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My entire family remembers the movie but not the title

I remember this movie, where a family moves to a new place close to the sea or ocean. Only the mother is there, the father died in a plane accident, there is a girl and a boy (maybe a third one too). They discover a monster in the sand, they become friends. They appear to be able to do magic, they can duplicate themselves multiple times to do chores, the girl practises the violin (everybody hates it). Later, the kids grow angel like wings, and they fly somewhere. I also remember as if someone tried to do experiments on the monster, might have seemed to kill it too. But after a good amount of crying he appears to be okay. I’m Hungarian, so this movie’s title is in Hungarian too. We remeber it to be “az”.

I cannot find the movie because my english is not good

I watched this movie before a long time, I don’t remember the plot, I just remember some few details. That there was a young lady who leaves her family house and she had a many sexual relationship to live and not paying money. she had sex even with a woman I think in a jail or sanatorium, and she also lived with old rich man put he died and she leave his home. Also what I remember that she fall in loved with a tattoo man and he draw a tattoo on her back then I don’t know what’s happen to him. In the end she meet a guy who also had a sex with her and he saw her tattoo and she get pregnant then after she gave birth, the guy’s mother taked the baby away and they don’t let her to see her baby.

Toxic Relationship

I saw this movie about a year ago. The title was in French, however, the movie itself was in English.
The plot: the rich man falls in love with his coworker’s fiancée. The rich man is the boss of the other man, so he would promote him on a purpose. At first, the woman hated the boss, but later they fell in love. I think they ran away together or something like this. They started living together and only then, the woman got to know his real side. He was very toxic and jealous. In the end, he was abusing her psychologically, physically and sexually (he raped her). He even found some ex-lover of hers, which was a conductor (I think) and brought her to a performance of his, just to remind her.
It wasn’t an old movie, maybe between 2007-2017.

2 girls tie out a guy

Okay, so I have this memory about a film. One scene in specific. It was in a western setting and the genre was comedy (I think). There were two girls who found a guy in a towel. They aimed their guns at him and told him to put his hands up. The guy did as they ordered, making his towel fall off. One of the girls told him to cover his penis, but the other said not to then they arued about it. The next thing I remembered is that the guy was tied to the bed and a photographer appeared out of nowhere and he started taking pictures of the girls posing with the guy. (This is NOT a porno) I’m sorry but that’s all I remember. (Also sorry for my bad English)


I watched a movie few years ago, it was psyhological thriller, the main actress had a nickname Scar and in the movie and she was blonde. the plot goes this way:  boyfriend and girfriend (Scar) in the car, travelling, she suddenly feel sick and puckes. They stop at a Hotel to spend a night, she tells him after a few shoots she molested her cousin in a wheelchair. Next day they decide to go on, and she has headache when she want to leave the town. On the TV is always show about the Priest talking in chruch with a red cross. Later she finds out he is her father. And then she is kidnapped from a man that has a big scar on his face. ….

It’s so complicated and i search this movie since i’ve watched it. It woud be awesome if someone knew the name

Girl convicted of murder, on the runaway

Its about a girl in her twenties. There was a river and a bridge, a dead body, an investigation, i think she killed that persom. Film is ABOUT this girl, she was on a runaway..a detective was after her. It was about her way of feeling freedom. There was a scene of her in a club. And she died at the end coz of a stab or a shot.. A drama. Proper. Thats all i remember. I searched internet for 3h using all kinds of keywords etc etc but nothing. Dont remember language either. Thanks! X

An 18 century era movie i think

The movie is about a girl that  sleep with a rich man so he can have a child in exchange for money, she gives birth to a girl and leave then after a few years she comes back as the little  girl’s nanny and a love story began with her and her daughter’s father. Also the man has a wife who is really sick and who dies at the end after he leaves the windows to her room open the whole night in the cold that’s all i remember. The movie is in the 17th or 18th century era

boy dies to a creature

Hello ,
There is an movie which is likely released in late 90’s or early 2000’s
The movie is most likely based on the US
As far as i can remember there was an girl gone with some guys near the woods
in a house or hut she stripped and danced in a bikini mostly in front of the guys
as i can remember she was a wearing red bikini
and after that she gone to her boyfriend
and gone with him to a room and was readying for sex with him but suddenly he died some creature or something killed her boyfriend
she took her cloths and ran to the woods but the creature eventually kills her

can you guys tell me the name
it’s all i can remember


Can’t find anywhere can you guys help ?

80’s/90’s movie teenagers chasing and lost virginity

I think it’s in the 80’s but it could also be in the early 90’s movie. All I can remember is there are gang of teenagers or grownups chasing a boy and a girl. The boy and a girl entered a house/building to hide from the gang. While inside, they decided to have sex and lost virginity. I think they didn’t finish having sex because the gang is approaching the house/building. They run again. That’s all I can remember. Please help!

Need help finding an anime movie

I’m looking for a movie but can only remember a handful of details about it:

  • The protagonist was a young boy with a disabled younger sister.
  • The protagonist really wanted to go to some sort of vacation, Disney Land or Universal Studios maybe?
  • The Protagonist was unable to go because his sister got sick I think
  • The Protagonist threw had a tantrum and was later found around a tree that was probably blossoming
  • The protagonist played baseball in school and I think his sister came to watch one day which I think embarrassed him
  • His sister I believe died at the end
  • I think it was an old anime

World war movie about three boys hiding a Japanese man

A Japanese man sent on a mission in a submarine washes up on an American beach after his submarine breaks (can’t remember how). And there are three American (12-ish I believe) that find him and one of the boys is American/Japanese so they help him and keep him hidden from the authorities. They have a hideout in an old building which is by the sea/a river and I’m pretty sure the boys teach the Japanese man how to swim (or the other way around). Please help me find this movie!!

a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

all I remember was that I saw the movie back in the early 90s and remember the cast members speaking in American accent, well most of them, and one of them was a boy of African descent, of maybe 11-12 years.

A bunch of decent but naive tourists, including the boy and a priest who I think was not American, were somehow taken in a plane ride by some rotten smugglers or head hunters and abandoned somewhere in Africa or a desert island. While looking for a safehouse, the boy stumbles across an abandoned mansion, but finds it filled with wildlife mainly prides. But when they all come to the mansion somehow there is no sign of the animals.

There is also a gruff truck driver named Butch who became their only hope of rescue alongwith a jungle lass who cannot speak human and keeps riding an elephant. The animals turn up in the climax and helps the brave tourists in fighting the smugglers who for some reason return to murder the former.

Finally the movie had an 80s feel about it in picture quality and camera techniques.

Raid Gone Bad, possible resurrection

This was an American B-movie probably early 90s late 80s. And I only really remember one scene that I believe was the opening to the movie. Pretty sure it was on HBO for awhile.

What I remember was, law enforcement tried to raid a warehouse of gangsters but were killed by said gangsters before back up arrived. Something like that. What I very specifically remember is one of the officers was posed on a chain link fence in the crucifix position. I wanna say they were able to resurrect this officer and proceed to vengeance. I wanna say there was a skinamax actress playing the crucified cop. Good lord this is driving me nuts.

Please Help me find this movie !!

All I remember from this movie is Robin Williams acting in a very good comedy movie . He’s the main actor with a woman who was a writter . It’s more describing William’s(role) lifetime . In the end of the movie he’s wife get so sick and he was telling all the things that got happen to him : I’m 60 years old I live with a woman I don’t know who she is and all that because she gets sick and he was taking care of her .

Horror Movie, 3 kids in the woods

So I’m not 100% sure if this is a movie or a show but basically it starts with 3 collage (?) students that take a shortcut through the woods. I believe it’s two girls and one boy. One girl, wears a lot of black, gets cut by this tree branch and her scar gets infected. The three of them find what seems to be a cabin and in the cabin there’s a notebook. The writing in the book is really messy and it’s from someone who watches people in the woods, and how they now look like a monster. The girl who got cut tells her two friends to go cause her cut is getting worse or something, might be because she thinks she’s the monster??? In the end the girl turns into the monster and she’s seen watching the same three friends coming into the woods, and she leaves three claw marks on the tree that like cut her.

Possibly christmas movie Doll comes to life

Its a movie about a girl who wishes her doll would come to life and either by christmas or regular magic she does. The doll is blonde I’m pretty sure and I don’t think you ever see the girls face. Somehow the doll gets separated from the girl and I think the movie is about her journey home and she meets other toys, one of which I think was a soldier?

I remember the final scene really clearly. The doll is standing still in the girls room then the cat scares her and she runs to the little girl and calls her mom and the girl comforts the doll then realizes shes alive and is really happy then the movie ends

It was animated and I think it was pretty old, I don’t remember if it was on vhs or dvd but it most likely wasn’t made after 2000. I havent really thought about it being a tv special because we rented it from a movie rental place. Its not The Wish That Changed Christmas or The Christmas Toy. It was definitely traditionally animated and in color. I think I remember snow and a ditch? She might have been in a dump at one point. It might have been British? I

This has been haunting me for awhile please help.