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Serie: girl who likes criminal actions of her boyfriend (police serie)


I’ve seen a episode of a serie, I think a police or detective serie in the eighties, where a sort of ‘Bonny and Clyde’ couple are on the run…
They rob a store, and the guys just shoots the employee. The girls just keeps eating a candybar, looks over the counter at the death guy, with a smile on her face.
They later drive over the highway, in a pickup truck where the guy just shoots at cars, while the girl screams in delight.

This scene I also have somewhere on tape, but… like the other request, I deleted part of it by an other movie… only have the ‘shoot in store’ scene and the ‘highway shooting’.
I always wondered what serie this was, and… if there where more scenes in it where they kill more people. The girl seemed to like it…
The guy was captured later (shot?), but the girl escaped somehow since nobody expected she was part of the crimes…

I really liked the girl and her enjoyment of cruelty…. 🙂 So… hoping somebody knows the serie. I looked to lists of all police series from the seventies/eighties but no one ‘ringed a bell’ …

Guy is beaten and killed in shower by girl with superpowers


I’m not sure if this was a movie or serie, but… only thing I remember is a scene, where a guy goes into the shower with a sexy girl, only to find out that she is trying to kill him.
She seems to have ‘super powers’, and kicks him while laughing… and keeps kicking him or beating him to death (at least , I thought)… I thought she then just keeps showering herself…

I think it’s a movie from the eighties somewhere… but not sure.

Guy get his dick bitten off (softporn)


I saw a softporn movie once, I think seventies or beginning eighties… Bit like Emmanuelle, but this one had a weird twist… a guy has sex with 2 women, a blond and a brunette.

The girls take over, and one ‘gives head’, while the other thighten the grip on the guy…. one point, I think the brunette bites in the guys dick… while he is screaming the girls enjoy the blood and enjoy the situation

I have the scene somewhat on tape (only last part), I ‘overtaped’ most of the movie 🙁

Not sure if that movie had other ‘cruel’ scenes in it, or how that scene ended…