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TV Show Called So You Think You Can Dance BUT IT ISN’T So You Think You Can Dance!?!??

So…a bit of a conundrum. And a tv show. Not a movie. One that’s been bothering be since I watched it as a kid. I would say I watched this probably sometime from ages 6-13 on TV (which is 2006 to 2011).

So, all this time I had always remembered watching an (American?) reality dance competition, and I was quite confident it was called “So You Think You Can Dance?”. Mostly because I specifically remember there being an opening/intro music that I particularly liked that would have the lyrics, #So You Think You Can Dance?#.

A year or two ago I tried finding that tv show, but to my confusion it seems like So You Think You Can Dance is a COUPLES dance competition, similar to Dancing With the Stars or Skating With the Stars (rather than American Idol for dancers). I am positive the TV show I watched was not a couples dance competition, it was a SOLO dance competition. The season I watched, the winner was a moderately tall, somewhat attractive White boy (in his mid to early 20’s?) whose style was more classical/jazz/contemporary (i.e. not breakdancing/hiphop/pop-n-lock, etc.). Imagine lot’s of clean spins (pirouettes?). I remember in the top 4 there also this talented (dark haired?) asian girl (also probably in her early to mid 20’s).

Anyway, I’ve tried to look at clips from So You Think You Can Dance (US), the couples dance competition, to see if I could recognize either that winner or that asian girl (or anyone else), but I could never recognize the contestants (nor judges) in the clips (I mostly looked at winners/winner announcements/and a few auditions clips). After that I looked at clips from seasons with male winners of other international (but English language) versions from the So You Think You Can Dance franchise (using the wiki:); i.e. NZ, Australia, UK, Canada. And I still haven’t found it.

So… I’m trying to look for a TV show that I believe is called “So You Think You Can Dance?” but I also don’t think it’s called “So You Think You Can Dance?” cause I haven’t found a season with the winner I remember seeing (or that asian girl)…

2 Homoerotic Movies(?) That End In a Nighttime Attempt to Bury Someone Alive

So, I remember very little.

All I remember is having watched something (a movie?) where at there is a scene near the end where some guy (and in one of the movies it’s a guy + another guy who’s more reluctant/hesitant in helping) is using a shovel to bury alive some unconscious guy.

Bare in mind it’s possible that both of these movies are one and the same thing (that it’s really just one movie). And that some of the details I provide may be completely wrong.

In at least one of the movies, this is all very homoerotic/maybe the movie was gay themed (more than just homoerotic- actually gay)/was a metaphor for wanting to repress homosexual attractions (and the guy being buried alive was gay/obviously attracted to his “straight” (best) friend who is now lashing out after becoming aware of having feelings as well).

In at least one of the movies, it doesn’t really go according to plan/the unconscious guy wakes up (and fights back?). I think all the characters involved in the movie(s) are main characters (not random extra characters).

Really, I just need a list of movies where near the end some guy is being buried alive out in the forest/beach.

I think one was an Asian film and the other had caucasian characters (can I call that a caucasian film?).

If somebody figures this out they must become president.

Documentary History Of Slavery Critical Of Democratic Party

I remember watching some documentary (I think on YouTube) to do with the history of slavery in America, and how the perception is completely wrong and that it was the fault of the democratic party and not the republicans- that they were the ones ultimately responsible for fighting and ending slavery.

There are a lot of graphics/artwork/drawings/animation shown to portray events in history, but if I remember correctly there’s also a lot of recordings of just people being interviewed documentary style (i.e. lawyers, historians, educators, etc.).

I think it looked pretty high quality. And I would say it was probably fairly recent/new- I would say 2010 and above.

Film about a guy who investigates something weird/crime-y/cultish for his University paper

I don’t remember much at all about this film. Just that it’s a film about a guy at university who has this particular class/paper (possibly a writing/english class) where they have write about a topic of their choosing.

He, I think, initially pitches the idea to his professor (white old guy- typical university lecturer I guess)  who doesn’t really approve of it (doesn’t think he can know much about it or something). The rest of the film is him investigating/going undercover/deep web/hacking or something-ing this event/group/phenomenon/topic and then finally at the end I do believe he ends up finishing/writing his paper and handing it into his professor who I think is pleased with it.

I really would just love to get a list of all the films that is about a guy investigating something for his university paper that he needs to write. I will surely recognise the movie with a quick google search if I’m given the titles .

Guy meets a girl- He was watching porn on His Phone At A Lecture

A guy who I think is coming back to university (i.e. as an adult- not a high school graduate) is in a university lecture in once scene and he is watching porn on his phone. A girl (also adult- similar age to him) sitting maybe one row behind him and to the right (the audience’s right) sees him watching porn- asks him about it. Eventually I think they develop a relationship- which I think near the beginning had the girl giving him better porn that she bought somewhere. I don’t think the movie is old- I don’t think it could have been made any earlier than 2000. And I think it was American. At the very least it was in English, had I guess somewhat the stereotypical attractive white lead actors/actresses. [SOLVED: Don Jon]

These next memories might be from a completely different movie but, I believe he doesn’t end up finishing that course and quits it to do something else. I think he had to write a paper about some a topic of his choosing and he ends up picking something really out of left-field and requires a lot of investigation. I think he eventually hands it in by the end (but the movie is about him investigating this myth/event/topic).

It’s possible these are two different movies- cause for some reason I think the first one the man is taking a finance (or something dull) subject. While in the second one I remember that he was taking a English/writing class.

Funny dads- dvd cover of dads going down water slide

I don’t really have any memory of this film. It’s a comedy. Theres a good chance it’s R rated. It’s fairly well-known- fairly mainstream. The Dvd cover is of the main characters (i.e. the dads- they’re in their 30’s to early 40s) sliding down a water slide like a bunch of kids.

It might be the one with the dads doing crazy shit like drugs and sex and shit.
This is a terrible description but I’m sure someone can tell me the title of the movie just based on the fact that it’s a comedy and the DVD cover is of dads sliding down a water slide.

Lovers pretending to be brother and sister to get moneeey

There’s this movie my mum was watching that I started watching about 10 mins or so into it. The plot was there were two lovers who I think got work taking care of/doing work on this rich man’s farm. They live with him (or I think in a separate house right next to his house out in the country. They pretend to be brother and sister even though they’re actually lovers, so that the girl can go woo the rich man, get married with him, and take his inheritance/wealth when he dies (they find out he’s got a terminal sickness).

Spoiler alert but he ends up getting much better (the sick rich man), much to the dismay of the secret lovers, and that’s really when I stopped watching. I also remember the lovers being really terrible at hiding their relationship and the rich man seemingly being very suspicious.

Help would be very much appreciated 🙂 I think it’s a relatively old film (meaning probably before 2000).

Romcom about a quirky? female writer with happy ending?

I remember watching this film at college last year half drunk. The lead was some average looking woman- not hollywood slim- just normalish body size- kinda funny. She lives in some kind of island or small town- some place thats in the middle of nowhere or something. She’s a writer but only ever written one thing and I think its like a tourist guide/pamphlet for her town. Some (british?) guy is for some reason like visiting the place, and there’s the cliche kindof typical movie comedic turned romantic story arch that ends with “oh no, they didn’t end up together” and then it’s like “jk, she finally gets him”. There’s something involved with her hiding in the toilets and making weird noises I think when some bad characters are trying to find her. My memory is very fuzzy Not sure if it was american or british or… can’t remember if the lead guy she ends up with (at least if I remember how the movie ended) was good-looking or not… I think he was half-decent. Probably. I usually remember these kinds of things..

Mistakenly Receives Hot Guy Personal Robot Maid Instead of Hot Girl, Comedy Ensues, Gayish Asian Film

This straight single asian guy ends up getting the wrong gender personal robot maid delivered to his apartment from his dad.

Somewhere near the beginning of the film he dreams of a hot and sexy (female) robot maid. Also near the beginning, he tries to throw out his hot male robot companion, but ends up in a misunderstanding with his female neighbour (and her friend), whom he has a crush on. They are shocked to think that he has a boyfriend/he’s gay (the robot completely looks human and is an attractive asian man). The movie ends with the man/robot getting replaced with a female version (the version he had that wet dream about in the beginning).

I think the show is Asian (ie. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.)

It’s a movie I watched probably around 2-3 years ago. It’s possible that I initially watched/found this on YouTube. I think it was titled with an implication that it was a gay film though really it wasn’t, it’s more like queerbait.

There’s no actual/explicit gay sexual attraction portrayed by either the main character nor the robot (because it has no feelings), however the eager subservience and the attention and effort the man/robot gives into taking care of the main character provides the gayish tones that I have stated.

The fact that I haven’t found the title of this movie is really fucking up my mental wellbeing hahahaha…


Help me.

Im gonna need therapy if I keep trying to find this movie.