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Arabian Nights?

I could have sworn I saw this in elementary school in the 80s on VHS, it was mostly likely a production from that time or the 60s or 70s.  It’s not quite a movie, more like a short.  It could have been its own production, or part of a larger collection.

Anyway, it’s set in a desert-region, probably the sahara or india, or somwhere
over there……and there’s this arab prince or something, and i guess he’s wealthy
to some extent, and he lives in this palace (or at least a very big
house).  i think his father dies, and on his deathbed, his father
tells him not to open “the door”, which is a big wooden door with iron
hinges and locks, which features prominently in the house.

now, why he never opened it before this, i’m not sure, but it’s been
shut and/or locked until now, so whatever.

anyway, his father dies, and the son is seen eating grapes or fruit or
something and then he notices the door, and goes over and opens it.
he goes down into a dungeon of sorts, and down a dark hallway and
suddenly this big huge man with no shirt (kind of like the big bald
guy that Indiana Jones fights in Raiders of the Lost Ark) appears out of nowhere, picks him up and dumps him in the middle of the desert for to be left for dead.

i always wondered why he doesn’t just go back the way he came, or back
to his palace (which is presumably close by) i don’t know.  but you
get the impression he’s now a long way away from anything.

so he crawls around the desert a bit, and then gets picked up by this
beautiful princess and her entourage, and she has him come and stay
with her in her palace, and life is great.  but the princess also
warns the prince not to open “the door” — because she has a door in
her palace living room that looks just like the one that he had!!  big
wooden door with iron hinges and all. wtf.

ok, so this guy is more curious than george, and he goes over and
opens it, goes down the hallway, and suddenly the same big bald man
appears and picks him up and dumps him out into the middle of the
desert again.

as he’s sitting there in the sand, he sees a vision of sorts of the
princess riding off on the horizon with her entourage on camels, and
she’s basically scolding him about opening the door, and now she’s not
going to be with him.

somehow, the prince ends up back in his palace again, and the final
shot is of him sitting in the living room eating his grapes again, and
the camera pans over to “the door”.   the narrator says something
cryptic and spooky about having learned his lesson about the door or
something like that.

It sounds like it could have come from One Thousand and One Nights, or Ali Baba, or Sinbad, or Aladdin, but I have been thus far unable to determine what it was….

Scary butterfly

Movie from early 80s or 70s.  Might have been made-for-TV, American i think.

There’s a guy who suffers from nightmares, something to do with a butterfly.  He hooks up with a woman, and at one point wakes up screaming and breaks a large mirror, referring again to a butterfly.

He goes to an old woman’s house, which may be his mother’s and sees a painting of a butterfly, which he realizes is the cause of his night terrors.

The movie ends with him running out of the old woman’s’ house, breathing heavily and met by his girlfriend as he calms down.  I think one of them may have driven a Volkswagen.

Poor kids…

OK, so this was a film from at least the early 80s, probably the 70s, saw it when I was a kid.  I think it was British-made, it may have been a TV movie, not sure.

Anyway, there’s these 2 kids (can’t remember if it was 2 boys or a boy & a girl) and there’s a guy who is trying to kill them for some reason, and attempts to do so on more than one occasion.  At one point, he takes them up to a cliff overlooking the ocean, and tries to kill them, but they thwart him and send him over the cliff instead.  I seem to remember he was wearing a disguise of some kind, which is why they didn’t recognize him.  I remember there being some kind of car, a roadster I think they figured in a scene.