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Bad Quality Fairy-tale type Cartoon. Please help! This has been stuck with me for years!

I tried to submit this before but I guess it didn’t work? So I’m trying again.
It’s an english animated movie made in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The film starts off with a prince/knight fighting a dragon, he has a comical anthropomorphic bird side-kick. The prince/knight is the main character and he’s called (it sounds like) “Toe-me-toe”. The princess is captured by a sorceress and forced to drink some poison out of a chalice or else the sorceress will kill the prince/knight guy. The princess sings about him and then drinks and passes out in her carriage cage thing. It’s revealed in a flashback that the sorceress turned into a bird and tried to kidnap the princess as a baby (but failed). In the end it’s happily ever after and the bird side-kick finds a female bird and falls in love last minute.

Very Sexual Movie

I saw a English movie long time back, where the woman is madly in love with a man,  towards the ending in a strange bid to impress the man, woman stands in his office for a day or two continuously,  i remember the film- makers even showing that the woman pees. after the man is impressed he finally takes the woman to a bathtub and gives her a nice bath. then the movie ends.

kind of an erotic movie. I remember one more scene where the man fornicates the woman from behind in the same office and discovers poop in her underwear and gets mad that the woman doesnt have basic hygiene ?


this one has been making me insane.. plz answer

Maybe called whispers?

I am trying to remember this movie-I only saw the extended preview. It was a kids birthday party of something in the opening, and there was treehouse. Something about whispers maybe? One kid ended up luring the mom up to a treehouse and pushed her out. It hasn’t been out that long. I remember her making the kid a sandwich or something in the preview. I know this is random and not very descriptive but it’s driving me crazy!


  • Movie was on Netflix about 8 years ago.
  • I think I remember it saying it one a film festival award in description
  • Plot was three friends are hanging out in this wooded area. One of the friends gets his head blown off my a random sniper. Eventually one other of the friends gets sniped too. The last surviving friend finds an abandoned factory where the shooters (I think there were two shooters together) were and kills them.
  • The movie had a homemade quality to it
  • I have no idea what the name is and can’t find it by searching on Google.

Red Lingerie-Black Stocking Woman Handcuffs in Bed Sexually Abused by Bare-chested Man

I’ve been looking this movie/tv show for years from short clip on youtube channel named BONDAGE TV.

Woman wears red lingerie-black stocking handcuffs in bed and gag by bare-chested man in closed room with red heart neon lamp on the ceilling. The woman feels disgraced & angry, trying to escape from cuffs, then kick down sleep lamp next to the bed. There is another woman laying down unconscious with massive blood stain in pink jumpsuit. Next, he wears latex mask, move the dying lady up to mattress, try to scares the lingerie woman, but she kicked down the unconscious woman back to floor. The man records the whole act and feel satisfied, even he laughing at camera, suddenly stumbling down from his chair to floor.


Help me remember this movie!

Hi there
I posted this query some years back but I’m hoping someone can help me this time to stop me reading every film description in the TV guide every week!!
I have tried googling and imdb searches to no avail and it’s starting to drive me mad now!! Pleeaassee help.
Firstly can I point out that the film is NOT “Unforgettable”(1996) starring Ray Liotta although the premise is similar.
I watched this film in June 1991 and rented it from Blockbuster in London UK, so it is obviously prior to that date. Not really dated so I would guess it was contemporary set probably late eighties /early nineties- definitely not 1970s!!!! At a guess 1984-1990
Set in USA. The film started with a (white?) car pulling on to a driveway the door opens and a man falls out obviously really drunk. The house is lit up (you may possibly see his wife indoors??) The man collapses on driveway/in bushes and sleeps. You see/hear a murder being committed and the man half opens his eyes to see legs/feet passing him going away from the house but he is to incapacitated to do anything.
When he awakes he goes into the house to find his wife has been murdered (possibly in a room above the attached garage tied up in a chair-although this may be where also the man recreated the crime).
Somehow or other he learns that the last thing a person sees may be stored in their brain/eye and if you use some fluid obtained from these parts and inject it you can recreate the image/last moments before death therefore unmasking the killer.

I know it seems very similar to Unforgettable but it’s not that, please also let me know of any films that start with a drunk pulling his/getting lift in a car onto a driveway and falling out and remaining there incapacitated while a murder occurs in case I have confused the 2 however I am 100% sure this was the film.

Old Animated Movie

Old animated movie that might have been in black and white. I think that there was no dialogue, but there was still sound. I don’t remember the story line, but I remember it being weird and confusing. I’ve had flashbacks of a few scenes: a man is in this dark part of some stairs and he is whistling, (I remember a lot of whistling for some reason), there was a guy who might have been some police man type and he was controlling this giant robot man thing, and there might have been some people living underground. Like I said, I remember this animated movie being weird.

a movie I’m trying to remember from when I was younger

I’m 15 now so this movie definitely wouldn’t be anything close to this date but it was probably a late 90’s- early 2000’s movie.

I keep having flashbacks or memories of this animated movie I watched when I was younger and I’m going crazy trying to figure it out I but really can’t remember anything but this: I’m pretty sure the main character was a young boy who left his home when he was younger and then returned when he was in his teens-20’s. I have a feeling he had powers, and I also feel like his family might’ve but I’m not 100%. I know there was a mother, and either a brother or best friend, and sister or love interest.

Really wish I could remember more. Tbh some part of me thinks I just dreamt it but I really feel like its real.

old Cartoon with sandstorm, old man, magical cave

I remember this movie (or maybe it was an episode of a show).  The only parts that I remember are there being a sandstorm in a desert, I believe there was something with quicksand, some mysterious old man, and this cave with shining crystals that talked and said “goodbye”.  I had originally thought that it was a Speed Racer episode, but I couldn’t find any episodes that matched the description.

Unusual Movie

Really looking for an unusual Scifi type movie where a guy leaves a bar to make a phone call  at a phone booth and is rushed or chased by a group of people or kids.  It could of been a brief hallucination.

The movie had like a dreamlike state to it at certain parts.

One thing I can remember for certain is the guy is riding a grey hound bus by himself and the outside area is dreamlike state. He shows up a a huge dark tower and there are giant curtains I think.

I am not 100% but I can’t help think it was a Stephen king adaption. However I looked at almost every Stephen king movie. Could of been a sci fi original movie..or a two part special. Although I checked those as well.

I remember this airing on Scifi network a few times. This would have to be a 90s movie or very early 2000s. I have been searching for this movie name for almost 10 years.

An exeption for an old cartoon?

I recently posted a question here about a movie I had been looking for for years and I came here thinking “Oh no one will probably know which movie I mean or take the time to answer” and I got a reply the very next day I checked the site and it was the movie (or rather miniserie) I meant!

So I wanted to ask one more question. I know this site is only for movies, but I hope perhaps someone will know this cartoon? I saw it when I was about 7 or 8 years old (I’m 18 now), so I’d say it is atleast 10 years, but it could be even older than that.

It was a cartoon about two friends, a boy and a girl. I am pretty sure the boy was called Vincent.

I think the boy had green hair and the girl had purple or pink hair, but I am not entirely sure of it.

The two characters lived in some sort of paper world or comicbook world so if they were on an adventure and they needed to escape they could rip open the wall like paper and jump to another page.

I would say it was a cartoon on Nickelodeon or Jetix, but I have honestly no idea.

That’s all I can remember. Once again, I know site is meant for movies, but I would be really grateful if someone could find out the name of this cartoon.

Thank you in advance!