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I need to find the name of this movie please

A lady gets her dog back from a bad guy in a basement garage. The dog jumps out of the car and she’s relieved to see he is alive  as she thought he was dead)  Her leg is slightly injured but she needs to run away from the men running after her. Since she is sleep deprived she finds herself hiding to fall asleep for as short as 3 minutes, runs again then another few minutes runs again and just can’t manage to stay awake. Before the lady started running she discovered that one or few of the cops that we’re helping her were crooked cops. ( I remember that the lady had dark hair, reminds me of missy peregrym.  Haven’t watched the beginning of the movie and watched it years ago).



Movie scene where someone turns someone else into goo in a public bathroom

Okay so I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream this but I remember a movie where there were two men in a public bathroom and one was like an executive type while the other one was someone who worked under him. The lower man was jealous and wanted control of the company so he took out a little gadget and turned the executive into a pile of goo and then wiped it up with a kleenex and threw it into the garbage and left like nothing happened. I’m literally losing my mind trying to figure it out hahahaha

Red Rob undress at balcony ending scene

I saw the movie around 1995, but I guess it came out in the 80’s, or early 90’s.

I think it was in english, im not 100% and it was color.

It was a drama/romantic movie.

I think the main characters might have been part of a monarchy, lords or maybe something similar. Or at least she-was.

‘Him’ tries to be with ‘Her’-a beautiful sophisticated lady, I think quite a bit older than him-. In the ending scene, she agrees to be with him or accepts marrying , and she is at a balcony wearing only a red dress/robe. She undresses it and remains nude and then she either suicides or something weird happened i think. This was kind of the final scene although something might had happen after.

a girl got killed by school mates

Hey guys , i saw a movie or a tv show and i don’t know the name of it ..
A girl named jessica (teenager) gets murdered by an accident by her school mates their names are kaitlyn and molly and another girl ..
And one of their mothers throws the body into a river in a hocky bag and she thinks that jessica is dead but she wasn’t and she saw the bag moving ..
And in the same movie a girl named lindsey commits a suicide and the school throws some kind of a memorial for jessica and lindsey ..
If you know if it’s a movie or a tv show can you please tell me and tell me the title ..
Thanks 💟

Old cult movie made of short films??

It was on the movie channel late at night, I think it had a long title.

Andways, this guy goes to the vhs store and buys a tape. I don’t remember if it was a porn or what. But he put it in and sat in his recliner in front of his small tv. A woman is on the TV doing something but then she starts talking to him and then I remember she got naked. And then her boyfriend walked in on her, and told the man watching the tape he was in trouble, I’m pretty sure the boyfriend killed the girl?? Then the cops bust in the man’s house who was watching the tape.

That’s what I remember. Someone help!!!!!

Cartoon from the bend of late 80’s to early 90’s maybe

Sooo… i have this cartoon i remember only parts of, Main thing it in was that there was this guy with a junk yard, his red truck and mostly white dog with black portions, there wars this white bad ass big cat (cougar?) who had about zero F**Ks to give about things, one scene i remember with the cat that it was doing some rafting down some wild water river with the dog who was more or less scared sh**less. A total bad-ass of a feline there…… Another completely different scene was with the junk yard guy going to a date with this bombshell of a woman, pick-nick style, some canned beans went flying, straight to the girls cleavage and spoon to the rescue… Nuff said the dame was not impressed… I also remember a guy maybe after the junkyard holding deeds or something, black limo and probably some shenanigans… This all was in English if i recall right… it was a looong time ago, i had it on VHS from TV so yeah….  not sure what happened to the said VHS either… I know this is not much to go with, but i haven’t found anything of VHS anywhere else… Hope some one there gets what i’m talking about…  Thank you for advance…

Kidnapped, Killed, Thrown into Waterfalls, 80’s, True Story Maybe

In the 80’s


I think it was VHS but could be TV


I believe it was based on a true story


A teenager is kidnapped and taken for a ride in his Volkswagen Van. I believe 2 men kidnap him or make friends with him at a gas station and ask for a ride

I believe he eventually gets stabbed and killed and thrown into a lake or river which leads into massive waterfalls.

I think its based on a true story.


A Movie in which a clown plays Ice Hockey

I have seen this movie in TV, HBO I think. I’ve seen this movie 6 years ago. I can hardly remember the plot. There is a bunch of teenagers, the movie has theme elements of hallucination, I think. In one scene There’s a clown in an indoor ice hockey stadium. He is guarding a goalpost playing against teenagers. He is a maniac type of character, I guess. Then in another scene, we see a pick up truck with the teenagers stuck in a railway track. Another scene shows a man talking to a teenager and suddenly disappearing. He plays the god. Then another scene shows grim reapers dancing and entering a home takes a girl out to the garden and they sing. Please help me find the name of this movie.

Treehouse, Doll, Kids

Trying to figure out what movie this is. I watched it sometime between 1995-2003 I believe.

It was in English and color.

I don’t remember much  about it but the following showed up in the movie:

-A treehouse

-A doll

-Kids (possibly a boy and a girl)

-A kiddie wagon

-A very creepy man


I remember watching the movie as a child and being very creeped out. There may have been a scene where the girl’s doll is abused or treated poorly too. Any ideas?

Old horror mystery where little girl finds her dead relative buried under a house

I saw this movie in the late 1988-1992. It was in color, English language, movie seen on TV.


This little girl has premonitions of a dead little girl family member. She was insistent on finding out what happens to her but it is a family mystery of this girl that disappeared.  She goes to spend a summer with some family members and discovers a skeleton of a little girl under the house. They say that she can now Rest In Peace  because she was found.

what is this movie? please!

I remember only a little bit of this movie. I saw it when i was a lot younger and i watched it around the time i watched the movie “13 ghost” which is from 2001. I’m guessing this movie is round that time period and it was in color. The only things i remember is that a crew of people go somewhere on a train and they are being chased my other people who are trying to kill them. The killers are maybe zombies or cannibals and the main killer which is the “king” of the others has long hair and has his face painted black and white. I also remember that he would cut the heads of the people he killed and would stick them on the ground on a stick. Another scene i remember is when the crew is trying to get away the main one screams and all the other people chase the train and get on top of it trying to get in.

Alien movie

All i can remember is this scene. its about a Women and man in this trance because they were attacked by an alien. the women is a painter and she has severe depression. she recently got a divorce and is trying to leave. and the man has dreams. they come together to figure out that they must kill themselves in order to get out of the trance. once they finally get out of the trance they realize that there team had them in there to keep them alive because of am alien attack. Can someone please help me with this movie ?If im correct its this giant Alien that kinda looks like an octopus its in the big glass. when the alien touched them they needed to be put in the dream world in order to the movie in her painting she has hints and the man has dreams

Early 90s US Romantic Spy Comedy About Russian/German Female Solder Defecting With American Male Soldier

From what I remember, this is a story about a low level, bumbling, down on his luck male American Soldier who is stationed near a Communist country controlled by the Soviets. I think it was West Germany, and I think he had black hair. His duty might have been as a desk clerk or even a janitor. I think I remember him mopping something, thought it may have been punishment for bumbling, or maybe he just tripped or was pushed over a mop bucket. Or, maybe he worked in the motor pool at a desk signing out vehicles.

I’m not at all sure about this part, but I think the plot is that he has to do a routine chore for his Commander that involves going into Communist territory and delivering paperwork. I think the chore is something he has done a lot of times, though it could be the first time and he is nervous about it. The chore itself is routine at least, I think. And it might be that he is going into East Germany. I’m pretty sure it involves going though a checkpoint in a car, where a white bar across the road needs to be lifted up. While there, he either delivers some spy stuff unknowingly, or the Communists think he did, perhaps even mistaking him for someone else who actually is a spy. Either way he is delayed in leaving, though he doesn’t know why really.

He meets a Soviet or East German female soldier who’s job is more important than his, I think, but is still just a clerical job. It might have to do with codes, but she isn’t a codebreaker or anything super important. Maybe it is her rank that is higher than his, not sure. She wears an olive green soldier dress uniform with a skirt, black heels, and I think she has red shoulder marks. She has short blonde hair in a bob haircut. She has a super kind personality, even more so than the American soldier, which doesn’t fit in with her fellow Russian soldiers. She’s not violent or masculine at all. She falls in love with the American solder.

He figures out eventually that he is in trouble and needs to escape back to his base. The female solider decides she wants to go with him and defect. The rest of the film is them trying to escape the Communists and reach the American held area. I think along the way they accidentally solve the spy plot he got caught up in, I can’t remember what it was, but it is a win for the Free World.

I’m pretty sure this film was shown a huge number of times on HBO in the very late 80s or very early 90s, probably in the summer during the day, as the VHS tape I saw it on was made for the purpose of recording such films back then.

i saw it as a commercial before the actual movie was going to play??

okay so this was somewhere between 5-10 years ago, 10 being really pushing it. i dont remember what movie i was watching (even though part of me wants to say it was “who is cletis tout”), but as with most vhs movies, there were a handful of previews before it got to what you wanted.
anyway, i cant recall all that much, but i remember it was showing a man and woman fighting kind of? it was like he had kidnapped her. im pretty sure he chained or tied her to a table at one point. the color red was really really prominent in the preview as well. it had significant stockholm-y vibes, like there was some romantic involvement between the two? i remember the girl being a really pretty brunette, and for some reason i wanna say the man was ben kingsley, but i checked his list of movies and none of them seemed to fit. i dont think there was any speaking in the preview but im not sure, it was very artsy haha. thanks in advance.

Late 80s , 90s movie

I can remember several parts of the movie so this could be all over the place.

A man and what’s seems like a younger woman are in a bedroom and he asks her to strip down and proceeds to take photos of her and lays her down on the bed and they have sex.

Theres another scene where she is heavily pregnant and shows him the photo from the scene above.

There seemed to be some level of abuse, whether emotional or physical as he seemed to be taken advantage of her. From this, after having a few kids with him, she hired someone to kill him but it didn’t end well and she was arrested for his murder.

pleas help