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Just trying to figure out if I can find this movie I saw once on the TCM channel back when I was in high school I think it was called the rejects

It was about these punk rock teens who were kinda a nuisance to a suburbia town

I saw this movie on TCM in high school that aired late night-early morning around 2009-2011. I only caught it halfway and in no way fully understood the plot of the story.

I remember the first scene I saw which seemed to have been a punk rock concert where this preppy girl ended up going to. Only to end up being harassed and having her top ripped off.

I also remember another scene where this Teenage punk kid attempts to go home only to find his dad laying with another man.

I remember another scene where a group of these punk kids tried to steal meat from someone’s freezer in a garage…

Last scene I remember is I think at the end of the movie where this little kid was riding on his big wheel and got hit by a car in a dramatic fashion (slow motion I think)

I think the title was called The Rejects or The Rejected… but every time I try to search for it all I get is results for The Devils Rejects.

I’m trying to find this movie so I can own it and watch it again. Thanks