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Recent movie about a kidnapping that ends up being staged

I thought I watched this movie on Netflix, but can’t seem to find a match in my viewing history.  No older than 2010 and most likely not older than 2015. Young man picks up a young woman at a bar and she takes him home. He apparently has been paid to deliver her to kidnappers. As he feels an attraction to her and feels bad that she may be harmed, he drives past the real bad guys and takes her to a cabin (that I think was on a lake) where he holds her. She refuses to eat, gets very ill and he ends up going to a town to buy her medicine. As her health improves, they become closer and ‘fall in love.’ His visit to the town results in a search and the sheriff and law enforcement surround the cabin and the guy is shot and killed. She cries over him and is “rescued” by the law.  It ends up that she is behind the entire kidnapping and, I think, she wanted to see if her dad would pay her ransom.  Thanks in advance for reading and I’m looking forward to getting this out of my head!