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Bigfoot movie with orbs?

I’ve been looking for this movie for over a year. It’s so obscure and I have so many movies it’s unrealistic to look through all of them and I’m not sure I even kept it.

What I can remember from the movie is quite limited. I remember 2 kids, seemingly close to 12 or 13, and they liked to fish I believe. But at any rate they faked bigfoot sighting so people would flock over there to fish and hopefully catch a sight of bigfoot, and they could fish peacefully. One of the kids was native american who had a sickly grandmother he had to sort of take care of. She would often talk about “orbs” and how she liked the different colors. You see these orbs on multiple occasions throughout the movie and it has nothing to do with the actual plot line I believe but it’s been driving me crazy to find out.

Thanks for any help in advance!

90s movie with poisoned eggnog/drink scene on Christmas?

The only memory I have this movie (or possibly tv episode) is a scene of a group of people enjoying themselves in a living room (or maybe a different room) near a christmas tree.  They are happy and enjoying drinks of some sort and suddenly at least one character takes a drink and starts puking and vomiting like she had been poisoned.  I remember it being a very dramatic scene and appeared to have that mid-90s feel to it.  In color and the language spoken was English.  Thought I imagined it but found a similar description on another site today.  Can anyone help?  I’ve been looking for years.