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Iconic Teacher Student Shakespeare Isolation Experiement

I do not remember if this was fiction or a documentary.  Iconic scene:  Teacher and students, I believe this was a foreign film.  Might have been subtitled.  Class is on a field trip inside of some ruins.  During the day, sunlight can be seen through the stone wall openings.  Kind of underground.  The class was conducting a psychological experiment.  A Shakespearean reading.  All students but for one would stand in a circle with their backs to the one student, who stood in the center of the space. She was of color and the only person who was reading.  She read her lines and was supposed to be ignored by the other “characters.”  At first she read her lines.  Then, as she started to feel how they all ignored her, as they were supposed to do, she slowly started to become the character.  She exponentially became distressed and started running from person to person trying to be heard.  Her voice grew in volume until she was sobbing and screaming to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be known.  I have been haunted by this scene and long to see it again.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.