maybe . & something happens to him to where he goes back to the way he was & hangs himself on hooks .


I dont remember anything after that.

Thriller/Mystery Movie, been trying to find it for years

Ive been trying to find a movie that I saw either six or seven years ago. This is what I can remember:

A girl inherits her grandfather’s house after he passes away. She moves in and plans to remodel.

Theres a next door neighbour, a male, he gets involved with the girl. I think he’s a carpenter, and one night to make sure the girl is okay, they stay at his place and sleep there. I think there were wood planks and tools around.

One time she goes into the kitchen, turns on the chandelier light, and sees creepy baby dolls hanging from the light. I think there were notes attached.

Another time, she had just finished fixing the wall of the bathroom. Just a little bit later she finds the wall smashed (it was glass) late at night.

At the end of the movie a man came into the house and her and the girl fought. The plot is probably that the man wants her grandfathers money.

Now that I think about it, the male who’s protecting her might be the carpenter renovating the house, but I can’t remember.

I believe I saw the movie between 2009-2011.

I thought the word August was in the title, or it could be an actors name.

Please help, this has been driving me insane for years 😂 My mom doesn’t remember watching it at all and I feel crazy like I imagined it.

80s horror movie?

I saw this movie when I was little, around 1989-1991-ish. I’m pretty sure it was rented on vhs from Giant Eagle (grocery store) in Erie PA, that was my family’s favorite place to rent movies. It was in color.

The only scene I remember is a girl being sacrificed, or cursed maybe. There was a girl laying on a table and someone leaning over her. The person pulled up the girls shirt to expose her stomach. I think she may have been pregnat (but not showing)? They put something on her stomach to curse her or whatever, and then a giant worm looking thing came out of the girl’s mouth and the evil person cut it open and poured the worm’s slime on the girl’s stomach.

I would love to know what movie this is and know im not crazy! Lol

Thank you!


Boy likes girl, but she has powers?

It was a short film, saw it around 2014-2015, and it had original music by this artist. Like three of this artist’s music videos had scenes from this film.

It was about a boy who has feelings for this girl, who had powers like healing? And they were friends, but for some reason never got together until the end of the film. I remember that when they finally kissed, it was shot in a dim, blue room while they stood in front of a painting. Another scene was when they were young teenagers and the boy flew off his bike and she had to rush to his aid and heal him with her weird mutant, alien powers?

It was in English, colored, and saw it over the internet on YouTube.

Ghost lose their castle and save the world

OK folks,

OK folks,

So I’ve been looking for this for five years now… I still regret to this day not going to Blockbuster again and getting it for my sons request… But blockbuster to has vanished into the archives of history. Here’s a plot summary:

There’s these ghosts headed by a British/Scottish/Irish/handsome looking ghost fellow who runs the castle but has no legs, married to a ghost   Female who was drowned in her previous existence. With an ex “human” cannonball China man who is now nothing more but a flaming skull.  Our regular tag group of dispossessed spirits who have lost their castle and if memory serves wind up in the London tower?…  well still trying to remain a family… Despite none of them being physically related… There are human beings and sort of an ectoplasmic machine and  human children playing sonic  The hedgehog video games… While the future of humanity lives in the balance there’s probably no subject this movie didn’t take on it was in general release and Blockbuster video a year before they closed. I will happily send a reward of some sort to the person who can successfully answer my question which remains what is this movie?

I know, it sounds so bad it must be brilliant but what’s the title

What is this movie called?

So I remember this movie I watched when I was younger. I watched this movie in the early 2000s but it could have been from the 80s or 90s. I think this movie could have been a Christmas movie but I could be wrong. I remember this specific scene where there is this little girl but it’s almost like a dream sequence. The tone and mood of the scene is similar to the “Drop dead fred” dream part. Anyways, in the faint memory of the scene I remember is the little girl is being watch out of a glass cabinet by maybe an elf or just a magic guy who use to be her friend but shes growing up. In the scene she might be opening the cabinet but I’m not sure. The scene is very emotional and has blue color tones all around giving it almost a dark icy feel. I also think the girl might be a ballerina but I could also be wrong about that. I watched this movie on tv by the way, and I still cant shake this feeling that it was a Christmas movie.

A scifi horror, alien in human form

I saw it in TV in early 2000s, it was scifi horror, kinda reminds me of Event Horizon, where the aliens take form of humans and deceive their friends. It takes place in another planet, and I think the characters are spaceship crews. I can only remember the last scene, where there were only 2 survivors, a guy and a woman, they’re about to leave the planet, but an alien in the form of the woman punched the real one right through her head, but then the guy survived, and he leaves. In the last scene, the camera pans back and reveals something to hint that the alien is in the spaceship with him. It was in color. I found it on Imdb once but I forgot the title, I think it’s foreign (like European) but I’m not entirely sure, the 2 actors from the last scene are caucasian though. I remember it has sequel. For anyone who happens to know the title please tell me, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!