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Possibly harvesting children

I watched this movie when I was in elementary so it was probably made in the 2000s…I might’ve watched it around 2007? Anyways, the small parts I remember is that there were a bunch of kids going to a…private(?) school and every kid there was going to be harvested. The teacher’s weren’t supposed to tell the kids what was going to happen to them but one teacher did. Some kids ended up running away. I’m not sure what happened after that but I do remember one of the main characters running into a hospital to get his friend, but her organs were already harvested. She was still walking around though, the hospital took the children’s organs slowly not all at once. So the main character and his friend tried to escape. That is all I can remember. The film is in color. This has been irritating me for years, especially ever since Neal Shusterman wrote Unwind. The book reminds me of the movie.

Black & White Chinese movie

About 40 years ago I saw on TV a dubbed in English, Asian movie. A witch in the employ of a warlord, warns of a young traveler and a meddler;an old  sorcerer who can turn himself into a fly.  The sorcerer has a curse, when he sees a pretty lady, he finds himself unable to move without serious concentration.  The young traveler knows how to  fight. He befriends the sorcerer.

One of the major scenes is when the witch goes after the sorcerer.  He becomes a fly and she becomes a small spiked orb.  She sees a fly go inside a bottle and she (as an orb) becomes smaller to go in after the fly. The sorcerer puts a cork on the bottle she is trapped for the rest of the movie. (She chased the wrong fly into the bottle.)


Older film set in the 50’s maybe?

I watched this movie when I was about 12 (20+) years ago.  I think the film was set in the 50’s give or take.  A little girl was sexually abused (unknowingly) by a man she knew, he gave her a small amount of change to touch him inappropriately.  She eventually felt uncomfortable doing this, in which he forced her to do it eventually.  I think this was in a southern setting in the 50’s.

Teen rom com doodling/sharpie make out

HI, I saw this movie late 90’s most likley early 2000’s. I’m pretry sure I rented it from the video store. It was in english, color. It was a teen movie the guy and the girl were sitting down on the floor against a wall  in what i think was a dorm ( probabablly the girl’s). I can’t be certain but I think they were in the hallway and were locked out. Anyway someone had a sharpie/marker ( My guess is he did). They start drawing on each other, (s)he draws something (lips?) and kisses on top and so on so forth. And an implicit sex scene follows. Camera pans out afterwards they are lying down on the floor laughing and covered with drawings ( she is most likely in lingire bra/panties combo.) It’s sort of like that scene from 100 girls with the paint.

I can not find this sharpie make out scene teen movie! Lol . help!

Can’t remember this sci fi movie

Hi. I saw this movie in the 90’s, but it’s probably a 70’s or 80’s American science fiction film, in colour. It had a young woman who was an alien, dropped on earth by a space ship. She falls in love with this teenage guy. She has mind-reading abilities, can get into the head of an eagle and see from its perspective etc. She also has this weird 3 legged creature with her, that can kind of stretch all 3 legs and then roll like a wheel at very high speed. Can anyone tell me what this film was?

Separated twins.

I remember seeing this movie probably in the early 00’s. It’s about a set of twins, a boy and a girl, that were separated. I remember that the girl was kept in the basement and had some kind of hand deformity. I believe the father was trying to find replacements for her hands so she could play the piano. The end of the movie shows her outside with her brother and she has braces on her hands.


Old Anime Movie

I remember watching a movie in the mid-2000’s, it could of been a 90’s movie though, no clue.

It was a old style anime movie, where a boy’s dad gets killed by arrows, and his dad hides him in a cave. The boy travels into the cave a bit and eats a weird plant, gets in trouble with something because of it. Then the other part I remember is he has to somehow find this herb again.

Old movie with fast running character


So I am trying to remember this movie I saw when I was a kid that has a fast running male character that was running next to a bullet and touched it but it was too hot so he run off and got a metal U-shaped thing, then ran back to the bullet and use said metal thing to redirect the bullet.

Additional info:

-bullet was round

-movie genre : action/adventure (I think)

-saw movie in the 90’s maybe


Recent Zombie movie

Hoping someone can help me with the title of this movie. It was made with in the last 2 to 3 years probably. It is about a Zombie apocalypse. A suburban family are hold up in their house. The teenage daughter goes next-door to an elderly Asian woman’s home and finds that she has been turned into a zombie. Later in the movie a middle eastern family shows up, I’m not sure but I think they were looking for a safe place. They talk the suburban family into leaving their home and going into the city to their store. Unfortunately I don’t remember much after that.   It was not a major film but it was good and I would like to see it again. I can’t even remember if it was American made or English subtitled, but I kind of think the store they went to was in Chicago.

Military movie with an Iraqi/Arab Giant General/Warlord

This movie with a rough prominent female soldier/commander who trains and leads her team culminating in a fight with the giant iraqi/arab commander at a house where the latter overpowers the entire team by brute physical strength before one of them kills him by a sudden move

I remember a scene where she initially mocks her team recruits for lack of toughness