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Heaven/Hell doctor movie

I’m trying to identify this movie, basically it goes-

a doctor arrives to hell, after a while tries to help everybody there, and then because of this he is transferred to heaven.

Then he speaks to someone or asks questions or something like that, and each time he is fed a spoonful of soup.

If I remember correctly everybody there are breatherians, and they have a choise of reincarnation.

no idea what year the movie was made.

Spy caper?

Saw film in late 70’s on TVs so likely made in sixties.  Was in colour.  Key scene I remember was an object (blueprints/phot) was passed along a street scene with each give being killed in a comic way by the receiver.  All receivers odd characters – a frogman coming up a manhole, an icecream vendor, an organ grinder with monkey.  Each receiver also used an item relevant to their role to photograph the object.  E.g. A tub of ice cream

Bad Witch / Little Girl Scary Children’s Movie

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid in some time around late 80’s – early 90’s. I watched it on color TV.

It was a magical, mysterious, scary kids movie or a short movie may be? not sure.

There is a bad woman character, like a witch or something, and there’s this little girl somehow got caught in her hands. This woman/witch, gives the little girl very delicious little heart shaped chocolates, wrapped in nice shiny papers. Inside each heart chocolate, there is a pretty ring which a little girl can put on her finger. The girl loves those rings and eats more or those heart chocolates in order to get more rings. But there’s something wrong/bad about those chocolate and/or rings. The more she eats them, the more rings she get, and the more she is affected by the witch’s spell.

It was something like that. The original language of the movie must be english I guess but I’m not sure.

Can we find this movie? Anyone remembers it?

Nature and eco-catastrophe themes, B quality movie

The movie is about a boy who lives in a post-ecological catastrophe world, where the sun is really intense and anyone spending time outside gets burned. I remember the boy being a (kick?)boxer at the school gym, some parts of the movie are about him getting bullied by the competition, at some point they tie him up in the sun and he barely survives. He dates a girl from school, but I don’t really remember anything else about that.

His father is some sort of insane scientist who is looking for a solution to the sun problem, and progressively turns his house into a swamp/jungle and himself /the father) into a plant monster, who ends up attacking the bullies when they follow the boy home. In the end the boy and the girl are immune to the sun.

I think I watched the movie on TV in the late 90s or the really early 2000s, and it had a B quality feel to it.

I already searched by keywords on most sites that offer movie identification, but found nothing. I expected the title to be “Green” or “Growth” or “Spore” or something in that vein, and there are movies with those titles on IMDB, but none of those is the right one.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


Creepy old lady and stacks of beds in an alternate dimension/parallel universe

I am looking for a very strange movie i saw in the early 1980s that featured a decrepit creepy granny in a bed (possibly canopy style) with stacks of beds beneath her that are in an alternate reality/ parallel dimension. I believe she grabs someone (possibly the lead character) and throws them down into this alternate reality/ parallel dimension.

Old movie

It was around 1998 or 99 and it was in color and broadcasted on tv on a Spanish channel the plot goes as a stranger or a soldier wonders in to a family with four or five daughters and one of the daughters is a Tom boy the dad and the mom set him up with a room and one of the daughters is warming up his bed with what looks like an iron that she puts coles in from a wood burning stove the movie is set back in an older time he ends up hooking up with the sister then the Tom boy sister also I kinda remember the name being lelepop but that’s what it sound it to me only plus I have not had any luck finding it by that name


Mark Wahlberg stars in this movie. Its a futurisitic movie where he is a convicted felon and he works in a factory with radiation. He gets hit with the radiation when he tries to go in the machine to fix it. He has to get to the new world cause he only has so long to live after that. He has to get treatment there. He actually goes up there and dies for a woman and her child that she used to be friends with so that they could live up there… Please help

Kid’s animated movie: seen ~1995-7? Dragon Riders w/ race near end.

Animated Kid’s film about dragon riders/racers, or dragons who were the racers? home VHS owned and watched anywhere from 1995-1999, could have been made mid-late 1980’s. One of the dragons was pink, with maybe some yellow? It involved a quest for a King? which was or also included a race? The dragon race scene was near to the end. They went through a crystal cave. There was a little plump dude …the King? I remember it not being very long, but it wasn’t an episode of something…any leads are appreciated! Thanks for your time!

1980’s Movie

  • the approximate date you saw it, – I dont recall mid to late 80’s
  • whether it was in English or another language – English
  • whether you saw it on TV (it might be a TV episode rather than a movie) – I remember seeing it on KTLA movie night (channel 5 in L.A. area).
  • whether it was in color or black and white – Color
  • anything else you can think of that might help pinpoint the film. – unknown

I dont remember the  whole movie only parts. Things that could be Key would be the house/setting was a desert home i believe in Arizona. I remember seeing some kind of pyramid shaped portal or door close to or even in the bayrad of the house. another thing i recall seeing in the movie was small ufo’s flying through the house.


I remember this movie… (Soldier movie where a girl is forced sexually with a rifle)

Been stuck in my mind for several years, the concept can be intolerable at times. Time to find it, may the only way–for me–to forget.

I saw it around 2011 – 2015. The soldiers spoke English, ”Fuck her with your gun,” but it could have been German and the soldiers where merely the antagonists. I saw it on my PC, not sure what site, but it wasn’t porn (there wasn’t even nudity). It was colored.

The only scene I remember: One girl, teenager, white, blond, is placed on a table then the two American-accented soldiers do two things: One pours flour on the girl, coloring her a pale white, while the other tears of her clothes. Then one suggests to ”fuck her with your gun” and the scene shows her head while the soldier does that.

That is all I remember, I believe I stopped watching after that point because it was too much.

What is the damn name?

I have this image in my mind that won’t leave me alone. I truly want to find out the movie it was that I remember bits of it! I recall seeing it when I was younger and it looked like a Sci Fi movie (maybe not?). Here is what I describe the things I remember:

1. A woman with black hair traveling through some kind of tube

2. She is strapped down to a chair in a room (I believe everything there was white). The part of the chair where her hands were restrained had blades come out to cut and take a sample of blood from her. (No torture I believe)

3. She and a boy are on one of those “merry go round” but in a kids park. It shows both them having fun all until a group of men take him ruining the moment and then I believe he was frozen? She is by his side and cries for him.

Thats all i remember really. Any help?

Horror from the 90’s about wishes

I’m trying to find a movie. All I can remember is this girl and boy find a weird little creature and put it in a bird cage. They soon discover that it can make wishes. One of the wishes was for money and a car, in order for the wish to happen they have to burn a small object of what it is they desire (they burn a small toy car and a dollar bill), however, it only lasts a day and after that it turns into shit or disappears.  Another scene is her father who is an alcoholic flying a plane, she wished for him to give up drinking but it didn’t last because of the wish only lasting a day. I can’t remember exactly but I think he crashes the plane.

Astronauts/Sci-Fi Movie w/Planet that has different surrface time to that of it’s orbit

From what I remember it involved 3-4 astronauts.  One stays in orbit (a black man), while the others go to the surface of this planet.

The ones on the surface are there to retrieve data (from probes perhaps?). The astronauts on the surface only have a limited time to collect this data and get back to the ship in orbit.  I think something happens to shorten their time there (a storm maybe?).  During this scene they were surrounded by water if I remember correctly.

The female (possibly the crew leader?) keeps saying she can finish the data collection in time because it’ll be ages before they can get another chance.  She says this despite the warnings from her comrades to just leave.  Well, they miss their chance to get back to the ship in orbit.

Now the kicker is that the time on the planet’s surface is vastly different to the time in orbit.  For instance, on the surface perhaps only a few hours pass, but in orbit several years pass.  I think it ends up being something like 20+ years to the man in orbit before the surface crew gets back.

Anyone know what this movie is?  I watched it in the last 3 years, but I streamed it so the movie itself could be older.  Although I don’t think it would be more then say ten years old.  It’s in colour, an American film in English.

Can’t remember

I remember this movie from when I was a kid. I caught the ending only, So if anyone can help it’s very much appreciated!

I remember it being about a biracial (? Latino maybe) lesbian couple, the one was a white girl heavier build had long blonde hair and I believe the other one was either black or Latino thin build with a shaved hairstyle.  They were kidnapped I think in some weird crossdressers house. I remember a clip of some guy in a basement around candles making (my assumption) a sacrifice. I feel like it was based in Mexico or southern California because the US police were searching for them. And at the very end the one girlfriend (black/Latino) says something about “not going back, she’s not going back” (I think she was in jail and was on the run) so she or the other girlfriend kills her. Then I remember seeing her walk out to all the police who surrounded the place they were kidnapped in and she looks at the cop and says nothing.

Then credits roll..

Scary Movie Watched on TV (2000s)

So I’m having a hard time remembering this movie or if it even actually existed since I’m the only one who seems to vaguely remember it. It aired on TV sometime between 2008-2011 because I remember it well enough to have scared the living crap out of young me. I think it was on nickelodeon, Disney channel, or cartoon network because those were the only channels we had at the time, but I can’t find anything.

I remember a town being haunted by something and people were going missing, so these kids figured out what was happening and it turned out there were these alien-like creatures who were stealing people and wrapping them in a cocoon made out of goo. I think it like, slowly ate away at the person but I can’t remember.

I can vaguely remember a scene where they’re crawling through some type of piping system underground to find the creatures nest and they had to be super quiet, but the creaturest eventually noticed and took one of the kids, a boy a believe. The creatures were gooey with sharp teeth if I remember right too.

Sorry for the really long post, but this is going to bug me forever if I can’t find this movie!!!!!!