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Guy walks through the rain in swim trunks at the end of this movie.

Another movie I saw on TV as a child during the 90s, in color and I’m assuming in English (the scene I watched didn’t have any actual speaking in it). I only caught it during the final scene.

A guy is walking up a hill wearing nothing but swim trunks, from a beach if I remember correctly.  He seems distraught, and it begins to rain. At one point he passes by a tennis court and stares at it for a moment, sinister laughter echoing out as he looks. I think the laughter continues on in a couple other places he passes before he arrives at the steps of a house. While he tries to get the door open, the camera pans over to a broken window and goes inside – the room is dark and ransacked. Going back to the man who seemingly gives up and kneels down on the steps in defeat, the camera pans out and the credits begin to roll.

The only other detail I remember is that it was playing dramatic/intense music during the scene.

Surreal movie about a girl who draws a picture that comes to life.

I saw this movie on TV (it’s also possible it could have been an episode of something) as a child around the early to mid-90s. It was in color and in English, but I’m not sure of its age. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I remember asking my mother what was going on and she responded along the lines of “this girl drew a picture and the things in it came to life”.

Some vague images I remember from it were a bunch of candles (on an alter maybe) suddenly getting blown out, and what appears to be eyes and a large set of square teeth just floating in the darkness (now that I think about it, the teeth could very well have been my misinterpretation of a factory window).

A little later, a girl is hiding in a closet(?) with someone else. A man who wants to harm her is searching for her amongst the backdrop of a large fire. The girl uses scissors to slowly cut a piece of paper, which I assume is the drawing. After that, I think the man finds her and tries to harm her, but they stop him. Last scene I remember is with the girl recovering in a hospital.

I know its not very specific, but I’m hoping someone can help me identify what this was after all these years.