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80s Romantic Comedy Possibly

I am assuming this movie is from the 80s, the fashion gave that impression. It had a woman go out in the evening to a club with friends, i believe it was a club, she meets and falls for a man i think was famous, a singer possibly? Something happens that causes them to be separated, and mishap after mishap occurs as she searches for him to only find him again at the very end of the movie. I think they reunite on the steps of a plane.

I’ve searched everywhere and just can’t find this obscure old movie.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Trippy ambient music movie

So I have been looking for a movie for hours and hours… It’s a cgi type movie from around the 2000’s. It had a Latin title I believe, and was a good hour or two long with no words. Just Trippy  psychedelic  Imagery of geometric shapes and historical imagery. It had an ambient/electronic soundtrack the entire movie.

It was more a “experience movie.” Than a major commercial movie and never came out in theaters I just remember it having a website with info and a place to order the movie. Please help! I know it’s a long shot but I can’t think of anything else to do. I have searched for it for years after I forgot the title.

Divorced woman affair

So, the plot begins with a divorced woman with a son . One daytwo men from the church visit them and one of them is hot with whom she starts her affair. Then one day the church guy sees her with her ex and gets angry and then he gets obsessed about her and tries to kill her husband but he dies in the end. Movie watched in 2014. It was a low budget movie. I think one of the lifetime movies. English.


Movie bugging me for years! Help!

Hey! I hope someone can help with this, I don’t have a lot to go on.

I saw a movie, probably in the early/mid 90s.


I  remember a scene where several people were sitting in a dark room, and they each cut their hands to prove they bleed and are not cyborgs. (I guess the robots were passing for humans..)  At least 1 female and 2 male characters in this scene. One of the guys cuts his hand and angrily says something like “there. Satisfied?”


And a second scene after that where the female protagonist thinks she has killed the robot/cyborg, and finds a note that says “there were two”.


Please help! I’m going crazy!

i just saw a little portion of it

i just remember that a baker (or a cook) was doung something in a kithchen. a guy then enters and insulted him and his mother then the baker got mad and chased the guy with a knife (i don’t know if it was a kitchen knife or a butcher’s knife). the chase was pretty intense, as they jumped out of the building (like what you see in action movies) i don’t really remember what happened but the baker then returned to the kitchen and he is crying. i don’t know if the guy he chased was dead. then the credits rolled in. when you wish upon a star played.

Another movie I can’t remember the name of…

I was made in France and I’m pretty sure it was in French, and subtitled.  Wife has one-night stand with a guy who is subsequently murdered.  Except the guy who was murdered wasn’t actually the man she slept with.  Some identity-switching going on…  Wife owns dress shop, her husband is a lawyer. Murdered guy was client of the husband.  The husband-lawyer defends his wife (sort-of) when she is accused of the murder.  Plot of the movie is wife trying to find out exactly who she slept with and whose side her husband is on– and get the tape of the tryst from the apartment/villa manager where their rendezvous occurred.  It turns out –SPOILER ALERT– that the husband-lawyer and the guy’s widow were having an affair.  They killed the decedent and tried to frame the lawyer’s wife.  Betrayal on a grand-scale. Movie wasn’t too bad… it was watchable…

Synopsis of Movie I saw over 20 years ago

I saw the beginning of a movie probably in the early to mid 90s that made an impression on me enough to want to figure out what it was… So this boy is in his home town but it’s completely empty. He can’t interact with anything and he goes to the school. In the school he goes into a classroom and there is a portal. He enters the portal and its an eerily dark foresty place.


That’s all I got to see before I had to leave… it may have been some corny movie but I remember it being incredibly chilling and terrifying in a way.

Looking for a movie/series/ad that i have been looking for more than 20 years (probably will never be found)

its difficult to have memories of something and you know that you probably wont find it again. I don’t know if it was with actors or animation or puppet animation or clay animation. i don’t know if it was movie, episode, or ad. but it was really dark. the scene takes places in a dark place like an attic. there is a little boy staring at a big smiling clown (don’t know if its a giant puppet or real) they stare at eacth other and suddenly the kid runs and hugs him. i am not sure but the clown was half giant red ball in the bottom and clown in the torso. i remember when they looked each other there was a close up in the face of the boy and in the face of the clown. no music. really silent and weird. and suddenly the kid runs to him and as they hug the swing back and forth and as i recall a good piece of musice started playing. used to see this in my old vhs tape which i don’t have anymore. so this was made before 1999. it was so unique. i never seen anything like this. it was creepy at first but heartwarming too. the clown thing looked like this only fatter.$_35.JPG?set_id=2

the problem is we don’t know what country is it. I am greek but I doubt that was greek made. I found some pictures from the movie “scrooged” that help me recreate the camera angles of the scene. also I don’t know if it was part of a full movie but the scene was like this. first we see in a dark room the face of a little kid (boy or girl)

then the camera changes to the clown standing there. and then close up to its face.

then the camera changes up and far away as if it was a security camera. and we see the kid running and hugging the clown thing. I wish I remember if it was actors or puppet animation.

no. I uploaded the camera angles like a storyboard of the video using paint.

the scene shows 2 figures just staring each other in a dark place like an attic.

then we have a close up of the kid’s face

then a full body shot of the clown

then a close up of the clown

then a generic view where the kid runs to hug the clown. also there is a window that throws light in the dark attic. at that point a good music is heard as if a Disney movie.

as they hug the clown thing goes back and forth like a rocking chair around itself. they continue hugging

I really hope someone remembers something. I used google keywords but nothing found for 2 reasons. 1) it is extremely rare (maybe its an old advertisement) 2) the keywords maybe wrong. maybe it was not clown or something that looked like clown. so typing clown in google maybe wont help. also there is a possibility if I start remembering better that the kid was not a kid. but a cat! nevertheless, it was so unique. It was creepy and heartwarming the same type. never felt like this before watching a movie. (if its a movie). .so unique that I cant describe it. looked like a computer animation with puppet animation combined! but the computer animation was so rare these days. the animation looked like this–freaky-clowns-scary-dolls.jpg


what if the clown was not really a clown but SANTA CLAUS? maybe it was a Christmas ad!!!!

Movie about a man who works at a Sears or Macy’s…questioning his life

young man, working at a retail store in upstate New York. He grew up in the town, and lives with his brother,. They live at home, and are trying to help their older parents out.

He is involved with an ex who lives in New York City, and wants him to move in with her in the city.

He also has a good friendship with a soon to be high school graduate. She is going to college and they spend time talking about their feelings, and they even kiss each other!

I cant remember much more, but I do remember it was an indie film….late 90’s or early 2000’s.



Italian weird B&W movie

It was a Black and white Italian movie with subtitles featuring Sandra Dee. Super weird movie, had something to do with nuns and the devil. The Devil was a goat who was punching people. I dont know, I saw it af 4 am one morning and have been looking for it for years. The only film I seen on her (sandra dee) filmography list that might be it is Ad est di Marsa Matruh , which i cant find anything on that movie at all! No one believes me that this movie exists.

A 90’s (maybe 80’s) horror movie

Hello! There’s this one horror movie scene that’s been bugging me for a long time. I saw this scene as a child, so don’t remember much of it. But there’s a scene where a woman walks slowly on a room (If I remember correctly, the door is slightly open) and when she goes into the room there was a child (or he/she appeared later, not sure) and suddenly the woman looks at her stomach and she has a bloody hole there, then she realizes that her guts are hanging! She screams a lot and the scene is over. I think it was a dream. It’s a movie with English language. It was not black and white, and I saw it on TV. I have to know what this movie is. Its not super-gory but this particular scene is quite nasty. Oh well, thank you already.

Man claiming to be a British King takes a priest hostage in a church and get him to be his scribe

The man who claims to be a king then finds himself surrounded by men outside the room telling him to come out all while he is making the priest transcribe his thoughts into some kind of letter or biography. When the “king” runs out of the church, it is revealed this is happening in modern Great Britain (police sirens and lights) and the “king”, who turns out to be mentally unstable and not a king from centuries ago, is jumped on by police officers who handcuff him.


Movie I saw years ago..

I saw this movie when I was younger maybe about 7. All I remember is that it might have been in spanish and the actors might have been latino/latina. The only part I remember is this man and woman were in a burning room and I think he died and she was in love with him so she killed herself with a lighter or lit cigarette. I know this isnt a very good description but please help me find this movie!!!