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70’s/80’s : Putting a man with his ass on a stove for interrogation torture

Someone else suggests (i believe a man with a moustache) to put his hand in a pan of boiling water, saying “ssssshhhhhh” as a symbol for the burnings. The first man says: “You would burn yourself instead, we’re going to do it my way” and puts the victim with his ass on a stove (cooker). I saw this movie in the 80’s but it could be older. Has someone any idea? Thanks for helping πŸ™‚

70’s horror movie: A guy runs screaming in the dark down a road in the woods because he is afraid of the dark

I saw this movie round October 1984 on Sky Channel’s Deadly Ernest horror show. The guy has noctophobia The scene is at the end of the movie. Was it because the moon disappeared? I don’t remember. He screams and cries when he runs down the road. Does anybody remember this movie? Thanks for helping! πŸ™‚

woman blending vegetables while someone’s thrown in the blades of a riverboat


I remember a movie from the 90’s or 80’s with a woman blending vegetables in the kitchen while her husband is on the phone with some criminals who are executing a man by throwing him into the blades of the propellor of a riverboat as a kind of warning. I believe it was a black woman. I hope you can help me out, because I’m looking for years for this movie. Thanks anyway. Greetings, harlemdane πŸ™‚