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Foreign Children film

The movie i can’t seem to find is definitely a foreign film i saw when i was younger it was either polish, german, danish or even french. All i remember is its about a poor school boy who has made friends with a rich girl and they become close. One day her parents go to the opera and he wrongfully is accused of stealing from them he later comes to warn them of a robber and home invasion. i remember the movie ends with the two kids going on holiday and buying groceries for the sick mother.

Train station killer trying to kill a pregnant lady and her boyfriend

This lady and her boyfriend live somewhere under the train tracks the lady is pregnant and hungry but they don’t have money for food so her boyfriend  decides to go find food that someone had left somewhere after the train station closed and runs into a killer that didn’t look human. He then gets killed and the killer goes after his girlfriend he tries to kill and take her baby out of her stomach but fails. This movie might of been made somewhere between 2000-2004. I watched this movie on T.V.

Sole Survivor gets chased by the crew of a space ship that died horrificly

I believe that it is set in space and all of the crew apart from one died horrificly… Don’t know how they died (I have a feeling one drowned and another got mangled up).

I think one of the end scenes is where the Sole Survivor (had a beard if I remember correctly) get’s surrounded by the crew and they are all walking slowly towards him ready to kill him.

The guy killed his lover to ate her in the end

I watched that movie about 20 years ago. It was an erotic movie and featured on tv. it was called something like meat but i dont know its original name. a man and a woman made love in summertime until the woman came to the house where they spent all of their time together to say that she wants to end their relationship but the man was so obsessed so he stabbed her and put her pieces into the fridge to eat them later to continue on his sexual satisfaction. the film ended there. the film was completely set in that house

Where a man rips off his rivals ears and make him eat

I watched the movie about twenty years ago on tv and there was a man who ripped off his rivals ears and made him eat. it may be a cowboy movie or more possibly a kung fu movie or neighter of them. i am not sure. i just remember that scene and i want to find that movie because there were some minor actions that penetrated into my chilhood mind. so i look for any possible answers. thanks

A movie with possible cannibalism…?

Okay, so I saw this movie (I think) on TV when I was younger, very possibly 10 or more years ago. I don’t remember if it was English or not, it’s very possible it was a Swedish movie since I live in Finland. I don’t remember exact details, but here’s some scenes I remember:

There was a group of boys, teenagers probably, not adults for sure. They were the main characters.

There was a boy who was hiding from someone, he hid in the attic of someone’s house. Later in the movie he got handed a fake ID.

There was a scene where two girls were playing something outside, possibly tennis, and some guy came, chased one of the girls and force-fed her grass.

There was a scene in the movie where the group of boys killed the hiding boy (I’m not too sure what exactly happened in this scene), and then they burned his corpse in a fire. One of the boys was holding a bloody shovel.


That’s all I can remember, the movie at the time seemed old-ish, possibly made in the 80’s or early 90’s.

Obscure independant movie about a struggling songwriter/pianist.

I saw this movie on TV once when I was very young, I have no idea what the title was, I don’t think I knew it to begin with.

None of the info I have yeided anything on Google or, I think this will be a challenge for you.

Here’s what I have:

It was an idependant movie I think, definatly not mainstream, it was animated and I think done in pencil. It would have come out in the late 80s or early 90s and it was featured on the TV show “Rolf’s cartoon club.”

I only remember fragments of the film, here’s what I remember.

It’s about a piano player and songwriter, with red hair and a blue suit I think. He’s working on this new song while struggling under some kind of pressure from his boss, a fat dark haired man who wears a green suit I think. And also he’s trying to win the heart of the girl he loves.

He visits a diner where the food acts out typical scenes from romance movies, including a french fry until the man sitting next to him eats it. This man then takes him to visit a wise man who lives at the top of a tower that springs from the ground.

Going up the tower steps he meets aman coming down the steps walking on the risers insted of the treads. He meets the wise man but he speaks geberish. our protagonist tells this to he diner friend who explains the wise man is so inteligent, no one else can understand him.

The next scene I remember is that he’s missed some kind of deadline and all is lost. So he checks in to the Heartbroken Hotel (NOT heartbreak, heartbroken) a hotel with rooms equiped for guests to kill themselves. He then jumps out of his room onto a giant bullseye on the ground below.

And then I think it turns out that part was a dream, at least I hope it was. And there a scene where he performs his new song “That’s my love for you” to the girl and his boss while his piano flys around the room.

He thinks his boss likes it becuase he was smiling but it turns out he just trying to get somthing unstuck from his teeth.

That’s the film, any of you recognize it?

Comsic something romance movies

Ok, so it started off with this guy and girl who meet while waiting in line somewhere. The movie follows their relationship and all the problems they have. I remember this one scene when they’re in Paris and the woman asks “do you ever dream of me?” Or something like that. They eventually break up and the girl goes off to marry some other guy. They reunite though and I guess the guy had a realization that their love was “written in the stars” or something similar. It somes really corny but it’s actually pretty realistic. I can’t remember the year but it’s not that old.

Movie where characters of classical books come to life

What I remember is that two kids inherited a house with many books in it, then some of them went to the attic  and some characters where hidden there, then some of them tried to include the kid in the books until some mystery got resolved.

Movie finishes when the all books will be sold in a antiquary store and the magic books are still there.

For sure I watch this movie on the net, in Netflix or Youtube. Don’t know whether was anime or with real actors.

Mystery film I need help finding

I remember in 2012 I was on holiday in Tenerife, I was sitting by the pool side and I overheard my mum telling some new people we met about a film she watched. I remember her saying the film was about a young girl (probably 11-16 years old) who was brutally murdered. After her murder, she donated her eyes to a blind man who then suddenly gets these visuals of being attacked. He soon realises that these visuals are actually the young girl’s murder and he is experiencing her final moments exactly as she saw it. I remember being intrigued by this film and my mum saying I wasn’t allowed to watch it until I’m older, however I’ve brought it up to her and while she vaguely remembers this description she doesn’t remember the title. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Couples Ecstasy Movie

I remember this movie from a few years ago. I am 20 years old now and I can’t pinpoint exactly when I saw it, but it must have been between my ages of 9-14 years old. I don’t remember voluntarily choosing this movie, so I believe it might have been something on TV, but given its graphic nature it was probably on a special channel or on late at night. I remember almost NOTHING from the film except that it involved a group of adults doing ecstasy together. From what I remember, this is a group of couples and they are all friends. They are closer to young adults than senior citizens. They all go to this cabin in the woods or something, and they are all in some type of living room when they all take ecstasy. Their intention is to have an orgy. I remember some drama happening, either someone couldn’t preform or someone got jealous. But I think it turns out to be a horror movie of some sort because I just remember feeling frightened and getting a weird vibe from the film. It definitely was not a huge, star-studded film. I don’t remember recognizing any of the actors and it didn’t seem to have a high budget. Please help me out, I have had intrusive thoughts of this movie for my whole life.

Name of Foreign Film

I’m trying to remember the name of this foreign movie I watched on tv around 2008. All I could describe are peices of the movie I can recall:

1.) There was girl maybe in her 20s(she had a bob haircut and she had black hair)

2.) I think she lived in an apartment with a group of guys. I can’t remember if they were drug dealers or not.

3.) I think the movie was European(either French or Russian, and it had yellow subtitles)

4.) The title had numbers and letters all scrambled, and there were no words in the title, just those numbers and letters

5.) The movie looked to be around early 2000s

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the plot of the movie, so this is all I have.

Help me find out what show this is?

I watched this when I was at a friends house (his family is Hispanic, this is important) so I don’t know much about the show I think every episode was different. All I remember is that it’s about this woman who works at this factory that makes fabric/linen, I think. One night she accidentally kills one of her coworkers and she tries to hide her body. She also stabs the body with scissors to ensure that she is dead. The woman then dispossesses of the body by throwing it near a freeway. Afterwards she goes back to work the nightshift but she keeps getting visions of the coworker she killed. In the end she ends up dying because water spilled onto some wires of the electrical (possible computer) she was working at and she ended up getting electrocuted to death. The show was in Spanish, I know this was long but please help me out here. I appreciate it.

Idk if it was a show or a movie i need help!!

I dont remember if this was a movie or a show. I didnt watch this a long time ago, maybe like this year. I remember a scene from this. Unfortunatelly i dont remember the actors. It had a guy like highschooler who had a matching bracelet with his brother (it was one of those bracelets that look wooven and made of rope) and everytime he got nervous or anxious (or even scared maybe) he would grab at the bracelet. But then he put it on his desk and then he couldnt find it and he accidentally threw it away and a girl (love interest i think) was helping him look for it in a dumpster and when he found it it was kind of dirty. Thats all i remember from the movie/show i hope i can get some help..thanks.


I have been trying to remember this movie FOREVER that haunted me as a child. I watched it on tv most likely early 90s and I’m thinking it was a made for TV movie. What I remember was there was a family like on vacation but they get kidnapped by these guys that are after something. It all has to do with this cave where they take the family and the thing I most remember was that there was another family or at least little girl taken there long ago and killed. I don’t remember if she was a ghost or just a flashback memory but I think they found her remains and it seriously freaked me out. Anyone?????? PLEASE seriously have been trying to figure this out for most of my adult life 🙂

The killer cuts some nerve and the victims can’t help themselves but slowly impale on the sword he puts under

Ils think it’s set in the future or at least on another planet (or galaxy…) and there’s à killer with a sword that cuts a specific part (nerve or tendon) so the victim can’t move and slowly falls to the ground but the killer puts the sword under them waiting for them to impale themselves.

And maybe there was this other guy having a relationship with a robot or hologram girl

It was on TV like 10 years ago or 15 maximum, it was in color

It was probably american

Been wondering if this wasn’t just a dream for a while so please help !

True Story of wife ordering her hausbands murder movie

Hi, im looking for a movie its about this rich American man who meets this (i think blond American women, who is really nice they fall in love and then they get married. After they marry the wife hosts a party at their home and goes nuts because she wanted (i think ruby colored tulips not red)!!! Anyway she goes nuts in front of the guests and starts pulling them out from the garden… Husband stops her and she goes back to normal & one day they decide to adopt two russian children (brother & sister) since she cant have kids. Anyway they start fighting and she leaves or kicks him out and stays at a 5 star hotel and orders room service because her ex husband is paying for it all! Then she moves into this giant house and tells them to remove the flooring and replace it just to charge more her ex husband. Husband keeps giving her thousands because she is threatening that he will never see them again. She also tries to turn the kids against their father. Ending wife hires her lover to kill her ex husband. Movie is american time around 2000 – 2017 , Oh its a true story… please help 🙂 🙁