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Some lady turned into a hairy beast and later kills a guy near the end. He was seen later but looked like he was gutted. Can’t remember if…

we was already dead or was still alive. She died later, I don’t remember how maybe by being shot at, then she turned back to herself.

I have this on TV most likely on Starz when I was a kid. Most likely before the year 2008 if I’m specific. I recall that when her back was facing the camera, her nails grew longer and hair started to grow. After the transformation, she turned to face the camera of her new form. Another scene when the victim would soon die, he had a partner or someone that was facing the other way. In the background he was picked up by the head not making any sound. The last thing i can remember was that someone, can’t remember if it was the same guy, saw her dead body and looked confused about her appearence. Something close to that