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Aminated movie about a female assassin/ninja

Hopefully someone will recognise this as its been 20+ years since i saw it.

So things I remember;

  • It was old style amine (think Thundercats style of animation)
  • It was about a female operative on a mission
  • She was incredibly stealthy
  • There was a scene where she wiped out a number of generic guards and moved on but the movie stayed on scene for a little with one injured guard weeping for the death of her colleague (this struck me as very novel at the time).
  • She fails the mission in a stupid way such as tripping up or similar and being killed.
  • The second she is killed it switches back to her apartment where a massive flamethrower pops out of the ceiling light fitting and torches her entire place to wipe out any trace of her.

Hopefully I have remembered these correctly and someone will be able to help.