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Brutal & Unyielding Sergeant at Fort is Laid to Rest Like a Dog

Hazy memory of this one – perhaps a late 60’s or early 70’s movie. Maybe even a TV film. I think it took place at a Fort in the 1800’s. I only recall three characters – maybe the only ones left at the Fort? The sergeant was particularly brutal on one of the men and the stronger guy constantly stood up for his friend and volunteered to do his duties. The sergeant insisted the weaker guy climb some sort of tower and in the end he falls and dies. The eventual struggle between the remaining two men ends with the sergeant’s death. In the end, the stronger guy puts his dead friend in a bed and lays the dead sergeant at the edge of the bed by the dead guy’s feet. This hearkens back to a conversation they had earlier in the film where it was stated that there was some sort of tradition that a dead warrior’s favorite dog would be placed at his feet when he dies. What is this movie?

Terrifying Cursed Idol Begins Breathing

Though my memory on this is hazy, I think it was a low budget horror film or TV movie from the late 70’s/early 80s. It may have been a mummy movie or something┬áto do with Egypt/curses. Towards the end, a group of people are in a boat with ill-gotten treasure. An idol they have – which is small and Buddha-like – horrifyingly begins breathing. I think it gets thrown overboard. Any ideas?